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11 Oct

I might have some spoiled goats.  I know that’s hard to believe.


But how can I deny Dolly?  She is my oldest goat; she’s cute and sweet, and I just can’t say “no” to that face.

Popcorn doesn’t eat with the other goats.  It’s probably wise–they still don’t fully accept him.  Jerks.

Maisie, Margarita, Moose, Cinnamon (Casey behind) (Wanda in front)

He just hangs out by the gate (with my other boy).

Popcorn and Sky

He has figured out that the milk room has sweet feed, so he’s been known to come over.

Again, how can I say “no” to that little cutie?  I can’t.

But he did get his first hooficure the other day while he was eating.

Myson managed to come into the milk room for the first time the other day to get his hooves done.


He makes the milk room look small.  Just saying.


8 Oct

The goats and llamas start the day by having breakfast out in pasture.


Edith, Kate, and Antigone


Twins: Marin and Popcorn


Onyx (doing quite well with the horn apparatus) and Victorica


The bit of rain we’ve had lately has really helped to improve make it nice and green again.

Four Farewells

3 Oct

Today we said farewell to four more kids.  I had to get the last of the bucks off the farm because I don’t want any more oopsie kids.

Seven, Stitch, Octavius, and Archie

Of course, Popcorn had to follow us out and eat scrub mulberry supervise while we tagged and loaded the boys.


It was a dreary and drizzly ride to the sale barn, but they stood right behind the cab and didn’t get very wet.  I felt bad, but I really need to not have any more bucks running around.

Friday evening I also caught Pistol’s girls and shut them in to sell.  But they cried for their mom. Their mom cried for them.

Edith (front) and Kate

I felt really guilty, so they are still here.  But they will be leaving at some point.

with their mom, Antigone

The other moms didn’t seem to mind their kids leaving at all.  I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to attempt milking Aphrodite or Joy.


My little Purl, however, was quite frustrated looking for her brother.  Poor girl.


She’s lucky that she’s staying on the farm.

Purl and Hilda

I’m sure she and Hilda will be fine together.