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Time for Leftovers

30 Sep

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a nice relaxing weekend.

Brigit (I confess, I hate to see her leave the farm)

a big Sky stretch

Miss Goose


Monarch butterfly

Ostara is not going anywhere


I picked my pie pumpkins last weekend.

Hilda and her mini-her, Shellie

Hopefully, the goats cooperate.

More Rain

18 Sep

Yesterday, right after I finished my post, I went to the garden. I don’t know what I was thinking because I had just finished canning all the tomatoes. And I ended up picking a bunch more.

Then, in the evening the rain started again, driving everyone in the barn overnight.  I was surprised to see that Miss Goose joined everyone in the barn.  They all look so happy together.

Odie, Maybeline, Cinnamon and Miss Goose

Anyhow, this morning as I was checking on everyone after the rains, I nearly walked into a spider web.

I do not know how the spider managed to build such a big web from the gate clear up into the trees between last night’s chores and this morning.

I was rather impressed.

Sadly, I did have to go in to feed the goats, so I had to remove the web.  Hopefully, the spider picks a better location next time.

Sophia and Bumble on the Quonset hut

And with the extra rain, it was too muddy to do much outside, so I started canning those tomatoes again.

Some Leftovers

16 Sep

Well, it’s Friday and that means all I’ve got for you is leftovers.



Bambi (Flower behind her)

Jeanie and Barbie playing on the log; 2TC in front

Bob Cat





Ms. Goose


Happy weekend!