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29 Jun

This time of year is hard to find the critters doing anything but hanging out in pasture munching on grass.

Odie, Maybeline, and Aurora

Flora has managed to get stuck a time or two trying to eat through the fence.

The whole herd


Penelope with Bambi behind





Except Myson.  He’s usually standing in a tree or on a rock.

Myson (Cinnamon in front, Reva. Cutie. Addie, Sonny on the back rock, and Moose behind)

We’ve had great weather for the grass to grow into this amazing jungle.

At Pasture

29 Apr

We are really enjoying the nice weather.

Bambi and Cinquain

Bronc ready for a nap

Odie and Aurora

Marin might have fallen in the water


Victoria with Onyx and Ruby


Popcorn playing by the ditch

Astra, Bambi, Sidney and a bunch of kids

Everyone (including me) has been enjoying pasture time.

Chow Time

19 Apr

After a week of cold, snowy weather, things are looking up.  Our temperatures are back to normal and we have sunshine.  That’s a good thing because if I hadn’t taken the camera out today, I had nothing for a blog post (I used my in-case-of-emergency recipe post yesterday).  The new moms were just coming up from pasture when I went out.

Moms and oopsie babies

Then it was time for all the kids to eat!

Sidney with Tilly (back) and Gill

Daisy with Poppy and Chrys(anthemum)

Bambi and Cinquain

Astra with Jester, Avril and Joker

I can tell which one of Astra’s triplets was the odd man out this time.

Astra with Joker trying to get a bite to eat.

Six was already done eating by the time I took her picture.

Cinnamon’s girl, Six

But she’s just too cute not to include.