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Things to Do

21 Jun

I long ago figured out I’ll never be caught up on the farm, but I do keep trying to make improvements and at least move in the right direction.  There are several things on my need-to-do list for this summer (preferably this week).  I already had the weed patch where the magnolia tree used to be on my list.

There’s actually a lily blooming in that mess of weeds

Since we had rain (a glorious rain) on Sunday, there’s still more yard work.

Honestly, I’m still trying to clean up from the derecho also. I could stand there and just watch my yard turn back to green from the brown it had been.  And I finally got me a push mower, so I can try to mow under the plum tree and lilac bushes and closer to the fences.

Of course, I’m still checking my pregnant goats.


Sidney and Moira are both due this week.


I also still need to clean the bedding out of my garage.  I’m embarrassed to admit it’s still there, but it’s been a hectic spring.  I know. They all are, so that’s no excuse.

Anyhow, I’m milking Astra, and she is giving me enough that I have to do something with it, but not enough that I want to jump into cheese making mode yet.


That means I’ve been freezing it in cubes.

I don’t have a lot of soap left, and it’s been ages since I  made any.  Between the farmer’s market shutting down and the pandemic shutting everything else down, I put that on the back burning.  Now that I have milk, it’s time to make soap.  Hopefully, people will buy it.

One of the first things on my to-do list is making something with the cherries from my tree. The tree might be finally recovering from too many years of yard goats.  I’m thinking jam.

One thing I’d like to have on my list is fixing my chicken and peacock pen.  The top on half of it is ripped up and still has a huge limb from the derecho hanging through it.

I’m sure Mr. Peacock and the hens would like to have this space back.  And my free-range hen would probably like to get back over there so she can sneak out and free-range again.

I just don’t even know how to go about fixing it.

Getting Caught Up

3 Mar

The month of February has been exhausting with the cold.  It just took so much more to do anything, and there was so much more to do.  This past weekend we had really good weather, and I was able to get a lot done.  I managed to get more corn, so I emptied my car trunk and hauled it all over to the birds’ room (where I feed from).

It was nice that Moose didn’t even try to “help” me.  Everything is easier when Moose doesn’t help me.

Moose opening the door for me later in the day

I was struggling with the bird door freezing shut with the overnight cold temperatures,

ice on top of the water puddle

but last weekend, it thawed enough for me to get a channel dug for the water to drain a little bit.

Free range hen trying to keep her feet dry

I have to wait for it to thaw more before I can finish getting it drained.

Easter egg hen before it thawed into mud for the day

I did do a bit of cleaning in the garage, so I don’t have hay and poop stuck to my shoes.  It was too messy out to actually get it out of the garage, but it’s away from the car.

But I did leave hay and bedding on the other side.  There’s a good chance Astra will have her oopsie babies in there.

Astra (guessing it won’t be triplets this year)

I had a big pile of cornstalk bale that the goats put right inside the door because they were eating and playing in it.  I got that hauled out to the chicken building.

Scratching through the new bedding I brought in

I also cleaned out the nest boxes after the eggs had frozen in them.  Now they are filled with fresh straw.

Mr. Peacock just paced the roost and yelled every time I made a new noise.

Tail is growing back!

I finally got the big water tub scrubbed.

Ava drinking after I cleaned the tub

The goats were not the only ones who wanted water.

They were trying to take a bath in a mud puddle.

I got the hose uncovered and it thawed so I could fill the pool for them.

I’ve been cleaning in the milk room and soap room.  That’s an ongoing process, but it is much better.

You can see the floor!

I feel so much better with getting all of this work done.  Next weekend, I’m hoping to hit the hooves hard.

Still On the To-Do List

24 Feb

I have managed to get a lot done since we’ve warmed back up, but I do still have some things left to do.  First, I really need to clean the soap and milk rooms.  They’ve kind of become extensions to the barn and garage with the cold.  It’s a mess.

It’s still been a bit cold yet (at least the ground level with all the snow) to get hooves trimmed.  I really need to get them done as soon as it warms up.

Joani needs her hooves trimmed badly.

I’m trying to get some of my doors cleared out.  The door to the barn and the birds’ section of the barn barely open.

It’s packed hard, and I haven’t even gotten it chipped loose, even though I started trying to get them cleared up when I chipped open the red gate.

I also thought the chickens quit laying eggs when it turned cold.  Apparently, they just decided to lay in the lower nest boxes, so I have a crazy frozen, broken egg mess to clean out.  Fun.

I’m still struggling with keeping food for the animals on the farm.  The feed store is still dealing with supply issues, and last weekend I had no corn for the goats and llamas.


Thankfully, my nephew brought me enough to get through the weekend and even picked me up more from the mill when he dropped the Little Farm Hand off with the babysitter.

I’ll be glad when these supply issues are done, but it also makes me realize how much I need to get my bulk bin back to being functional.  I also still need to clean the garage out after having goats in it for that short time.

Blaze (on the Ranger), Dolly and Flower

With the cold, I also didn’t have a chance to dump out the water buckets to scrub them clean.


That’s done now, but I still need to do the big 50-gallon tub.  I just don’t want to make a huge ice rink from dumping it.


I guess that will have to wait a little bit yet.  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to run out of things on my to-do list.