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Looking Green

14 Apr

My pasture is really starting to look green.

Odie and Maybeline

Everyone is enjoying being out of the barnyard.

Stormy, Maggie, LilyAnn, and Coral (behind)

Astra and a bunch of kids

The kids are really getting big and enjoy running around and nibbling grass with their moms.

As an aside, you can see that my Quonset hut did not survive the strong winds from this past week.

Reva and Michael

I love looking out the window and seeing all the goats happily munching.

Although, it’s still weird seeing the bucks where my garden used to be.

Xerxes, Anubis, and Zeus

I kind of like not having to feed four or five bales of hay everyday too.


Sweet Playful Babies

5 Apr

The kids are really getting to a fun age.  They are still sweet snuggle babies, but they are also getting to be wild things!

Angela leaping over maa, Astra

Gouda loves his maa Hilda

Top: Michael and Gouda; Bottom: Gouda, Michael, Pocahontas, and Squanto

Michael snuggled by Reva

Smee (sticking the landing) playing on the log with Jas


Snow White, Doc, and Bashful

Squanto, Gouda, and Snow White

Tinkerbell’s “did you bring a bottle” look


Squanto and Snow White

It’s a lot of fun to watch them now.

Clean Kids

21 Mar

I’m still behind on coming up with names for kids, but I’m at least feeling up to taking pictures of them now. I think Wanda’s girl is the only kid I’ve shared a picture of once they were dried off.  She seems to be my good poser for this group of kids.

These are Ava’s kids.  The one on the left is her boy, and the one on the right is her girl.

Wanda and Ava are two that are still coming back into the barn at night to avoid the mud. I don’t know how Ava keeps her kids so clean (the black mark on the girl’s back leg below is really a black spot, not dirt).

Astra, on the other hand, tends to have muddy kids.  It’s not just because she is standing in mud feeding them.

I swear I tried getting pictures of Astra’s two girls, but every time I see them, they are nursing or racing through the mud.  Seriously, these two girls are non-stop on the go.

That’s a good thing, but I’d like them to slow down enough for me to catch them and give them some snuggles.  Blaze’s boy is also an active kid, but he does like to come and take a bit of an extra bottle since his maa is recovering from mastitis.  And look, he has a name!


We’re actually helping several kids get filled up right now.  Not surprisingly, Joani has a hard time feeding three kids.

Joani and kids

Her little girl (standing) is quite happy to get an extra bottle every so often.

Although she just wants the food.  She’s not a snuggler.