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27 Nov

Antigone is improving.  She’s still on antibiotics, so the poor girl doesn’t want to let me get close to her.


It doesn’t help that I’m also picking the hay dried to her head off.  I was spraying it with a wound spray, but I’m not going to spray her when it’s this cold out.  Hopefully, the antibiotics will be enough to finish healing her up.

She is still in the Love Shack with Cupid.

Did you notice she has a mythology name–she even arrived with it.  That tells me it was fate that brought her back to my farm.


Cupid is still shy.  Of course, it doesn’t help that Antigone screams every time I catch her to give her a shot.

Both of these little girls can really put the food away.  I can’t believe how much they eat.

That might be why Cupid is getting so round.  Of course, we like our fluffy goats.


She’s Rotten

21 Nov

Antigone’s bandage got to come off today.  She’s rotten.


She smells bad, and it’s all brown and oozy under there.

We’re back to antibiotics and pain killers.

Poor girl.  She cannot buy a break.


13 Nov

After Antigone’s horn injury, I called the vet Monday afternoon to make a plan for a permanent fix.  After our conversation it was determined to leave the bandage on for a couple more days and then see how it looked.


Wednesday afternoon, I cut the bandage off.  I couldn’t see how her injury was doing because the bottom layer of cotton was glued to her head with blood and blood stop powder.

I called the vets the next morning, and it was decided the best thing was for me to take her over and let them deal with her (okay, I had already decided that).

The earliest we could get her in for the bandage clean up and removing the horns was Tuesday morning.  She and her maa got to stay in the Love Shack and get pampered until then.

Pistol and Antigone

Of course, I had to rely on my mother to drop her off Tuesday morning so I could get to work.  I was relieved when I got the call that she was all done and ready to come home.

When I picked her up, I did talk to the vet, and he confirmed that her so-called normal horn was also really thin.

There’s a good chance she would have broken it if we hadn’t removed it too.  It’s going to take some getting used to her without horns, but she’s much better off.

She’ll stay in the Love Shack for a couple more days, and I still have Pistol with her to keep her company.  I’m glad we’re done with this.