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Evidence Suggests

19 Jan

When I went through the barn the other day, I noticed a feather in the fifty gallon water tub.


If I were a betting person, I would bet I had a white and gray gander taking a bath in my tub…again.


Luckily, it looks like we’ll have good weather this weekend for emptying and scrubbing all my water tubs.

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The End of a Long Day

3 Aug

I am in full panic mode for going back to work. I assume I’ll never get everything done for the pumpkin patch.  Today I picked peaches.  The ones the geese haven’t eaten.  Then I made jam.  I was just getting ready to make peach pie filling when my mom called, so that got put on the shelf until tomorrow.


Instead, my mom and I froze twenty-seven pints of sweet corn.


The geese were happy to help take care of the shucks.


Finally, chores are done, and I got to watch a beautiful sunset.


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Clean Water

13 Jun

We’re still horribly hot.  It’s also quite humid.  This weather is hard on the animals, so I make sure they have clean water.

Goose pool_8880ews

Even though it’s a small pool the big geese like it.  Someday, the goslings will get big enough that I won’t worry about them drowning if they get in.  For now, everyone is stuck with a small pool.  They also have buckets and a short waterer that the babies can drink from.

Goose pool_8882ews

I also make sure the llama and goats have clean water.  I even emptied and scrubbed the 50 gallon tub for them.  Do we see anything wrong with this picture?


This is still the only goose I’ve ever seen get in the tub.  Stinker.

Goose pool_8890ews

I guess I can’t blame him when I don’t have a big pool out and the swimming holes in pasture are drying up.

Goose pool_8888ews

Still, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to drink his used bath water.

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