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The End of Summer

19 Aug

I’ve said it before:  the end of summer–from the first of August until the true start of fall– is my least favorite time of year.  It’s when the grass is getting eaten down and the risk of worms in the goats increase.


There’s still green everywhere, and I still have to try to keep the yard mowed, and it’s also the busiest time for trying to put up the produce.


This past week, I canned my first batch of roasted tomato sauce.  I still have several batches of sauce to do and some cold packed tomatoes also.

I’ve begun milking in earnest now, and I’m getting about six quarts of milk each day, so I’m working hard to make sure it all gets processed into yummy foods.

draining feta cheese

I’m also working on getting enough frozen for next year’s kids.


It’s very easily the busiest time of year for me on the farm (with the exception of the crazy week of spring break babies), and I enjoy so many of the things going on (except the worms).  Then, in the middle of it all, I have to go back to teaching.

I’m not ready.  I’m never ready to leave everyone and go back to a full-time off-farm job, but after twenty-five years of teaching, it gets harder and harder.  As the herd grows older, it seems like I’m constantly evaluating who I can’t leave home all day, and do I need to have someone euthanized because of their risk of falling and getting stuck down.  I don’t have anyone at that point this year (thankful for that).


I’m trying to figure out how I will get everyone their supplemental feeding when I’m going to be gone all day because I’m still building Aurora up and giving extra care to some of the goats struggling with the lack of copper.


There’s so much to be done, and it’s hard enough to get it accomplished when I’m here all day.

And my dog and I are going to have a hard time being separated from each other for the whole day.  He’s been glued to my side (or sitting by the gate) the entire summer.


If my posts become shorter, you’ll know it’s because I’m frantically trying to get everything done and I’m back to work too, wishing I were home.


Canine Pedicure

13 Aug

If you remember, I quit really trying to do much training with Sky because I couldn’t keep a collar on him.  He even managed to get the harness off.


Even if I could get them to stay on, he puked in the car.  I mean really…  But when your toenails look like this and you keep trying to grab my hands, eat the toenail clippers, pull your paws away, and hug my arm when I’m trying to trim them, you have to go to the vet.

I enlisted my mother’s help, and on July  26th, we put Sky and me in the back seat and slowly backed out of the drive.  It was the first time he’d been in the car since coming home from getting fixed fourteen months before.

We went slowly up my gravel road.  I was watching closely the entire time for any sign of a coming explosion of vomit.

He sat in the car like he sits on the couch–butt sitting and paws on the floor.

He handled it well.  We stopped at my north driveway and let him out.  He didn’t pull the leash off.  I was pleased.

We kept it up and increased the distance each time.  He was soon riding like a champ.  I moved to the front seat, and he got the back all to himself.  When we got to my mom’s house and the cat was in the yard, he didn’t drag me across the yard.  I was impressed.

He figured out it was way better to stand on the seat and stick his head out the window.

That means, by the time we had to go to the vet this morning, we were doing quite well.

I was confident in our ability to get him to the vet without a major incident. Now getting the toenails trimmed is another story.  I figured we would have a muzzle and sedatives and then we might get the job done.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised.

Jody is a master dog wrestler, and Dr. Aimee was quick, so it wasn’t too bad.  Dr. Aimee even recognized that it was the sitting still that was so painful to Sky.

Dr. Aimee, Sky, and Jody

He really is an ADHD good-natured goofball.   It took all of five minutes.

Even though I’ve been working on making this happen for months (with trying to get him to stay on a leash and ride in the car.)  At least it should be easy next time he needs to go get his shots.

My Garden

3 Jul

With all the rain we’ve had, I haven’t done a thing in my garden since it was planted.  All the rain also means that it is full of weeds.  Monday I decided I had to start reclaiming it despite the additional 2 1/2 inches of rain we had Saturday night.

At least I didn’t have to wear my muck boots to get into it.

cucumber blossom

The fence worked like a charm to keep the dog out.


Although, I did feel kind of guilty when he started whining like I was hurting his feelings.

Not enough to let him in, but I did feel a little bad.

I promise not to pull any plants if you just let me come in. I love you. Please……

Anyhow, I pulled around all the plants.  I found some tomato blossoms!

Weeding around the plants was pretty much a full day’s work.

Of course, I took some breaks, and that made Sky happy again.

Now It needs to dry up a bit more so I can get it cultivated before the next rain!