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Avril and Copper

31 Aug

I started selling my kids in an effort to have them gone before I needed to do another round of copper with them, but the last three weeks have been a bit over the top, so I haven’t sold more.


Some of the little goats are showing signs of needing more copper already.

Freddie and Milo (diarrhea and fish tail)

Avril has always been the runt of the triplets, but after the copper last round she perked up.

Astra, Joker, Avril, and Jester (from April)

Unfortunately, poor little Avril is really not doing well now.  She’s looking really bad.


I debated locking her in the first of last week, but it was way too hot, especially since the Love Shack lost half of its shade.  I gave her another round of copper (everyone else will probably get it next weekend (when my eye has recovered a bit more).

hanging out in the shade

Now that our weather has cooled down, I shut her in, and she promptly escaped from the Love Shack. So she’s in the greenhouse.  She is getting a diet overly rich in copper and has everything right there, so she doesn’t have to expend energy keeping up in pasture.

in a pen in the greenhouse

Hopefully, she’ll recover quickly.

Mud is Bad for Hooves

1 Apr

This wet spring has been horrible for the goats’ feet.  Mary has been the worst.  She’s been limping off and on, but she was doing much better.  Then it rained again.  Monday, she was barely walking, so I caught her and tried to fix it up.

Note the duct tape bandage.

Sadly, I think she had hard outer hoof digging into the soft frog of the other toe because she had a big bloody mess.  I padded between the toes with a gauze bandage and then wrapped it.

Mary with Quatro and Trace

I also shut her in the buck room with her kids so she can get some rest and not have to walk out in pasture to eat.  Okay, I also locked her in because she was mad at me, so she wanted to go fight with Reva.  Brat. The next morning, I moved Mary into the garage with her kids.

She’ll stay in here for a few days.  Her foot needs dry conditions.  Then I’ll have to do a bit more trimming on it.  Hopefully, she’ll be good to go then.

Quatro and Trace

After moving Mary into the garage, I put Bambi and Astra in the buck room and opened the door for them to have the front pasture.

Bambi with Cinquain

Joker, Avril, and Jester

Now that we seem to be a bit warmer and drier, I’m going to work really hard on getting hooves all trimmed before we get muddy again.

The Genetics of a Cutie Patootie

14 Mar

I just can’t get over how cute Victoria’s little girl is.


That might lead to a hard decision because I have vowed never to keep a descendant of Joe’s.  She was a great goat, but her hooves were horrible, and she did pass those genes on to Clover. I don’t want any goat to have to go through that again.

Joe Jo Street (2008 – 2015)

But look at this baby!

She looks like a true combination of her grandma Coffee and her grandpa Flash (Joe’s boy).

Coffee (came to the farm in 2011 – 2015)

Flash Blackboer (2010 – 2011)

It just amazes me that she can look so much like a combination of those two grandparents and doesn’t look like her mom.

She is just cuteness overload!