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The Day After the Storm

25 Mar

Bright and early this morning, the goats went out to check out the fallen limb.  I’m glad my dad came and we took care of it yesterday.

Granted, they would have just been in the ditch checking out the limb on the other side, but still.


I prefer they stay where they belong.


They also used the limb to do a good scratch between the horns.

Betty Lou

One thing about ice storms at the end of March.  It usually melts quickly.  They are all lined up in their trail enjoying the sunshine.

Cutie, Flower (Reva behind) Sidney (Dolly behind), and Litha

Sadly, that sunshine also means mud.  I know we need the moisture (we’re still catching up from last summer’s drought), but it is really had on everyone’s health.

It’s really muddy where they’ve stomped the snow into the ground around the round bale feeder.  They also think I’m starving them, but another bale has been delivered.

Buster, Odie, and Maybeline

I’m really ready for real spring with green.


Early Spring Storms

24 Mar

Early spring storms are the worst.  It started with rain yesterday evening.  At one point we had thunder, lightning, and hail.  Then it went back to rain.  Sometime overnight it turned into freezing rain.  I woke up to everything being frozen shut.

(Yes, I use a dog collar to fasten my redneck gate shut. Don’t judge me. It works.)

(I need a hammer to get this open before I can feed hay.)

The goats and llamas were still outside eating (notice I put a tarp over it to try and keep it a little better).

I worry about that maple tree right inside the barnyard.  It’s coated in ice and the winds are picking up.

I lost a limb from an oak tree.  Of course, it fell on my fence.

My dad already came out and helped get it off the fence because, in his words, he’d rather do it before it has a foot of snow on top.

Of course, there was wisdom in those words because we are now getting snow.

Hopefully, I don’t lose any more limbs or trees or electricity (and I am scheduling this mid-day just in case I do lose power).  I am seriously ready for real spring.


Ice Challenges

27 Feb

I will say the ice adds challenges to doing chores.  Everything is more difficult (including not getting knocked down by the dog).


One that that is really more challenging is letting the birds in and out.


My door freezes shut.  Even when I think I have the mud and muck scooped away, the ground swells when it freezes, and it’s a challenge.

Gander, Peacock, and hen

They’ve been frozen in a couple of days, and I’m afraid my door isn’t going to make it through the winter/spring.