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End of the Day Chores

28 Jan

After I finish chores, I get a short break until I do the end of the day chores.

That starts with preparing meds for Lily and Harley.

I dissolve meloxicam for Lily in a syringe because she wouldn’t eat it off a cracker with peanut butter.  Harley is thrilled with her peanut butter cracker.


In fact, she would eat my mittens that have a bit of peanut butter on them if I let her (no mittens this time because I can’t take cell phone pictures with mittens on).

Lily might be regretting her choice, but I’m not sure how I could get a cracker past Harley to give it to her now.

Lily (with Pistol behind)

The two little girls generally chase me out of the pen.  That’s mostly begging to see if I brought them treats.

Antigone and Cupid

Then I go shut the door for the birds.  I just noticed how much of their bedding they’ve destroyed.  I’ll have to get more in here before tomorrow’s horrible cold.

By the way, that is a brand new heated bucket because their old one quit working one evening last week.  Upkeep and replacing things is never-ending on the farm.

After the birds I trek across the barnyard and do one last check of Tony and turn his lights off for the night.

When I finish with all that, I can go in and relax!


More of Our Snowy Weekend

13 Jan

I really do enjoy having some snow.  When it isn’t a blizzard.

Pluto is just so stinking cute! And sweet!


Sky doesn’t seem to even notice the snow.


He doesn’t care if it melts on him when he comes back inside and takes a nap.

The goats are not quite as happy with it, but they will survive.


They all got plenty of food given to them.

Fionn and Wanda

They do have shelter (as long as I can keep my cranky girls from fighting).

Dolly and Lily

Like I said, the geese don’t even notice the snow.

This is a perfect snow to sit back and enjoy!

Snowy Saturday

12 Jan

We haven’t had much snow this winter.  What we have had has quickly melted away.  It started snowing overnight, and we’re actually getting some accumulation.

It’s pretty!

The geese couldn’t care less.  I swear they have rubber feet.

Although, it’s a bit more difficult to make sure all the goats gets in when I have them divided into breeding groups.

Sidney (checking for treats)

Luckily all but one of the groups get along quite well.

Zinnia, Xerxes, and Cookie

Another good thing is that we are not horribly cold with this snow.


I only have to worry about my “not getting anywhere near a buck” group.

Coral, Pistol and Antigone

Betty Lou was standing out in the snow

Betty Lou

all because she didn’t want to walk past Stormy.

Betty, Litha, Margarita, Maggie, and Stormy

Harley is just thrilled to be alive and have company and she’s just happy.  She doesn’t even care about the snow.


Lily and Dolly have claimed the north lean-to.

Lily (back) and Dolly (front)

Astra and Cupid are the two biggest issues.


Astra chases Cupid, and she’s also having a hard time getting to find a place for herself.

Cupid and Astra (front)

I have carried Cupid into the building at least twice.

Finally, I showed her she could hide behind the tarp.  That might help.

I’m glad the weather is supposed to be better for the next week.  Then it won’t be long until I can undo my breeding groups.