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The Vet Visit

6 Jun

Occasionally, I have to have the vet come out and trim the dog’s toenails.  Because he’s crazy and would wreak havoc if I tried taking him to the vet to have it done.

Sky (with Flower behind)

Anyhow, when he’s here, I often bombard him with other questions.  This time was no different.  I had to ask him about Antigone’s front feet.  They had this weird thing going on where it looked like someone had sliced a line along the hoof wall, and it was not attached to the rest of her hoof.


When I went to go shut her in the Love Shack so it was easier to catch her, she was in pasture.  I waited, and the rest of the herd came up, but no Antigone.  I went down in pasture and discovered she was being a good mom and staying with Spunky who had put her little head though a tiny spot in the fence.  I got her unstuck and then carried her all the way to the Love Shack because her mom followed us and I didn’t have to catch her.

Antigone and Spunky

Anyhow, the vet said that she had stress fractures in her foot, but it is healing, so I’ll just keep her on the pain meds a little bit longer and she should be fine.

She is more comfortable walking now.

Then I asked about Flora–the brat who won’t leave her horn apparatus on.  Basically, at this point it’s switching from duct tape to gorilla glue (not serious on that) when we go on vacation.  I do think I’ll try to find a stronger tape.

Flora just knocked them off again. Brat.  She is using her ear as a fly swatter.

Then there was Flower.   I was up north checking Ducky and Alice (when they were still up there) and turned and saw…

Flower should never have an udder. She’s a freemartin (can’t get bred).  In twelve years, she’s never been bred, but she had a little udder. I had him check her out, and the official word is that she has just some weird hormonal thing going on, but she is not bred.

The vet noticed she has a lot more hair this time.

And it’s already smaller.  So I have no idea what was going on, but she should not panic me like that.


13 Apr

I’ve been trying to have fewer goats in the milk room because it’s a free-for-all when I try to go through the door.  I might have accidentally shut Pretzel’s head in the door once.


That means I haven’t been feeding all the old ladies their little bit of extra sweet feed.


The temperatures has still been mostly well below average (except for a couple of extra warm days), which means the pasture hasn’t grown like it should for this time of year. That has been hard on the old girls.


Haley ended up with bottle jaw.  I caught it early.  They just had copper two weeks earlier, but I did check and she only had 2 grams.


So I gave her another 2 grams and shut her in the Love Shack for a couple of days.

She was better, so I moved her up with Flower and Coral.

Haley, Coral, and Flower

I wish the goats had a pop-up timer (like the Thanksgiving turkey) to let me know when they need more copper.  It would be so much easier than guessing.

A Conundrum

29 Mar

We have a bit of a conundrum around here.  My nephew was working, using his backhoe, and it smelled hot.  He pulled into his dad’s drive and…

Luckily he got out before it was engulfed, and he was not injured. Several small town fire departments came to help put it out.

There were several loud explosions. He wasn’t sure what the first was, but the other explosions were the tires blowing.

He’s had the backhoe for fifteen years and spent 5000 hours in it.  I personally hope he can replace it fairly soon.  He was going to bury Flower for me this Friday.  I am too old to dig that hole by hand.

I guess this means I’m going to delay putting her down and keep babying her for a while.  I don’t really mind, but there are several other old goats who are looking pretty rough too.  I hope it doesn’t take too long to replace it.  If it does and she (or any other goat) gets critical, I will find an alternative, but for now, she has a reprieve.