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2 Apr

I am seriously ready to do some evictions around here.  First, is Lemuel.  I was planning on keeping him until I could breed him to Rosie next fall.  That would be a perfect kid combo.


But his personality is identical to his grandpa Xerxes.  I am not having another wild buck that I can’t sell.  I’m getting rid of him before we get to that point.  I kid you not, I spent ten or more minutes chasing him around the Love Shack to catch him and give him his copper last weekend.

And it is absolutely an inherited personality.  I swear it is.  I mean he spends his time with my sweet Benji and Frodo.  They both love me.


Anyhow, I’m hoping he will be gone in the next couple of weeks.  The second eviction notice is being given to Old Man Winter.  We had another 2+ inches of snow when I woke up Thursday morning.

no picture from the morning because I had to go to work

This time of year, it usually melts quickly, but I took these pictures after I did chores.  It was still here.

Penelope in front; Lemuel, Benji, and Frodo in the Love Shack

We are all tired of the cold and damp.  It’s miserable.  It means more work for chores.


Onyx finishing up a pile of hay I gave them.

We all demand winter leave and let spring warmth and rain show up.  Seriously, because I am beyond ready to evict the goats from the garage.  They are happy as clams.

Cupid teaching Brigit about yummy hay

Spunky and Spuds

Hera feeding Lady and Tramp

But I’m not sure any of my stuff will survive.

Tommy, Bubbles,Shellie, Ostara (Flower in back)

my garage door opener sensor

Hera behind the air compressor

Thursday when I got home, someone had discovered and opened the bag of birdhouse gourds.  I picked them up and put them all in the soap room.  Well, there was one that had a little hole eaten in it, so I left it.

a bag of gourds

When I went back to the garage, I kid you not, Bull was wearing it. His head was completely stuck inside.  I am amazed that he wasn’t panicking, but he was just standing there trying to figure it out.  How I wish I had my camera for that one.

Bull (yes, I really was going to put it back on his head)

By the time I came back out to do a recreation, Coral had eaten the rest of the gourd.

Coral finishing off the last of the gourd

I am really ready to get them out of the garage, but the weather has to cooperate a bit for that to happen.

Back In the Garage

19 Feb

Coral is back in the garage.  Well, part of the time it’s the garage and part of the time it’s the buck room and front pasture.


I’m not sure why, but she just didn’t want to come out and eat.  It could be because everyone is so stinking stir crazy mean right now.  Whatever the reason, I literally drug her over to the garage and put her back in there.

Coral and Flower (she is such a mess from the sweet lick)

She started eating right away.  I’m optimistic she’ll do much better in there.  So far, the three of them are getting along.  That’s what got her kicked out to start with–picking on Flower.

Coral and Flower with Antigone in back

It was nice Friday, so they could go out and enjoy some sunshine.  We’ll see how they do with the crazy roller coaster temps again this week.

Winter Is Back

13 Feb

Last weekend was the start of a nice stretch of reasonable weather.

Last Sunday, February 6th

We had a lot of snow melt over the week.

Saturday, February 11th

It gives the birds a bit more of an outdoor space that isn’t covered in snow.

Chickens, the peacock, and the goose

Although, it will be a while before the pool isn’t frozen to the ground and I can fill it for the goose.

But Friday afternoon, the temperatures dropped and the winds picked up, and we are cold this weekend.

Flora on a snow pile covered in hay.

When I did chores Friday evening, Aurora was almost happy to snuggle into me for warmth and a wind break.


At least the winds died down by Saturday evening.  That makes chores easier to do.

The barn on Saturday evening

Of course, we woke up to a new blanket of snow on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning

I wasn’t expecting that.


At least it’s pretty.

It certainly makes the cows stand out.

And then it’s going to be warmer and then cold with the possibility of a snowstorm and then cold and then warm and…

Front: Pretzel; Back: 2TC, Aphrodite, Casey, Joy, and Haley

So I enjoyed the nice consistent weather last week.  Bob was happier too.  He was spending the days outside to avoid everyone else.

Bob glaring at a kittten.

Now he’s just trying to find somewhere to nap that the kittens don’t run over him.