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Unloading Hay

24 Aug

Saturday turned out to be fairly busy.  My nephew decided it was the perfect day to unload hay.  And it was. The rain drained the humidity from the air, and it was cooler with a nice breeze.  So he brought out the elevator.

Sky had fun barking at them.

Then it wasn’t long before he pulled in with the hayrack.

We had two racks like this to unload.

Once we got the barn doors open, we set up the elevator.

These were some fairly heavy bales, but we got them stacked.

That’s a good dent in what I need for winter.   There was one bale that didn’t quite make it to getting stacked, so I gave it to the kids left up north.

Perdita and Chunky in front; Olaf in back

As soon as the goats came up from pasture, they snacked on the pile that formed under the elevator.


Soon, my nephew will mow the back hill, and we’ll get the rest of the winter hay off of it.

Sunday Snows

23 Feb

After our lovely weather on Saturday, we woke to white and snow on Sunday.  It was still fairly warm, but it was white.

By mid-morning, the snow was falling.

Odie, Maybeline and the geese

There was nothing to do but hang out in the doorway and watch the snow fall.


This is the reason I left a bunch of the goats shut in.  After being away from the main herd, it’s sometimes a struggle to get them all to get along again and not just chase them out of the building.

Aphrodite and Haley

Pluto and Dolly

Even though it was still warm (Aurora looked pretty comfortable even though the snow had started), I wanted to make sure they could get in where it was dry.  In fact, when the snow picked up, I had to go make Litha move from the doorway so Aurora could walk into the greenhouse.


I did have to let Dolly and Penelope in the greenhouse, too.


Standing around in the barn was about the only thing to do, and since they hadn’t been with the herd for a while, the entertainment was picking on them. Bratty goats.

Standing around out of the snow

Sky had to come out with me, but he doesn’t even care about the snow.


I’m more in line with the goats–let’s just stay in where it’s dry for today.

Cutie–this girl always has a hat of hay

Like Cutie, I’d hate to get my hat all wet. 😉

Five Degrees

20 Feb

Our temperature got down to 5°F (-15°C) overnight.  That is the first time in two weeks we’ve had overnight lows above 0°F (-17.78°C).


It makes for a much better start to the day.

Mr. Peacock

The goats were quite bouncy and excited for the more close to average temps.




With a return to more normal weather, it means I spent today working to get everything back to how it should be.


But that’s for another post or two.