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A Test Run

12 May

I’ve ordered copper capsules for the goats, and they are scheduled to arrive on Monday.  This weekend, I’m trying to figure out my delivery method.  Today the test medium was marshmallows. Clover was happy to try it.


Then she got this “OMG! What are you feeding me” look, and it ended up on the ground.

Fionn checked it out.


I’m not sure that is a compliment.

His ended up on the ground too, but Xerxes loved it!


Bambi thought they were delicious.  She kept following me to see if she could eat anyone else’s if they didn’t want it.


Maggie was about the same.


Dolly would take them, and then throw them on the ground.  It was starting to look like the Easter bunny hopped through leaving marshmallow pellets as he went.  Later, I caught Maggie going around and picking them up.  No five-second rule in our barnyard!

Dolly with Diana looking at her

At lot of goats wouldn’t even try it.  You can see on Lily some of the signs of the copper deficiency–the light coloring around her eyes and lack of hair on her nose.


Tomorrow, I will try dates.  I think I might end up with about ten goats that I could feed them anything, and everyone else is going to be difficult.


Who’s Due?

2 Mar

I cannot believe we’re just a little over a week away from spring break babies.  I have been working hard to try to figure out who’s going to have babies.  I swear it’s been a difficult year, and I still am not sure on some, but here’s my best guesses.  Those definitely having kids:  Maisie, Cinnamon, Hilda, Gidget, Cutie, Mary, Clover, Wanda, and Reva.




Cinnamon and Joani

Those I believe to be open:  Annie, Victoria, Blaze, Bonnie, Bambi.

Blaze (and Bonnie in back)

I am leaning towards Daisy being bred.

Bambi and Daisy (and Myson who is not expecting)

Those I do not have a clue:  Haley, Harley, and Ava.

Wanda and Ava

Harley with daughter Toffee behind her

I guess we’ll know for sure pretty soon.  I’ve already added my tail count image for 2018 on the sidebar to the right!  They are Hilda’s babies from last year–Pearl and Rudy.

Missing Our Warm Weather

6 Dec

We’re back to cold weather, so the goats are stuck remembering the good weather from last weekend.


Penny Lou




I kind of miss it too.