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An Old Man

8 Sep

Bob turned fourteen-years-old this year.

Bob Cat on the birdbath

I don’t know how that happened, but he’s certainly starting to show his age.  He has started limping some, and he was really losing weight.

Can you guess what’s on the other side of the door?

Herbie and Salem

Yep.  Bob is getting some canned cat food, and that seems to be helping his weight.

Of course, nobody else thinks it’s fair.

Herbie, Salem, Rocky, and Tiger

Even the dog has to check things out when Bob is done.

Licking the bowl clean

At least they all respect Bob enough to not bust open the door and try to steal it from him.

Going Into the Weekend

2 Sep

I am so glad this is a three-day weekend.  I need it.  I have a lot of that catching up to do again.

some of the canning I’ve done

I also wanted to mention that the reason Mr. Peacock is looking so bad is because he’s molting. I get so used to the rhythms of the farm that I forget to give explanations.

He’s lost almost all of his tail now, even the little ones since I took this picture.

The goose has also been doing her annual molt.

It’s just a lot harder to notice since she’s not losing a really long tail.

You don’t even notice her short wing feathers that she’s growing back in.

Just my dog.  I took this to share on FB for national dog day. Am I the only one who wonders when all these national days were created?


Salem and Herbie are having way too much fun together.  It reminds me very much of how much fun Tiger and Salem had not too long ago.

Salem and Herbie

I’m still having a hard time knitting with all the expert help.

Helper Herbie

And all the tomatoes too.  I just haven’t had time.  But I am currently working on a fringed scarf.  Then I’ll add a hat and mittens to match.

Because I keep gaining knitting stuff, I decided I needed a better way to store all my stuff, so I bought a little cabinet for it.  I just love the cabinet!

Finally, my house is really looking a lot smaller. All six of my boys were lounging in the house.  I really need to quit gaining cats.

Bob and Herbie; Rocky, Tiger and Sky; Salem in the back

Hope you have a great weekend.

Friday Leftovers

19 Aug

Now that I’m back to work, you might end up with more leftover posts–not because there’s nothing going on, but because I just don’t have the time.

It’s canning season. Salsa and one jar of cold-pack tomatoes.

I can’t believe how well Herbie is getting along with the other cats. I think he’s pretty happy with his new life.

Tiger and Herbie–the big and the little

Salem and Herbie are besties

Even Rocky seems to be accepting him; although Herbie looks a bit uncertain.

Hopefully, I did a good job of checking and fixing fence before we let the goats back there.

I saw another (or the same) fawn out in pasture when I was checking to make sure the goats were still where they belonged.

I see all these people posting gorgeous photos of majestic eagles perched high in the tops of trees.  Me I have a turkey vulture squatting on a round bale.


Hope you’re okay with the leftovers.