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The Latest On Haley

18 Jun

Summer has really hit us quickly. It feels like July.  I feel bad for the animals with the early heat.  They were not ready at all.  I can only imagine how hot is is for Haley with her bandage.


In good news, Haley is doing amazingly well.  She’s putting weight on her leg and continuing to improve her body condition.  When the vet was here on Monday, he was impressed with how well it looks.

I am going to officially say I am optimistic for a full recovery  now.  And we only have another week of antibiotics.  Poor girl has to feel like a pin cushion.  In fact, we are just putting a light bandage on it now to keep it clean and the flies off.  This means, I am going to try to switch to just me (and the help of a kind son or nephew holding her) changing her bandages.

I also got my new and improved tarp hut finished.  I had to add a couple of posts to raise the tarp.  It does make it much cooler under there with the extra space.  Also, if we ever do get rain, I’ll have a lot less rain to drain from the top.

Of course, I worry about shade as they lay on and in and under the old metal feeder right out in the sun.

Perdita on top; Haley on bottom


Another Update on Haley

9 Jun

The vet came back last Monday to change her bandage again.  You might remember that there was pus squirting out last time we changed it, but there were still antibiotic pellets in there, and I continued her antibiotic shots.  This time, it was much better.  That means I’m still optimistic she will fully recover.

looking good in pink

But this girl is aging me with all the worry.  Bless my vet.  I didn’t know this was going to be weekly visits for the rest of his career (okay, it just feels like it).  I am grateful to him for the after care he has been giving her.

She is much happier in the north paddock with her daughter and grandkids.

Going from one hut to another

A gratuitous  picture of Zinnia and her kids (Jack in front; Ivy in back).

She has actually started using the foot to stand on.

watching the peacock

She doesn’t just hold it high and awkward anymore.  She is taking baby steps.  She continues to eat well and gain weight and strength.

She hopped in there by herself; she hops out too.

Please keep sending her good thoughts.  We do still need them, and the vet will be back on Monday to change the bandage and check on her again.

Looking Better

27 Apr

Having triplets and mastitis was really hard on Chiffon. It’s a good thing we took one kid from her because she’s still been struggling to raise two.

Chiffon and her three bucks

Chiffon is looking much better.


If you remember, the little stinkers won’t take a bottle from me.  But all three have been coming into the milk room in the evenings to eat sweet feed/calf starter.

Chiffon, Nestle and Sonny

Usually, Chiffon is waiting for me by the door when I get home; but sometimes I let Dolly in first because I have to track down Sonny and Nestle.


This makes Chiffon impatient.

peeking in the door

This is really helping all three of them.


I’m pretty confident they will all pull through.

I know it’s helping because it’s getting harder to carry the two boys across the barnyard to the milk room.

Over the weekend, I caught them lounging around chewing their cuds!  That means all that sweet feed and grass from pasture will really start to help them.

Nestle in front; Sonny in back

I keep telling Chiffon that it’s not always this hard.  Poor girl.