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Enjoying Pasture

27 Sep

Now that the girls are not fighting, everyone can enjoy pasture again.




Popcorn and Flora


Tansy needs to have Alice weaned

Moose–No fence it made to withstand that weight.

It helps that our weather is much nicer this week.

Looking Like Fall

13 Sep

I no longer see just a hint of fall in my corn.  It’s really starting to turn.

The walnuts are about ready to fall from the trees.

There’s goldenrod everywhere.

When I petted Popcorn last weekend, I was shocked at how thick his coat suddenly feels.


I think this is probably a juvenile from the last clutch of bluebirds this year.

With Saturday’s rain, we had a preview of what this winter might look like–Bob sleeping and not growling at anyone is always a good sight.


And the sunsets.

I know I’m waxing poetic, but the sun is setting on another summer on the farm.

I don’t know how time flies so quickly.

Odds and Ends

26 Aug

These two.  Simon and Heidi still haven’t figured out what being weaned means, and they come running for a bottle every time they see me.

Heidi and Simon

The herd makes quite a long line when they head out to pasture. This isn’t even the whole line.

Once again, I have a family of red-headed woodpeckers in pasture.  I caught a juvenile on the fence post.  Sorry it is so cropped, but the fence was in my way and I couldn’t get any closer.

juvenile red-headed woodpecker

My back deck steps and patio are being taken over by wild grape vines.  I plan to use it in a project, but I need to do the project or just get rid of the vine.

Popcorn–just because he’s still cute and sweet.


My chickens are still giving me quite a few eggs.  I swear the old girls are more productive than the newer ones.  I certainly won’t get that same breed again.  I might try to get a handful of new hens in the spring.  Someday, these old ladies are going to start dying off.

Miss goose seems quite content in the barnyard.  I try to give her treats. Lately, she’s been getting lots of leftover tomatoes from my canning.

Miss Goose

Because I’m still canning like crazy.  With the HRT, I have the energy to can for my family too, so I am going to can as much as I can so everyone can get what they want.

Tiger cracks me up.  He always looks comfortable.


I wish I just once felt as comfortable (arthritis) as he always looks.