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Just a Couple of Barnyard Shots

25 Jun

It’s been really busy today, and I didn’t have time to put together the post I had planned because my evening ritual was taking too long.  Ironically, the post I was going to do was all about my evening ritual.  Hopefully, I’ll share it tomorrow.  For now, here’s a couple of pictures from the barnyard yesterday.

Kizzy is really struggling for any peace.  She constantly has at least one, and usually more, kid trying to nurse.

Kizzy and triplets Paul, Peter and Mary

While Snickers isn’t technically in the barnyard, I thought I’d give you an update.  You might remember he was miserable, swollen in the jaw, drooling and generally a mess.  After three trips to the vets, blood work, x-rays, and lots of guesses, we finally got the right antibiotics, and he’s back to his normal cat self!  Thank goodness.


Betty Lou also has triplets, but she’s not quite as frazzled as Kizzy.  Of course, hers are a bit younger yet.  We’ll see how she’s doing in another couple of weeks.

Betty Lou

Yep.  That goose really is going to nip that poor unsuspecting kid on the noggin.  It happens a lot around here.  Most times, the geese are pretty gentle.  I think they just have fun making the kids jump out of the food pans because they aren’t really hurting them.

Barbie and goose

Finally, we’re seeing a lot more of the kids playing.  While their moms are out in pasture, the kids have a blast!

Sherman and Nick

Hopefully, I’ll get time to do my post on my evening ritual for tomorrow.