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I Admit Defeat

21 Jan

I work really hard to try and keep the goats where they belong and make sure we don’t have oopsie babies and everyone has a nice warm place inside when the weather is bad.  I had to admit defeat though.  I had already split the old ladies, putting Lily, Harley, Pistol, Antigone, and Cupid back up north.

Cupid and Lily

There are just too many groups and too many of my old retired girls are dominant pushy things.

Flower (back) and Vinnie (front)

I just couldn’t get everyone to share the shelter.  Since the six of them had already been exposed to Zeus and had to have a shot, I decided to give up.

Reva (back) and Mary (front)

I removed the panel separating the main herd with Fionn and the six old ladies.


Besides.  I needed the panel that I was using to separate them, but that’s tomorrow’s post.


Fionn and Everyone Else

10 Jan

I put Fionn with the girls who are already bred.


Annie (far back), Reva, Joani (laying way back) Victoria (behind), Fionn, Cinnamon (behind him) and a Maisie butt

There’s a couple I’m not sure whether or not the settled, so they are with him too.


Then he has a couple that he needs to breed.  He loves his job!

I decided to put Penny with him.  She didn’t have a kid last year, but she looks good after the copper capsules, and if she has two, I’ll just make one a bottle kid.

Penny Lou

I also have him with Flower.  She’s never been able to have a kid.  I think she’s a freemartin.

Flower and Fionn

He’s also with the wethers and the llamas.

Buster and Fionn surrounded by Reva, Vinnie, and Victoria

These guys all get to go out to the big pasture.

Fionn should enjoy that.


10 Dec

The goats are still going out to pasture to eat.

Even though we’ve had snow, none of it has stuck long.

Athena (front) and Cinnamon

They also enjoy napping out there in the grass rather than on the frozen bumpy barnyard.


I’m glad they can still get to the grass because it means I don’t have to hay them yet.


That means chores are still pretty easy.

Tony, Harley, and Anubis

I am only haying the two little girls and the group up north.

Antigone and Cupid

Although Antigone and Cupid prefer the sweet feed.