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It’s Friday Again!

26 May

This is my last weekend before the start of summer break.  I am more than ready.



My beans got planted through the rye last Thursday (the 18th), but it’s been too busy to get it on the blog.



Estella’s got lift!

Lizzie is still a wild thing.

Mr. Peacock and Ms. Goose

My sweet Moxie


Ostara looks really good.


Hope you have a great weekend!

Naughty Things

25 Apr

I have so many naughty things living here that it’s not even funny some day.  I’ll start with Salem.

Salem (he’s lucky I adore black cats)

I woke up the other morning to a crash at about 4:30 am.  When I came out, I found that he had knocked my plant off the stand. It was completely upside down.

(after I just picked it back up)

Due to the time, I picked it up and plopped it back on the stand where it belong.  When I got home that evening, I took off all the stuff that had been broken.  The poor thing was decimated.

I have the rest of it in water, so I might be able to help it look better if they root.

Another naughty one is Rocky.  He’s back to hovering around the door and wanting to sneak out.


Of course, that’s in large part to this naughty thing who keeps trying to play with him.


Finally, there’s the dog.  When we were raining last week, I opened the door to the back porch so he could come in.  I know he was in there because I found a whole bunch of things in the yard that he took outside to play with.


Seriously guys?

Around the House

11 Apr

I am trying to get caught up with things around the house.  The dog and cats shed like crazy.


And I admit, I’ve gotten behind in cleaning because of kidding and everything with the kids and moms and work and, let’s face it, there’s so much more to do in life besides vacuuming and dusting.


I also got the last piece to complete my new living room furniture.  I like it.  I used to have a table there, but this one has shelf space for my stack of to-be-read books.

Rocky in the rocking chair

It also has a little space to put my bag of knitting.  By the way, I’m still finishing my cardigan.  Again, I got distracted with kidding.

Oh! Did you notice the clock on the table.  I love these clocks.  It will certainly be able to wake me up for my middle-of-the-night goat checks.

Anyhow, I also noticed that I have two of the rhubarb plants coming up and looking good.  There is supposed to be a third.  Hopefully, it is just waiting for real spring before popping through the ground.

rhubarb is coming up

And here’s a bonus of my dog.  He’s going to hate it when I actually get around to cleaning all the sticks up from the yard.  He loves running with them and throwing them around to chase.  He doesn’t even need a human to throw it for him.


He’s so goofy! And so handsome!