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17 Jan

Rocky has an obsession with my hair ties.


I find them everywhere!

He enjoys dropping them in the water bucket and pulling them out.  Of course that involves flinging water everywhere.

He opens the cupboard in the bathroom to steal them.  He has also been known to throw towels out on the floor to make room for his nap.

It is getting to be a bit ridiculous.

He’s even started shredding them instead of just playing with them.


Routine Maintenance

28 Dec

The day after Christmas seemed like a good day for some routine maintenance around here.  First, I enlisted my mom’s help, and we went to the vet.  Rocky was our first victim.


He was due for his annual shots.  He did quite well this year.  It didn’t even take major restraints to do it this time.

I also asked them if I could have Sky tag along to get his nails trimmed.


He’s so crazy.  You’d never know how sweet he can be by the way he acts when he’s around people.

Sky getting face rubs from Leo

He just still gets so puppy excited.  Sigh…

After the morning vet visit, I had to run to town for my annual Farm Credit Services loan visit.  I decided it was a good day for my once-every-two-years shearing.

They took off ten inches (I’m obviously not very good with selfies), so I could send it in to Locks of Love.

Another woman was getting her hair cut to donate too, but she didn’t seem too happy to discover she would have to mail it in and they didn’t even have an address for her, so I volunteered to send it with mine.

mine is already in the ziploc bag; hers was still drying

That’s a lot of hair!

A New Hobby

25 Nov

Since the days are short and I have lots of time inside in the evenings, I have a new hobby.  The knitting with pencils was just a desperate way to test my first ever yarn, but I kind of enjoyed it.  I got needles, and now I am practicing.

I think I’ve done well in the short time I’ve been practicing.  I still need more practice, but I’m getting there.  I can do the garter stitch.

The purl stitch.

The double garter stitch.

The rice stitch.

I need a different yarn though. I’m kind of getting tired of yellow.  I also need less help.  Rocky is ever so helpful.


I might even try to make something instead of just playing.