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Fall Days

10 Oct

Even though we’ve been unusually warm this week (back in the 80’s), it is looking like fall.


The herd.

The days are getting shorter.



The goats and llamas have less time out in pasture.


Bambi and the others coming into the barnyard.

I am not sure I’m ready for the short days and winter chores.

Thought I’d also share one of Maybeline that lets you see how stinkin’ cute she is.

But they will be here soon.

Bucks and Does and Breeding

9 Oct

It’s the time of year to start thinking about next season’s kidding.  I don’t get spring break from teaching this year, so I will have to plan babies around the Easter weekend, so I won’t mix bucks and does for about a month.

Xerxes and Sidney flirting through the fence

I only have three bucks on the farm now.  That’s a good thing.

Freddie is still trying to fully recover from his lack of copper earlier in the fall.

Hopefully, everyone cooperates and stays where I put them.

Does in pasture (bucks on the front pasture in the distance)

There are several old ladies who have been told in no uncertain terms that they are to stay far away from bucks.


No more oopsie babies for these old ladies!



Victoria will be retiring and joining the “stay away from boys” group.

Bambi, Victoria, and Cinnamon

There’s a couple of girls I’d like to see gain some weight before being put in with a buck.  Like I said before, it’s been a rough fall for some reason.


There’s a lot of girls who look good and I’m not worried about them being bred again.


I have a few girls who will be first time moms next year.

first timer Chiffon with Myson in back

I’m still trying to decide who to put with each buck.  Part of that will be determined by how the two young bucks act.

Penelope (on top) is a first time mom; Joani, Hera, and Astra

I still have some girls to leave the farm.


They will not be easy to catch.


They are the last batch to go this year (hopefully in one more batch).

Selling Bucks

9 Aug

With the boys getting big, I decided I needed to sell them before I ended up with another January oopsie baby.  I also have some moms who just need to get their kids off of them.


I shut ten boys in the Love Shack.

My nephew came in the morning, and we loaded them up to take them to the sale.

When I shut the boys in, I finally managed to catch Cher and put her up north.


I’ll worry about getting the girls sold after I don’t have to worry about the boys.


Fannie, Six, and Cher

Reva with Butterscotch

I still have four boys out running around with the herd.

Festus, Hera, and Ares

Tiger, of course will get to stay, but he does need to get away from the girls.


I also have Milo who I already have with Xerxes and Freddy.


Hopefully, next week I can get rid of the rest of the boys.

Joy with Seven

Then I will just have the little boys from May and June.  They have a little while before I have to separate them from the girls.