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He’s Back to Being Bad

16 Oct

Mr. Gander is feeling much better.  He’s so much better that he’s back to harassing attacking goats.

There’s also a new game in the barnyard.

Cinnamon and Ava made it safely through.

The geese stand in front of the milk room door.

Joy coming over the posts

They make the goats do a mad dash to make it in to get milked without getting attacked.  Remind me why I took those two ganders in.

In other milking news, I decided I wasn’t a fan of the game where I had to chase Aphrodite and drag her across the barnyard to milk her.


We’ll deal with training her next summer.  Maybe.

Still Milking

18 Sep

I am still milking, but I am only milking Zinnia in the morning. I can’t believe the days are already getting this short–it’s mostly dark when I get out there.


She gives me about a pint of milk twice a day.

About an hour before milking in the evening, Cinnamon shows up.  She stands in the barn door and randomly yells until it’s time to get milked.


Usually Astra is waiting too.  They have a contest to see who gets to go in first (Cinnamon).  As you can see, neither one looks like their udder is very full.

Cinnamon and Astra (by the way, I LOVE my new step)

I have to call out to pasture for Ava and Zinnia, and then they come in to get milked.

With the four of them in the evening, I’m getting a little over two pints.   I could probably quit milking a couple of the girls, but they do enjoy coming in.

Astra (she wouldn’t quit eating to smile for the camera)

And I love my milking girls.

In a Routine

10 Aug

We certainly seem to have hit a routine for this late summer.

Pluto and Popcorn

After milking, I spend the rest of the day making cheese or canning.

time to grate cheese, make cheese, and put some fruit in the yogurt

onions to chop and freeze for winter’s use

salsa for my son

The goats go out to pasture pretty early and stay there until late in the evening.

Gill, Tilly, Sidney, Kate, and Edith

Dolly (and Sidney in front)

Of course, I do step out to give the chickens my left-over veggies.

My four milking does come up to get milked and go right back out.

Cutie and Ava coming up (might be Pistol behind)

I did just recently switch to only milking Cinnamon in the evening because she really doesn’t have enough to mess with, but she is my old lady.  She deserves to at least come in once a day for a while.


Then it’s time to finish up chores and we all are ready to hit the roost.

peacock on the roost

After a good night’s sleep, it’s time to do it all again!