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Guess Who’s Two!

7 Dec


Happy birthday, Sky!


Another Messy Weekend

2 Dec

We had rain all day Saturday.  It changed to snow overnight, and it was kind of pretty when I first got up, but then it melted.

Xerxes and Zeus

And it kept snowing most of the day.

It kept melting.  That means it’s just a muddy mess.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get any pictures to blog this week.  Guess we’ll see.

That Time of Year

24 Nov

We’ve reached the time of year with short days and no time to do anything but work and chores.  That means I struggle with blog posts.


That means more indoor posts, like cats.  Although they are pretty boring too most days.


After all, they are cats.  They seem to spend most of their time sleeping and washing.


Bob was evidently taking a nap when I sat down to eat.  You can just see him deciding whether or not it’s worth the effort to get out of the box.  For the record, it wasn’t.  He just went back to his nap.

Bob Cat

Leo and Sky were helping me turn the page in the book I was reading.

Leo and Sky

They’re both quite helpful that way.