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Already Thinking of Next Year

21 Apr

Each year I have to remember to get a “tail count” picture.  One year I almost forgot, and the kids were getting really big by the time I got one.  This year, I figure my “tail count” kids are going to be Zephyr and Hermes.

Zephyr, Hermes and Wanda

I’ve been trying to catch them, but they seem to always have their mom in between them.  That might be appropriate since she and her twin were my 2015 tail count kids.

They are bouncy too.

I do think I finally got one that will work though!

Now I just have to not lose it on my computer before next year.  Or I can keep trying for a better one.


Who’s Next?

12 Apr

Now that I’m done worrying about when Pistol is going to kid, I can start thinking about June babies.


Soon I should be able to figure out who all settled for June babies.

Oopsie Baby Reveal

11 Apr

When I went out to do my check on Pistol first thing this morning, I really had to look twice and really process the bag hanging out when I looked at her.  When it finally hit me that she’d had her kids, I rushed in.  Sadly, her little buck was dead, but she had another kid that was alive–a little girl.  She was horribly small also.

“Don’t take my picture. I just had kids.” -Pistol

I did the only thing I could, I called my mom to come be neonatal intensive care nurse while I went to work.  Bless my mom.  She came out without even making a cup of tea first and helped dry the baby off.

The baby girl was horribly weak, so she thawed out colostrum and gave her some little bottles.  By this evening she could stand up on her own, and she even managed to nurse her mom a little bit.

If you remember, I said that if the baby had wattles, it would belong to Colt; if it was polled, it would belong to Butter; if it had horns and no wattles, it could be either of the little boys or Fionn.

Butter, Colt and Astra

We have a winner!  Wattles!  She belongs to Colt.


She has been named Antigone.