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The Game Continues

16 Jun

The morning after we started Hide-and Goat-Seek, we began the second round.  My gloating about how smart it was to shut the gate because the kids would be easy to find might have been a bit premature.  After I did my morning errands (buying yarn and dowels), I got home to find the goats in the barnyard, but Aphrodite and Daisy had left their kids in pasture again.


I went out filled with confidence!  Then I got to the other side of the ditch.  That was crazy thick.  It took me an hour to find Aphrodite’s little girl, Button.

Button and me

After I brought her back to the barnyard, I went back to look for Daisy’s doe.  No luck.  After three hours of searching, I called it quits.  I went to the house and took a short nap (Don’t judge me; I’m still getting up in the night to check Vinnie and LilyAnn).  By the time I got up, they had all gone back to pasture. I joined the herd, and helped Cookie’s girls keep up.  Aphrodite was by herself, so I assumed she had left Button in the barnyard this time.

Cookie, Marge and Chiffon

Zinnia was doing a good job with Joy.

Zinnia and Joy

Then I stumbled across Button just randomly standing there.  Seriously?  I gave her back to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite and Button

Then I saw Daisy cut from the herd.

Daisy and Dahlia

She knew exactly where her little Dahlia was.

I knew where all five kids were and I had to go back to the house.  I hadn’t gotten any lunch, and I was afraid I was going to not make it back.  That is the only reason I didn’t carry Button back up with me.  I quickly had a peanut butter sandwich and went back to pasture.  Button was lost again.  Seriously?

Cookie feeding Marge and Chiffon

I began calling to her when I realized Joy was yelling.  She had lost her mom.  I decided I was going to deal with that before I lost her too, so I scooped her up and took her back to the barnyard (Since she wasn’t technically ever lost, I didn’t score a point on this one).


Then, I spent another hour systematically scouring the pasture.  My legs ached, and I was one pass from calling it quits when I found her.  Sweet baby!


Finally we all made it back to the barnyard.  Relief!  I immediately shut Aphrodite, Zinnia, and Daisy in the greenhouse again.


I did let Cookie stay out with her girls, but the next day, it was even too tough for them.  They ended up sleeping beneath a big cottonwood tree where I found them after another hour of hiking.

Because of storms in the forecast, they got shut in before Saturday.  I swear, if I wore a fitbit it would read “Girl, what are you thinking.  Sit down and have a glass of wine.”  If you lost track of the score, we currently stand at Farmer Teresa: 7; Goats 2.


Always On the Wrong Side

5 Jun

I swear I always have kids on the wrong side of a fence.  I had these four little stinkers on one side of the new fence and the rest of the herd was on the other side.  I had to herd them all the way along the fence to get to the gate.  Once they went through the gate, they took off running.

Clark, Angela, Moira, and Doc

They were happy to be able to get back to the herd.

Almost every evening, I have a handful of kids who end up in the buffer strip along the bean field.  This night Snow White was crying.

Snow White

As soon as I opened the panel she came running through while Trooper kept eating.


Snow White was hungry too.

Carolline with Snow White

I think it’s about time to move the rest of these little escape artists up north with my already weaned kids.  They’re certainly big enough to be weaned.

Sidney feeding Bashful and Doc

Then I’ll only have to worry about tracking down the June babies when they make it out to pasture.  Although, Cookie is already having the same problem with her girls.

Cookie watching Chiffon and Marge

They just slip through that cattle panel like it’s not even there.

Cookie finds it annoying.

Aurora likes it.  She gets to check them out.

I’ve never seen a llama who likes the little babies the way she does.

I guess that’s a good thing.  It doesn’t look like I’m going to have all my kids corralled for quite a while though.

Some of the Big Kids

4 Jun

Now that we’ve started having June babies, I get to refer to the March babies as the big kids.









They do look big next to Cookie’s little girls.