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This and That and Such

17 Sep

I have to share Myson–he’s always standing high up on something if he can.


He’s a big boy.  So is Moose.  And Maisie (Moose’s mom) is a big girl.

Myson, Moose, Maisie

I think Popcorn is going to be a big boy too, when he finishes growing up.


I am once again working on copper and hooves.  I swear that’s all I ever do.

Some goats are easy to do.  Others are a bit more difficult.  They spit out the capsule when I give it to them in a peanut.  They spit it out when I use the pill pusher.

Coral is easy; Sidney behind is difficult

I think I’m going to have to lasso and tie LilyAnn to get her hooves done.

The chickens are always ready to come out when I open the door in the morning.

They were especially happy this morning because I didn’t get around to canning the tomatoes I picked, so the chickens got them as a treat.

Beautiful sunset over the barnyard.

I’m finally finished with the onions in the garden.  A bunch got chopped and frozen with this handy gadget.

The rest dried well and I’ll just use them.

I still have a few potatoes, and I’ve started harvesting the fall squash.

Needless to say, I’m still quite busy.

Garden and Canning

25 Aug

After the storm hit and mom went to the hospital, I really just wanted thing to be normal.  I’m not sure I remember what normal is anymore, but I decided I was going to can the tomatoes that were getting really ripe on my counter.

Even though I didn’t have hot water, I figured I could can some cold pack tomatoes.

I also went to the garden to see if any Habanero peppers were ready.  They were!

I checked the rest of the garden.  Lots of walnut limbs all throughout the garden.  The worst of the damage was to my bell peppers.  The plants were just finally started to look good and get some peppers with the cooler weather.

Now I’m not sure I’ll get any.  The luffa gourds also took a hit.  I don’t know if the will finish or if they will rot.

Anyhow, I picked more tomatoes.

Then I canned another batch of salsa for my son.

salsa for my son

I decided to just keep canning.  It seemed normal.  I did another four quarts of cold pack tomatoes.  Then I decided to do a vegetable soup.

All the vegetables except the celery came from my garden.

It made the whole house smell amazing!

Since I had dug one hill of potatoes for the soup and got such nice ones, I decided to dig three more hills.  I tried a base of cream of potato soup with them.

I did have one jar that didn’t seal, so I had to try it out.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Then I switched back to tomatoes.

I did two more batches of roasted tomato sauce.

From Wednesday through Sunday I canned almost constantly.  It kept me busy enough that I could almost pretend things were normal.

I Miss My Herb Garden

13 Aug

I really do miss my herb garden.  It used to be along the edge of my garden when it was in my yard.  Now that whole area is part of my north paddock where the little girls are weaned.

Cher by the panel I opened to let them in the old garden area

Even before I did that, the herb garden had been pretty much killed off.  Part of it was by years of too much and too little rain.  By the way, we’re in drought again right now.

Back in it’s second year, when it was still in good shape.

Anyhow, back to the herb garden.  It was also further decimated by yard goats.

Bud and Flower helping in the garden (she’s ten now, so that was ten years ago)

Dogs have also been hard on it.

Sky (as a pup)-the remains of the herb garden between the dog and goat

I did find a few remaining plants out there this past week.

black eyed Susan

surprise lily


I’m trying to figure out where I can start an herb garden over again.  I’m dreaming of strawberries and oregano and sage and rhubarb and…