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My Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week

15 Oct

I know I said I was going to focus on the positive, but this has really been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.  It started on Monday.  I had my doctor’s appointments.  Other than having to wear dark sunglasses, my eye appointment and mammogram were fine.

Glad I had my mom to drive me home

I also saw the podiatrist.  My assessment going into the appointment was that I’m a hot mess from the top of the ankle to the tip of the toes on both feet.  And, basically, I was right. And at some point I evidently chipped a bone in my left ankle. The right one is just full of spurs and arthritis. Fun times!  It’s looking more like a surgery is in my future to clean out that ankle with the arthritis and spurs.

Tuesday is when I discovered Bambi had passed.

Those ears!

Wednesday morning, I left for work and ended up having a deer commit suicide by jumping into my car.  Honestly, I am feeling really lucky that it wasn’t worse than it was.  The car runs, and other than a headlight gone and the door only half opening, it’s functional.  It will get fixed next month.

Deer damage

When I got home that afternoon, I discovered that Flower has bottle jaw.  Her eye membranes are pure white.

Flower (taken on Friday; she does look a little better)

Thursday, Freddie tried to kill me–multiple times.  He will get sold rather than wethered.  I have a policy of not keeping goats who try to kill me.


Astra was also acting sick.  She had no appetite and seemed really cold, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with her otherwise.

Astra–she seemed fine the next day.

And Friday…the streak broke.  Thank goatness.


12 Oct

I woke up Tuesday morning to find that Bambi had passed.  My heart is breaking with losing so many of my old ladies.  I’ve been babying her for a couple of years–letting her stay in the garage during winter and giving her meds for the achy bones.


She was always such a brat, but I adored her.  And she loved peanuts!

Top right: with her daughter Daisy; Bottom right: with twin brother Beau

She’s gone to join her mother now.

And she’s taken a bit of my heart with her.

More Health Woes

10 Oct

I was actually really happy with the freeze warning Friday night.  I’m ready for winter.  Because it generally ends a lot of the health issues I’m seeing in the goats.

Crystal is better and bouncy

The day after the vet put down Haley and Cinnamon, I came home late from conferences to find that Bambi had diarrhea.


And Friday, I came home to find that Minerva had diarrhea.

Minerva out in pasture Friday evening

So I am still trying to get them healthy.  I put Minerva up with the other kids.

And I managed to catch her twin sister, Mini to put up there too.

Mini and Minerva

Then I moved Bambi to the Love Shack.  I added coccidia meds to her water and I can see a little better how much she’s eating.

Hopefully, they will continue to improve.  And I’m seriously ready for late fall/winter.