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All About that Tomato

23 Aug

Yep.  Today was a canning day.  I got eight pints of salsa and eleven pints of plain tomatoes.  Hopefully the whole cupboard full that I have ripening will wait until Wednesday for me to do something with them.


I work late tomorrow for freshman orientation, and Tuesday I have to go to the courthouse for the meeting to see whether or not I am granted the special use permit for my pumpkin patch in October.  Hopefully, I find time to take a picture of something and do a blog post.

This and That Going On

9 Aug

There’s so much going on here and supposed to be going on that I thought I’d give you a few updates on those happenings.  I’ve kind of entered freak out mode for the pumpkin patch.  At least we have lots and lots of little pumpkins that are growing like crazy. pumpkin_5309ew Well, we’re still mired in mud and other jobs, so there’s sadly not a lot to say about the garage.  They started the driveway reconstruction part of the dirt work and promptly broke my gas line because it was barely underground. At least I don’t need the heat, but my stove is also gas. Driveway Work_5213ew With another three inches of rain last night, I’m not sure when the gas line will get replaced.  I’m very glad my Ranger is made to go through mud.  I’m also glad my mom left me the car keys when she left for Europe because I have a work meeting tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure my car won’t make it through the mud. mudway_5302ew Luckily, I found an old hot plate down in my basement (that’s really like new because I only ever used it once before), so Snickers is getting his egg each morning.  No worries there.



I also decided to test out my new (also fairly old) votive molds.  I’m going to try and have a decent stock of candles for the market this fall.  I even placed an order that I’m waiting on so I can do wax melts and new fragrances.  My old candle fragrances are so old some of them aren’t any good anymore.  It’s been years since I made candles, but they are as addictive as soap making. votive candles_5300ew Luckily, it doesn’t take the stove to make soap.   I had to make a batch of Plum Tea after this last market.  Both my new fragrances are selling quite well.  I had to make the Kentish Rain earlier in the week. goat milk soap_5307ew Finally, without a stove, I’m waiting on making my roasted tomato sauce that I want to can.  I froze a gallon of tomatoes that will get made into juice when I can can again. tomatoes_5299ew We also have sweet corn that needs frozen too.  Hopefully, I’ll have my gas back tomorrow. Sharing with The Good. The Random. The Fun.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

2 Aug

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are: low angle, homemade, light, waiting, and a chore.

A chore:  Every day, I do chores on the farm.  One of those chores is milking twice a day.  My newest milking doe is Dolly; although, she’s not actually new to milking.  The last time I milked her was five years ago, and I only did it a few times because she had a sore on her teat from one of her babies gnawing instead of sucking.  Well, she still has scar tissue from that injury. She has been amazing to milk though!

Dolly Ann Street

Dolly Ann Street

Waiting:  The hay wagon was parked up north waiting its turn to be pulled to the barn for unloading. It makes me chuckle to see it has its own little mini-pasture on top.

hay wagon_4810ew

Light:  I like the rim light that emphasizes Llenny’s long lashes and fuzzy ears.



Homemade:  My garden is producing!  That means a lunch of homemade zucchini patties with a homemade sauce and a homegrown tomato sandwich on my homemade bread left over from the market.


Low angle:  When your subject is up in the rafters, you have to shoot from a low angle.  Not surprisingly, when I went out to the barn the next day, this nest of barn swallows was empty.


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