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Special Aurora

5 Jun

I am still letting Aurora into the north paddock for a couple of hours to eat hay.

She really chows down on that stuff.  It takes her two days to empty the blue tub (above).

Now I’ve added a bit of llama feed as well. She seemed to like that too.

For some reason Sunday evening, someone decided to be a little pain in the Astra and eat with Aurora.

Luckily, Aurora doesn’t seem to mind sharing.

Silly girls.


She Started a Trend

4 Apr

I shared yesterday that Cutie snuck out to the Back Forty.  The next day my mom sent me a text at work that I had a bunch of goats in the Back Forty.  Sure enough.  I got home today to find a few goats out there in pasture.

Blaze, Caroline, Annie, and Cookie

They saw me and came running because they didn’t want to miss their evening grain.

Blaze, Cookie, Caroline, and Annie

Astra shinnied right under the fence again.  Sidney was waiting her turn, and so was Haley.

Astra (with Sidney behind her)

Haley wasn’t so sure about fitting back through that little hole even though that’s where they went out.

Some goats just walked up to the gate to wait for me to let them in.

Coral and Annie

Haley still thought she should be able to make it back under there.  I’ve got news for her.  It’s a lot harder to shinny up hill.

Haley with Vanna waiting impatiently

I did go up and open the gate for those bigger girls (like my mom did yesterday).


I had to be careful not to let other goats out.  Haley finally decided she was going to have to come through the gate.

Haley (with Stormy wanting out)

Blaze, however, was a bit concerned about getting beaten up by Stormy.  She decided she was going to make it back through that tiny spot.


She did it!  And that is why they say if you throw water at a fence and it gets through, a goat can get through.

That One Goat

5 Mar

When everyone is out basking in the sunshine, there’s always that one goat.

Pistol and daughter Astra

Saturday it was Astra who looked like she was flopped out dead.  She even had her eyes open.

Then she stretched and moved,


so I knew she was alive.