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More Tree-ts

17 Jan

My son and his girlfriend came to visit over the weekend.

They delivered more tree-ts!

Look at those excited Popcorn eyes

Two of them.

The goats were very excited.

Moose and Casey

I would love to know what Ostara was thinking as she stared at the ice star.


Some goats were also disappointed that they didn’t get any.

Frodo, Penelope, Trace, and Zinnia

Maybe next year.

More Goats in the Barnyard

13 Jan

Here’s a bunch more pictures of happy goats and llamas eating and drinking and enjoying life.


Antigone relaxing on leftover hay


Sidney and LilyAnn look really good

Rosie in front of her maa, Hilda

Popcorn just finished getting a drink

Joy–I am so glad the cattle tank is still working

Odie and Maybeline with Rosie in front






Happy Friday the 13th and have a great weekend!

Dolly and Victoria

31 Dec

After the goats had a chance to calm down and while it was really warm on Thursday, I decided it was time to bring Dolly and Victoria out of the garage.


Victoria (still not at the weight I would like)

Turns out that Victoria was in heat, so she just decided to hang out by Xerxes and Antigone.

Victoria with Xerxes

Most of the goats were not too bad about wanting to fight with them.  But they did start fighting with each other again, but not as bad as the day before.  Popcorn was about the worst.  Brat.

Popcorn chasing Dolly

I managed to distract everyone with some hay, and they settled back down.  Dolly and Victoria decided it was safer to stay on the other side of the barnyard, and I did give them hay over there.

Victoria and Dolly with Antigone and Xerxes behind the fence

Dolly and Victoria are happily back with the herd.

Hopefully, the weather holds and I can keep feeding Victoria extra and they won’t have to go back in the garage.