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The Last 48 Hours: Part V

18 Mar

So back to the craziness.  I still had Joani to have babies, so it was going to be another night of getting up to check on her.  I was so exhausted after two nights of basically no sleep, and I was sure I’d be asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. But the smell from the floor sealer was not good.  I was getting a headache.  I tried using the sheet as a mask.  I tried opening the window right by my bed.  Nothing helped.  Any other time, I would had just gone to a relative’s house and crashed, but I still had to check Joani.  I did the only thing I could do.

Now my couch is old and not even comfortable as a couch anymore, and it was worse as a cot on the soap room floor.  It was however the best I could do.  I once again tried to sleep, but then I started feeling guilty because I still had three cats in the house.  I got up and went in and got them.

Leo, Noelle, and Rocky

Sky, Snickers and Bob were just kicked outside for the night.  Don’t get me wrong, I did have to come in the house and let Snickers in the upstairs window twice in the night.  The first time I kicked him right back out, but the second time he alluded me, and he spent the last couple of hours in the house.

By about 1:00 am, I had to check Joani again.  She was standing with her tail up.  I decided it was better to haul her to the garage now rather than later when she was in serious labor.  I put her with Clover and her kids.  It was a big space.  It should work.

But as soon as I made it back into the soap room and laid done on the couch cushions again, I heard the serious clink of horn on horn.  Yep.  They were fighting.  I grabbed Clover and her kids and put them in with Aurora and the other goats who were shut in the buck pen for the night.

Clover and babies

Well, the middle of the night was a perfect time to see how Aurora would react to meeting the kids.  Right?

Aurora checking out Cinnamon’s doe, Athena

I noticed when I picked up Clover’s girl that she was a bit thin, so while I was supervising the meeting, I decided to help her nurse.  I started a slow dance around the buck room with Clover trying to eat the alfalfa hay off the floor with an occasional head threat to Aurora who was trying to sniff Clover’s boy who was bouncing all over while I kept trying to put her big teat into her little girl’s mouth.  Seriously.

I finally decided that was not going to work, but at least Clover’s girl got to eat.  I put the kids back in the pen where they had just come from and led Clover through it to the panel that I had tied across the Ranger stall to give Cinnamon her own pen and held her while I untied my twine.  I let go of Clover for two seconds to grab the babies and carry them in.  Then I shoved Clover in and begged Cinnamon to be good.  It actually worked.  I have no idea why.

Finally, back to the couch cushions in the soap room.  It was a long night.  I had three cats that didn’t want to be there.  Actually, Leo just kept wanting to find a way to sleep with me and sneezing in my face.  Noelle kept laying on my chest and legs so I couldn’t move.  Rocky was the one that kept freaking out and randomly meowing.


That kept waking me up.  Then I’d get cozy and about fall asleep and I’d hear a kid crying, or I’d hear a mom talking to a baby, or I’d hear the mice on top of the soap room ceiling.  I seriously need to figure out how to get rid of the mice in the garage.  Occasionally, I’d hear Daisy’s tail thumping against the metal milk room door.  It was not a good night.


Want to know the kicker–as of the writing of this post (Thursday night), I’m still waiting for Joani to have her kids.

But when I finally drug myself off the couch cushions in the morning, that crazy forty-eight hours ended, and it was time to start getting back to a more normal level of chaos.  Luckily, our weather was beautiful, and I could open the house up to air it out and we all got to move back in.


A Perfect Model

22 Feb

Rocky is just amazing.  When I use the flash to take his picture, he keeps his eyes open!


I don’t have anyone else that can do that.

Snickers and Noelle



He could really give them some lessons.




26 Aug

Rocky and Bob

We had a near cat-astrophe here over the weekend.  All my outside doors are junk and need replaced.  Well, Saturday night, Rocky pushed the back porch door open and got out.  I wasn’t too worried.  I noticed right away and followed him out to pick him up and bring him in.  But he was already in a panic.


Bless my Bob cat.  Really.  Bob is a jerk.  He can’t talk without swearing growling.  He will bite or smack you.  Sky knows better than to cross him, and he’s had it out with Rocky a time or two. I was a little surprised to see Bob hurry over to Rocky when I first tried to pick him up.


After Rocky ran from me, I had to go get a flashlight and put shoes on.  I called to him and searched, and I was getting a bit worried. Then I saw Bob.  I went to where he was coming from, and I found Rocky.  He ran again.  This kept up until I was frustrated and didn’t know what to do.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I let Sky out (okay–I was thinking Sky might sit on him and put Rocky’s head in his mouth and hold him until I could pick him up).


It just made Rocky run again and Sky went into full maniac mode.  By the time I got him calmed down and back into the house, I’d lost Rocky again.  Then I saw Bob cat.  He was sitting under the magnolia tree, and Rocky was up just far enough that I had to go get a ladder.  Finally, I got him back in the house.  He’s much happier on the rainbow pillow than he was outside.  Hopefully, he’s done with that nonsense and stays where he belongs.


I can tell the cancer is starting to impact Snickers’s quality of life.  He gets little twitches in his eye, and he’s been scratching his chin.  He’s tired.  I will keep giving him an egg and keep spoiling him as long as I can and he is okay.



Leo just keeps on being Leo.  I think he’s at least fifteen, most likely sixteen.  He just keeps on keeping on.

His eyes are gross from allergies, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.  Otherwise, he’s good.