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What is That?

13 Feb

What were the goats looking at?  (Sorry for the small, crappy cell phone picture, but it’s all I had with me, and I had to hang up on my mom to take these pictures.  Don’t worry, she’s used to that kind of stuff from me.)


Yep.  They noticed Sky.


He was pretty unimpressed.


Dolly, with her triplets, was a little concerned.


If there had not been a fence, Penny would have killed him.  Seriously.


He did finally notice them and think they were a little interesting.


He was really good though.  He didn’t even bark at them.

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Puppy Rule #1

12 Feb

The first rule of being a puppy at Eden Hills is:  Do not mess with the Bob Cat.  Of course, Bob did not jump on the counter out of fear when the puppy appeared.  He just happened to be going that way.

Bob Cat and Sky

Bob Cat and Sky

Please note the tail is pulled up, so the puppy cannot possibly touch the it.  The look is contemplating how to get rid of the little mutt forever.


Bob might smack you through the puppy gate.  Or right on your tender little nose.  Even when you are just sitting there and not doing anything wrong.


It’s best to avoid the Bob Cat.


I have to say, I was pretty impressed with Snickers.  He has a laid back attitude about Sky.  Maybe it’s the attitude of experience.



In general, he ignores the pup, even if he’s being bounced on.  He just keeps going to the table to sun himself like always.



Leo.  Well, Leo is nowhere in sight.  He hasn’t come down from the upstairs since Sky showed up.  Luckily for him I took him food, water and a litter box.  He might never come down again.

Lessons from a House Goat

22 Jun

Don’t let anyone walk all over you or steal your pet taxi.

Leo and Ursula

Leo and Ursula

It’s okay to hide behind your human or the laundry basket or anything when something big and fluffy wants to bounce on you.

Stella and Ursula

Stella and Ursula

Always remember to lend a helping hoof with household chores.

ursula laundry ew

Dance like nobody is watching and going to post your moves on the Internet HERE.


Bottles are good.  They make your tummy feel good and help you grow, so you can bounce and play.

Bottle kid ew

Don’t worry about life and enjoy your kid(s).  We grow up faster than you think.

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