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The Genetics of a Cutie Patootie

14 Mar

I just can’t get over how cute Victoria’s little girl is.


That might lead to a hard decision because I have vowed never to keep a descendant of Joe’s.  She was a great goat, but her hooves were horrible, and she did pass those genes on to Clover. I don’t want any goat to have to go through that again.

Joe Jo Street (2008 – 2015)

But look at this baby!

She looks like a true combination of her grandma Coffee and her grandpa Flash (Joe’s boy).

Coffee (came to the farm in 2011 – 2015)

Flash Blackboer (2010 – 2011)

It just amazes me that she can look so much like a combination of those two grandparents and doesn’t look like her mom.

She is just cuteness overload!

Old Ladies Together

9 Feb

Since I sold the bucks, I spent yesterday afternoon trying to get everyone moved where they need to be before kidding in March.  I took the old ladies from the Love Shack and easily led Margarita, Maggie, and Cookie to the greenhouse.  Chiffon and Marge snuck in while I was dragging fat wethers out.  I’ll leave them for now, but I might have to kick them out if I need more room.

Cookie, Margarita, Maggie, Marge, and Chiffon (with Sidney on this side of the gate)

Harley was another story.  I had to drag her.  I don’t know why she won’t walk.  Dragging is so hard on her back.  I even tried bribing her with peanuts.  I finally got her into the greenhouse too.


Then I brought Pistol and Antigone from the garage.  The weather was fairly warm today, and it is supposed to be fairly warm tomorrow, so I figured there wasn’t going to be any better time to move them.


Margarita greeted Antigone in typical goat fashion–fighting.

Antigone and Margarita (with their moms, Pistol and Maggie watching)

Finally, I added Clover.  She spent the night in, but she wanted out the next morning, so I let her.  I’ll keep an eye on her in case I really need to put her back in the greenhouse. You can see that I have a heat lamp in there (the circle in the doorway).  Actually there are two in the building.  That will help it stay a little warmer.

Antigone, Clover, and Pistol

Maggie has claimed this lamp for herself.


I thought about adding Dolly in there.  She’s seemed tired lately.  I don’t know why.  She did go in, but when she didn’t find sweet feed, she wanted back out.


They have all the ameneties they need in here.  It’s a heated water bucket, sweet feed delivered every day, and lots of hay.


I also gave them a sweet lick bucket last week.  I figure anything to encourage them to eat is good.


They like it.

I also want to apologize for the post I accidentally published this morning.  I meant to hit save.  It will be coming later in the week.

Farewell to Move Goats

8 Feb

I said good-bye to Zeus and Anubis this morning.

Aphrodite watching Anubis and Zeus

I had only planned on keeping them a year, and they made it through two breeding seasons, but I still hate to see them go. If you look behind them, you can see why I had to sell them now.

The Love Shack is crowded with that many goats.  I’m going to move them and a couple other old (wimpy Antigone) goats in there.

Maggie, Cookie, Harley, Margarita and Chiffon and Marge

Cookie and Maggie are going to be long term needing extra care (and protection from other goats)

Maggie and Cookie

I’m probably going to kick Chiffon and Marge out into the main herd.  They’ve been slipping out anyhow and playing with everyone else.

Chiffon and Marge

They also come in and get extra sweet feed with Venus and Moira.

Moira (back) and Venus

Once I get them moved, I can move Maisie and Uno to the Love Shack.

Maisie and Uno

I caught Hilda picking on the boy this morning. That snow on his coat is from Hilda dumping him into the snow.  Brat.

Uno and Hilda

That will open up the garage because it won’t be long until I have spring break babies.

Penelope and Annie

Then I can see if Zeus and Annie gave me a beautiful little black and white spotted baby girl.