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Another Round

14 Feb

Last weekend when it was warm, I gave the goats another round of copper.  Some of the goats were showing signs of being depleted again.  Cinnamon has that streak down her face that shows she needs copper.


Flower has lost some hair on her face and neck.


My girls who are pregnant also need more when they are growing babies.


I always worry about my older goats because I really have no way of knowing how depleted they are.  I can only guess, and I don’t want anyone to get as bad as Fionn was last summer.

Fionn and Joani

Although, Cupid still has a fair amount of her orange color.  She’s not pure white in her spots yet.


I don’t want her to get that bad again either.

Just Some Stuff

14 Nov

Just a few pics from around the farm today.

Aphrodite (Moose, Astra, ?, and Cutie behind)


Clover, Zeus, Joy, and Maggie

Mama Phoenix





The short days and cold weather make blogging a challenge.  I’m not ready for it to seem like winter.

Fall on the Farm

23 Oct

It’s really looking like fall now.  Can you see all the big round bales in my building?

The colors are turning yellow.

I did see one late monarch, but it was not very active on that cool morning.  I’m afraid it’s not going to make the flight south.

I’m still checking my girls because they technically have a couple more weeks they could have a cria, but I’m not holding my breath.

Aurora and Odie on the bottom

I have about one tree on the farm that turns beautiful colors.

Odie and the goats

We are also getting lots of beautiful sunsets!


It’s definitely getting close to time for me to hibernate for the winter.

I’m ready for a long winter’s rest.