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6 Feb

We had snow yesterday.  It started mid-morning and continued most of the day.  Some goats were not happy.

Joani, Astra (by the barn) and Wanda 

It is the biggest snowfall we’ve had since December, 2015.

It was done by evening, and we had a gorgeous sunset.


Four-and-a Half Generations

25 Jan

The other day I noticed Dolly and her maa Lily lying side by side in the barnyard.

Dolly and Lily

Then I noticed Dolly’s girl, Pistol was beside them with her little Astra.  That makes four generations!

Astra, Pistol, Dolly, and Lily

Soon Clover was over near them looking for tasty bits of hay to snack on.

Pistol, Dolly, Lily, and Clover

Since Clover is Pistols’ girl, it’s still four generations.

Clover (and family behind her)

It looks to me like Clover settled to kid in March, so that will be a full five generations then!

Just Some Goats

24 Jan


Sam (Why does it always look like his eyes are about to pop out of his head?)



Sweet Caroline