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No Goslings

17 Aug

It had been long enough that I finally had to clear out the goose’s nest.  She didn’t need to keep sitting on eggs that were never going to hatch.

She’s been enjoying the pool.

The old gander seems happy to have her for company again.  I hope he makes it through the winter and she can hatch herself some company next year.

In other bird news, I can’t really tell the two peacocks apart anymore because they’ve lost their feathers.

I have been gathering some of them up because all of their feathers, not just the famous eye tail feathers are pretty.

Here’s a bonus of Nugget, just because I’m happy he’s a nice rooster.

And I might have more bird news soon…


In the Bird Pen

29 Jul

With the three naughty roosters, by birds were horribly negelcted.  I’ve been working on cleaning in there too, but I still have the goose sitting, and I don’t know when she’ll be off the nest.  I just hope she hatches a couple.  I don’t want to disturb her, so it’s pretty minimal cleaning right now.

I mentioned we are still having great weather.  That’s helped the gander feel better.  He was not doing well at all in the heat.

It seems a bit early, but the peacocks are molting.  Every time I go in there, I pick up tail feathers.

Soon, I won’t be able to tell who is dad and who is baby.

I’m also happy to say that Nugget is still a nice rooster.

That makes me happy!


The Struggle

5 Jul

I really work hard to make sure Aurora gets her llama feed once or twice a day, but some days it’s not easy.

Aurora and kids

Everyone is pretty sure they are worse off than Aurora and they need that extra feed too.

Dollly with kids Pluto and Anubis

Buster would be among the worst offenders that way, so when he snuck out of the barn before I got my gate up, I decided to be creative.  Trust me, Buster is like wrestling a hydra with an ever increasing numbe of heads on that long neck.

Buster Brown

I let Aurora into the chicken/bird pen.  Since she saw me hang her food pan on the old training stanchion, she went right in and started eating.


It worked well.  Anything she dropped, the birds ate.  It was all good (except for a disappointed Buster).

Then the goats came up from pasture.

Betty Lou in front of my gate; Aurora in front of the camera.

Um.  How am I supposed to get Aurora out for the first time when I’m trying to keep everyone else from rushing in?  First, I put the birds in the building.

Is this the way out?

By the way, Ms. African Goose has gotten serious about hatching whatever she’s sitting on.

Then I opened the gate and tried to block everyone from coming in.  I think I did quite well because Sidney, Pandora, and Gilgamesh are the only ones that snuck in.  That was way better than the forty goats I figured would swarm the open gate.


Whew!  Now we get to try it again tonight.

And every morning/evening/whenever we can until Aurora’s back to full weight.  And we’re getting there!