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7 Sep

This is my view every time I walk in where the birds are.

We want tomatoes!

They are demanding garden leftovers.

Gender Guessing

24 Aug

Well, the goslings are getting big enough that I feel like I should be able to tell if they are girls or boys.  Here’s my best guess.

Widow Goose, gander, ?, goose

I just am not sure on one of the younger ones.  It depends on the angle.  I’m going to have to go with the long legs and guess gander.  But I’m just not sure.

That means two girls and two boys or maybe even three girls and only one gander.

“Did you bring me a treat?” -young goose

We’ll find out if I’m right or not by next spring.

“Hey, I’m talking to you! Where’s my treat?”

At least I’m pretty sure we didn’t end up with three ganders!

Gosling Sized

6 Jun

I felt bad after taking the pool out of the birds’ pen, but I really don’t want a gosling to drown.  I did the best that I could for them.

It didn’t take long for the little ones to try it out.

They are growing!  It won’t be long before I can put a big pool back in here.

Poor Widow Goose just wants a real bath in her big pool.

“Does this food pan make my butt look big?”

She’s going to have to make do for a little while longer.