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First Fresheners

23 Sep

As I start thinking about next year’s kidding, I have quite a few girls who will have kids for the first time.  The two-year-olds are:





My only true yearling to be a first freshener will be Perdita.


She’ll wait until June, so that will give her a bit more time to grow.

Too Hot to Fight

20 Sep

We were rather warm Saturday, but I thought I’d try letting Cutie out of the north paddock. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I mentioned that I had her up there after weaning her girls because she was thin and needed some extra help.

Cutie up north with Perdita

I let her out when I fed the goats, and then I figured they’d head right back out to pasture.

Cutie is feeling better

Instead, I ended up with a brawl.

Cutie, Ava, and Caroline (all Sam babies)

Look at that face.  That is a face with a mission to fight.

I decided to put Cutie back up north because they would not leave her alone.

Ava ready for another round.

This explains why I can’t lead her daughter anywhere.  She apparently learned the drop down and just make her drag you technique from her maa.

Caroline was actually a bit helpful at this point.  She bit Cutie’s butt and pulled some fur out which made her get up…for a minute.

Seriously.  I finally got Cutie back up north, but look at how hot and exhausted she is.

The other two still wanted to come fight.  They stood on the other side of the fence to harass her.

Caroline, Ava, and Cutie

Of course, they were panting the whole time.

Don’t look at me like that. I told you it was too hot to be fighting.

I don’t know why on earth the thought they had to fight in this heat, but it’s just too dang hot for that.


5 Sep

The day after I had my adventure with Gemma and Lemuel, I came home and did my usual tail count.  Guess whose tail was missing.  Lemuel.

Pinta and Lemuel

I had the presence of mind to throw a big pet taxi in the back of the Ranger before I took off for the Back Forty to find him.  When I got back up to the house, I just pulled into the garage and left him there until I prepared a new horn apparatus.

Um, it might have been his dad, Tiger, who lost my last one.


Once I got it on him, I had the thought that he’d probably injure his maa, Onyx, trying to nurse if I let him back out with her.

Victoria and Onyx

So I weaned him.

He’s up north with the other bucks and Perdita.

Chunky and Perdita, Geo and Olaf, Lemuel, and Swen

That’s where he’s going to stay for now.