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The Garden

27 Jul

I’m sort of trying to keep up with the garden, but this has not been a good year to try and garden between the drought and the deer.  This corn is so pathetic. I can’t believe it has little ears on it.

sweet corn

As a bonus, the dragonfly likes the corn.

I’m afraid the tomato plants are dying.  Hopefully all those tomatoes will be able to ripen before they completely dry up.

I left some volunteer squash plants growing, and I had no idea what kind.  This one looks like a spaghetti squash.  That’s good since I didn’t plant any of them.

I did get nice turnips.  I promise I really tried to find recipes to like, but I am not a fan of turnips. I can very definitely say that now.

The reason I planted turnips was to try canning my own vegetable stock.  I got the turnips, but that was about it.  I decided to just buy carrots and celery and try it anyhow.  It seems to have turned out pretty good.  I just need to try it in a recipe (but it’s too hot for soup right now).

I also am optimistic that I’ll have a good potato harvest since this one was just right there on top of the ground.

That would be good since I ordered a potato French Fry Cutter.  It works pretty slick.

Hopefully, I have a lot of potatoes to use it on.

Around the Farm

24 Jul

I think I’ve decided that the three goslings who hatched this spring are two girls and a gander.

Just some more of the goats.

The goats in pasture

Aladdin and Jasmine

Sidney feeding Thunder (and Lightning in back)

Coral eating those horrible thorny plants

The bucks seem to be starting to come into rut.  Oh lovely smells.



We have had some beautiful sunsets recently.  This is partly due to the smoke in the air with the wildfires out west.

sunset over the beans

Another sunset in pasture

I’m going to try to improve on this windmill picture.

It’s been a while since I did much wandering around the farm just to take some pretty pictures.  The deer has made that pretty easy though.

It really doesn’t have any fear of me.  It’s heard me and smelled me since it was born.

I try to stay a respectful distance, and it doesn’t seem to care.

I do think it’s found the bucket of water I put out there.  That’s a good thing since we’re still hot and dry.

In the Garden

26 Jun

We’ve had some rain.  Since Father’s Day there’ve been rain showers most days.  Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten as much as a lot of places around the area, but I am still hopeful that we’ll go back to just a moderate drought instead of a severe drought when the report comes out next Thursday.  When I checked my garden on Thursday, it looked much better.  I’ll even get my first zucchini soon.


Unfortunately, I’m still having disagreements with the deer on whether or not my garden is a buffet for them.

cabbage–well, half of a cabbage

I am also happy to say that the things I replanted are starting to germinate.


You can still see the huge cracks and how dry it looks even after the rain we’ve gotten.

sweet corn

I hope this time we don’t get so scorching hot that my new little seedlings get baked.  That’s what happened to the okra that managed to germinate last time.


I also found a bag of onion sets at the farm store that wasn’t too bad, so I replanted where the onions didn’t come up.  Funny thing is that I kept uncovering the ones I had planted previously, and they hadn’t rotted.  They just haven’t had enough rain to make them grow, so some of them I just put back in the ground and hoped the rain we just got would be enough to get them going.


And of course, the rain is making the weeds grow, so I need to get back in there and weed some more.

sweet corn, weeds, and onions

Overall, It’s not looking too bad for the crazy weather we’ve had.