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Weeder Geese and the Garden

4 Jul

I’ve always wondered how well weeder geese would do.  This year it looks like I’ll get my chance to find out.

Weeder Geese_1095ews

There are several of my slim bodied geese that are coming through the fence into the yard.  Now they’ve found their way to the garden.

Weeder Geese_1101ews

In theory (and I do believe it), they will eat the weeds and leave your garden plants alone.  It makes sense as long as your garden has sprouted and started growing when they enter it.  Geese like the tender new shoots and digging through loose soil for roots.

Weeder Geese_1098ews

Of course, looking at the tomato plant, it looks like the geese (and I) have a lot of work to do.


I did go out and do some weeding today too.  I found that my dill has completely flowered.  Oh well, it’s still pretty.


I found my first pick of the year.


It won’t be long before I can pick the Anaheim chili pepper too.


I even have okra growing this year.  I hope the geese don’t like it, or it better hurry up and grow.  Do you see how dry and cracked the soil is?


I did water everything tonight too.  I watered the pumpkin patch and weeded out there yesterday.  We actually have chances for rain again this week.  I have my fingers crossed!

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First Day of Summer

20 Jun

My first day of summer was spent working in the garden.


I took my tiller/cultivator in to my dad, and he helped me get it running smoothly.


When I uncovered the tomatoes I had planted earlier, I actually found I had little tomatoes on them!


In between cultivating and pulling weeds, I’d take breaks.  On one of those, I found a cooperative butterfly!


Where did I find such a lovely pasture with this butterfly?


Remember, my yard is currently pasture for Sam and Xerxes.  At least my fence is working to keep the boys out of the garden.

cherry tree_9535ews

They also couldn’t get to the cherry tree, so I picked a gallon of cherries today.


Now I need to clean them and make some jams to sell for the markets.

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Crop Report

14 Jun

Since we have a lull in the kidding, I have finally gotten to work on my garden! I still have my two young bucks in the yard, so it still hasn’t been mowed, but I did get mowed around the garden.

Sam Goodberry

Sam Goodberry

It’s late, but it’s almost all planted.  Of course, the part with the tomato cages in the back, is actually garden.  I need to reclaim the little bit I had already planted.  The tomatoes and peppers and zucchini all look good.  I just need to get rid of weeds.


I also have cherries!


I picked the first of them today.


The other day I went for a walk in the pumpkin patch.  You can see the corn to the right is growing nicely, and the hay really needs made from the buffer strip.  Guess what!

pumpkin field_8968ews

We have pumpkins!

pumpkin aw

We are so dry!  I think a good rain would really finish popping the pumpkins through.  Look what it’s doing!  Can you see the raindrops?

rain sunset_9018ews

It’s not a lot of rain, but every drop helps.

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