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Gone Again

8 May

Rocky is gone again.

I’ve spent the last four-and-a half months being grateful that I got him back, having him on the pillow next to me every night.

The last couple of weeks he’s been prowling. I knew he was trying to sneak out again, but I have been so careful with doors.

The hardest to catch and bring out was the most chill out there

Sometime on Friday, he managed to get out through the old coal chute.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix it because it’s been an issue since the phone company replaced the wire going through there.  I just haven’t been able to figure out how to take care of it.

Now Rocky’s gone again.

At least the weather is warm.  At least I know he’ll come home if he needs help.

Rocky might have been watching a spider walk across the floor.

I’m still heartbroken with him leaving, and several hours after I prepared this post on Saturday, I heard a meow when I was in the barn.  After about fifteen minutes of coaxing and talking, I finally caught him.

Right after he came back in.

He’s back in the house, and I’ve staked the coal chute shut.  I swear this cat is going to be the death of me.

Saturday Evening’s Storm

26 Apr

Well, we had another round of storms Saturday evening.  When I came in from doing chores, I saw that there was a tornado warning about one county over and heading towards me.  So I gathered up the cats and dog and headed to the soap room.

Really, Bob? That is not where you belong.

I also managed to get the car put in the garage.  I might have threatened Venus if she jumped on it because I caught her on the freezer in the garage earlier in the day (no re-creation for a photo).

Venus and Aphrodite were not happy with losing all that space to my car.

I went to make sure the kids all came up from pasture.  As I headed back to the soap room, the rain started.

The edge of the storm reaching us.

But in the time I took getting everyone in, the storm had died down a little bit.  I was sandwiched between severe storms.  It did rain a lot.

We just chilled for a bit.  I had nothing to do but play with taking pictures of the animals.

I still have the mattress out there from the last storm and checking Aphrodite.

Sky finally found a big enough bed

Rocky was the hardest to catch and bring out, but he was the most chill out there

That is not any better Bob–that’s a llama wool rug for sale.

I have no idea what Tiger was doing while everyone else was chilling.

Then I took everyone back to the house.  Well, except Bob. He decided he wanted to stay outside.

After the first round of rain.

That’s when they issued a severe warning for my area.

But we all made it through the night safely, even though Bob was rather wet when he finally came in the house.

Already Saturday Again

26 Feb

Well this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I actually had time to do my weather update post for yesterday, so it’s a Saturday photo dump.

Another of the snow

Time for another photo dump because we’re still not doing anything too exciting.  Once the time changes, I’ll be able to do more timely posts and not have to schedule the whole week on the weekend.  That means you’ll probably get more up-to-the-minute weather posts.

Casey enjoying the sunshine out of the wind

Cupid Flora and Athena coming up the hill

Getting ready to tuck her head under her wing out of the wind.

Flora again

My beautiful Haley

Last weekend I got my first white egg of the season–one of the brown leghorns. Not bad for being almost four years old.


Maybeline with the moon setting over her



Rocky might have been watching a spider walk across the floor.

Most of these pictures were from before the snow last weekend, but we’re warm and melting again today. Happy Weekend!