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Gosling Sized

6 Jun

I felt bad after taking the pool out of the birds’ pen, but I really don’t want a gosling to drown.  I did the best that I could for them.

It didn’t take long for the little ones to try it out.

They are growing!  It won’t be long before I can put a big pool back in here.

Poor Widow Goose just wants a real bath in her big pool.

“Does this food pan make my butt look big?”

She’s going to have to make do for a little while longer.


Random Stuff

2 Jun

Unlike the winter when you get lots of posts of cats and the dog, I am way too busy to get everything on the blog now.

Rocky napping and Sky peeking out the window

Here’s a little bit of everything.  A week or so ago, my son went mushroom hunting.  He was rather successful.

I fixed them and froze them for him.  Of course, I did have to sample a little while I was preparing them.

The goslings are doing well.  They have one very good protective mama.  Every time I go out there, she’s hissing at me.

Widow Goose

They wanted to play in the pool, but I do not want any drowned goslings, so the pool is drained until they get bigger.  I might have to find a smaller tub for them to play in though.

Aurora still likes getting a bit of llama feed when I can find a time to feed her without everyone else stealing it.  Although, she’s not as friendly about letting me feel her back to check her weight. I managed to do it though, and she’s still doing well.

The goats are spending almost all day out in pasture.  As soon as I get home from work (one more week and one day), I change clothes and rush out to check on them.

I’m hoping to find Hera and not with her head in the fence.  She’s been better, but I swear this girl is really testing me.  And I can’t catch her to put the horn apparatus back on.  I wouldn’t be able to hold her if I did catch her.  I might have to try to arrange some help for that.

I had just checked her, and then she did this.

Of course, when I was rushing to check Hera, I saw my first bobolink of the year when I didn’t have my camera with me.  At least I did have it for the bluebird.

Some scatty hen is still free ranging whenever she wants.

There’s so much going on this time of year that I hardly even have time to sit down and put me feet up.

But when I do, I have a nice footstool.  And here’s a couple of bonus goat pictures.



Just because.

Egg Swap

26 May

Widow goose was still sitting on her nest after I messed it up and removed the eggs.  Yep. I forgot one egg.

Widow Goose

I pulled a swap with the egg.

I set two goslings out there after stealing her egg. (Thanks to my sister.)

After she had a chance to check them out, I opened the door.

She seemed really confused and was looking for her egg.

It was nowhere to be found.

“What did you do?”

Well, there were goslings there.

She decided she might as well just go with it and adopt the babies.

I think this might work out quite well! She looks happy.

I love a happy ending.