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Too Much to Handle

12 Mar

I have to say, kidding has been overall good this round, but there are three things that have really made it more challenging.  First is the German Shepard puppy in my kitchen.  He’s a very good puppy, but our colder weather the last couple of days has made it a challenge.  We go outside and he’s shivering in no time at all.


He needs to go out and run and play, and I’ve been busy with the goats.

When I’m in the barnyard, he could go play, but he’s usually just sitting there waiting for me.

It’s been a challenge to give him attention and keep working on the house training. For some reason, we go outside for an hour and when we come back in the first thing he does is pee on the pad.  Sigh…

The second thing is the kitten.  I told you Rocky is a monster.  Well, he’s that friend who has all the fun ideas that get you in trouble.  (That might have something to do with Puppy Rule #2.)

Rocky and Sky

He instigates.  He antagonizes.  He goads the puppy on.  I’m also worried the puppy is going to treat him like just another rag toy to shake around.  They drive me crazy.

Now Rocky just came back from the vets.  They wouldn’t keep him all week even though I told them it would make my life easier (I probably could have boarded him, but it was a bit excessive to recover from surgery).

So Rocky, the very social kitty, is shut upstairs so he can recover from surgery without wrestling with a puppy.  He whines.  He cries.  He tries to open the door.  It’s all very melodramatic.

He’s not even alone.  He has Leo (remember, he moved up there after Sky came to join us on the farm).


Then there’s Fred.  Fred is a sweet bottle kid.  He loves dancing and his bottle.  I hobbled together a pen in the living room after putting down a layer of plastic (because there’s a German Shepard puppy in my kitchen).

Fred and Snickers

He is a herd animal though, and he lost his friend.  I’m afraid Squishy didn’t make it.  (Too much fluid he couldn’t clear out of his lungs after his difficult birth.)  Goats need company.

Every time I tried to feed Fred and spend a few minutes with him, I had jealous puppy issues.  I couldn’t do it.  I took Fred to the sale barn yesterday and sold him as a “Crazy Goat Lady Starter Kit” complete with some milk and a bottle.  He was bought by a young couple who looked quite happy to have him.

My life will be a tiny bit easier now.

I do hope you’ll consider joining me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have next week’s items at the top of my side bar.

What is That?

13 Feb

What were the goats looking at?  (Sorry for the small, crappy cell phone picture, but it’s all I had with me, and I had to hang up on my mom to take these pictures.  Don’t worry, she’s used to that kind of stuff from me.)


Yep.  They noticed Sky.


He was pretty unimpressed.


Dolly, with her triplets, was a little concerned.


If there had not been a fence, Penny would have killed him.  Seriously.


He did finally notice them and think they were a little interesting.


He was really good though.  He didn’t even bark at them.

I do hope you’ll consider coming back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.

Puppy Rule #1

12 Feb

The first rule of being a puppy at Eden Hills is:  Do not mess with the Bob Cat.  Of course, Bob did not jump on the counter out of fear when the puppy appeared.  He just happened to be going that way.

Bob Cat and Sky

Bob Cat and Sky

Please note the tail is pulled up, so the puppy cannot possibly touch the it.  The look is contemplating how to get rid of the little mutt forever.


Bob might smack you through the puppy gate.  Or right on your tender little nose.  Even when you are just sitting there and not doing anything wrong.


It’s best to avoid the Bob Cat.


I have to say, I was pretty impressed with Snickers.  He has a laid back attitude about Sky.  Maybe it’s the attitude of experience.



In general, he ignores the pup, even if he’s being bounced on.  He just keeps going to the table to sun himself like always.



Leo.  Well, Leo is nowhere in sight.  He hasn’t come down from the upstairs since Sky showed up.  Luckily for him I took him food, water and a litter box.  He might never come down again.