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Here We Go Again

17 Oct

The last couple of years have really made me wonder why I have animals.  The copper has been a nightmare.  Maybe if it hadn’t taken eight years to get a diagnosis, it wouldn’t be so overwhelming.

Bonnie is losing the hair on her nose and really, her entire coat is thin.

As it is, I gave everyone another round of copper this week.

That means they are up to eight grams of copper on the year; although, Betty and Clover are now at ten grams.

Clover and Sky (I’m not barking at her; she’s barking at me.)

Add to that the llamas’ ulcers, and I’m ready to quit.  Aurora has recovered amazingly.  She’s doing wonderfully.

Aurora and Maybeline

Tony is losing weight again.  Now, once they’ve had ulcers, they are more susceptible.  He took a bite of llama feed and quit.  I’m trying to get the meds for him, but, just to make things fun, it is no longer available, but I just found out that I can still get the generic (and I kind of wish I had known there was a generic version earlier).  Crazy.


He spends all of his time along the fence pacing and staring at the girls.  I think that’s his stressor.  He wants to breed.

Honestly, that was Llenny’s stressor too.  If I can get him healed up and weight back on him, I will probably see if I can have the vet castrate him over the winter.

Hopefully, that will get rid of his stressor.  Poor handsome boy.

Besides, it’s obvious that Odie and Maybeline want nothing to do with a stud–stinking Black Widow Llady Llamas.


I’m at the point now that I think I was wrong again, and they are never going to have a baby.  Seriously, goats get out for five minutes and four does are bred; these girls have spent months with three different studs and can’t give me a single cria.


Wrapping Up the Week

4 Oct

I just have a few pictures for you.  It’s been a long week with parent-teacher conferences, rainy weather, and everything on the farm, while I’m still nursing the toe injury.  I’m hoping to give up the special shoe this weekend.



harvest spider


Mama Phoenix

Sunset over the barnyard

I hope you have a good weekend!

More of the Weekend Work

24 Sep

I shared that Saturday was really busy and productive.  Sunday was a continuation of the preserving.  I had to finish making the relish after it sat overnight.

Then my mom came out and we worked on making Mozzarella sticks from the four batches of cheese I had made.

You can see Sky was helping too.  As long as you don’t mind not being able to move.  Silly dog.

Mom and Sky

Then mom and I did a bunch of rearranging and locating jars and delivering canned goods to my son and nephew.  I can honestly say, I will be grateful to rest when the canning and milking season is done.