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A Whole Lot of Nothing

7 Jan

Astra and Perdita having leftovers for breakfast


another highly cropped cell phone image of the owl I saw last weekend

Sky waiting for me to finish chores


frost on the front door



icicles over the barn door

Onyx and Victoria

Yummy Bedding

23 Dec

My nephew brought out a round cornstalk bale to put in the back part of the barn.  Honestly, it’s to cover the llama poop pile.


Cinnamon was checking it out.

Here comes everyone else!





It seems to be pretty yummy.

Checking for Food

14 Dec

This weekend I decided I had better go out to pasture and make sure the goats and llamas still had plenty to eat out there.  After the drought, I worry about how much is left (since we had to make hay off of everything and I had to shut them off the back half of pasture).

All these pictures were taken the morning after our snow; it’s all gone now.

Well, there is plenty to eat out there!

You can see the line where we quit cutting for hay


Flora enjoying a cottonwood leaf

Aurora chomping grass

Ava on the banks of the ditch

Onyx even found a bit of green stuff!

I don’t even worry about Freddie and Xerxes.  There’s no way they can eat everything on their front pasture.

Freddie and Xerxes on the front pasture.

The only ones I’m giving hay to right now are the boys in the north paddock, and they seem to think it makes a cozy bed.

Benji, Lemuel, and Frodo

Which is why I don’t want to feed the rest of them hay until they actually need it.  Goats waste hay like crazy.