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Everyone Else

10 Mar

As I move into spring break kidding, everyone else is probably going to be neglected. Not really, but they won’t get the attention of my girls who are kidding, old, and ill.  So here’s a bunch of pictures of everyone else.

My littles: Ostara, Zora, Pretzel, and Heidi.

Chiffon, Bubbles, and Heidi–I think I’ve decided Bubbles is open.


Maybeline and Odie in front of the herd


Zora and Daisy

Wanda and Pretzel (LilyAnn behind)




The herd

And a peak from what’s happening with knitting.

I finished my second raglan pullover sweater.

Now I’m working on a cardigan.

Come on babies because I’m now on spring break!

Friday’s Photo Dump

24 Feb

Well, here we are at another weekend.  I can’t believe how quickly time flies.  Next week is already our spring conference week, which makes the farm work a lot more challenging, but we’ll survive.  I’ll spend this weekend trying to get everything ready to make the work easier.


Tux was not sure about the milk room and Victoria

Ms. Goose


LilyAnn (and Daisy behind)


Herbie, my little love bug

Maybeline and Odie







Hope you have a great weekend!

Some Odds and Ends

21 Feb

Tux was due for his last vaccine to be fully vaccinated.  The vet came out to the farm and did it.

Tux (I swear he never leaves his spot on the Ranger)

He also trimmed the dog’s toenails while he was here.  This dog. He’s just a lot.

Sky sniffing Flora

It’s a good thing I adore him.


At least now if I let Tux out of the garage and he leaves, he’s fully good to go.

But he’s not going to leave. He likes his food and attention.

I am getting a few eggs now.

egg in the nest box

So far they have all been green or white.

That means the only ones laying are some of the old girls.

Easter egg hen

brown leghorn

Mr. Peacock is still using his foot and opening the toes. I just hope he keeps healing.

Mr. Peacock

The cats seem to have fully recovered from their colds.



Man, it was a long week with all of them in the house sneezing.