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That Boy and His Toys

3 Oct

Sky can look like such a good boy.

He looks regal and dignified, but that’s just not the real Sky.


He’s a goofball.

100% goofball.

And when it’s been cool and rainy after we dug out scrub mulberries for the new yard fence, that means he’s a muddy goofball.

Oy.  My poor kitchen floor.  He’s a wild man when I try to clean his paws off with an old towel.

I also don’t know where he got this toy.

It’s an old toilet brush that I had left in the building when I switched to a new one for scrubbing water buckets.  I just don’t know when he managed to steal it.

Of course, he made it into his toy.  He’s also made me realize I need to do a much better job of picking up after myself.


Some Random Animals

26 Sep


Bob Cat enjoying Sky’s bed



African goose and Embden gander

Aphrodite and her maa, Cutie

The Finished Fence

24 Sep

I am so thrilled with how the new yard fence looks.  Sky is amazed that there’s a whole world outside of his yard.

It’s amazing how open it is now.

The goats have helped with some of the cleanup.

Dolly (back), Stormy, Caroline, and Penny

Front:  Ava, Wanda, Aphrodite, Cutie, Middle:  Reva, Bambi, Back:  Zinnia, Moose, In the buck pen:  Zeus, and Xerxes

I still have a bunch of brush to get rid of, but I will keep working on it slowly.