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9 Dec

We finally have a weekend with better weather.  It’s still a bit colder than average for this time of year, but there’s no rain, snow, or horrible wind, so I’m going to say it’s good.


With this break in the horrible weather, my nephew delivered some cornstalk bales.

That means, I’ve gotten to freshly bed my buck room, greenhouse, and bird coop.


They’re happy now!  You know, because their bedding is yummy to eat.

Caroline and Annie

My nephew is going to try to clean out the cattle lean-to on the barn this week, and then we can bed that down as well.


Then I should be about as ready as I’m going to be for winter (as long as I can get a few more feet done later in the week when it’s supposed to be warmer than average).


Winter Storm

26 Nov

We were under a winter storm warning most of yesterday.  It really missed us.  Thankfully.  We only had a few flurries.  There was lots of wind, and it got cold, but we missed almost all of the storm.


I did decide to take precautions.  I got the window tarps stapled down in the barn.  I also covered the window in the soap room.

Penny Lou

I’m hoping since my nephew finished harvest on Thanksgiving day, we can get my barn cleaned out and bedding brought in to make that much cleaner and warmer for the goats.  It really has been a rough year for getting all the fall work done.

I made sure I had a new shorter bucket for the chickens.  Hopefully, the geese don’t just splash it all out.

I also scooped some of the dirt from in front of their door, so I can get it shut when the ground freezes.  They’ll get fresh bedding when it gets here too.

It looks like the cold is here to stay for a while unfortunately.  I don’t like to trim hooves and expose that newly exposed hoof to bitter cold and hard frozen ground.  Thankfully, I did get a few more sets of hooves trimmed over Thanksgiving weekend.


I still have a handful of girls to do, and they are not going to be the easy ones.


I am back to almost being able to touch Hera, and I know that trimming hooves will ruin that.


I might try to save her (and Antigone, Cupid, and the little bucks) until winter break.  Hopefully, we aren’t going to stay with January temperatures until then.

The Day After the Storm

25 Mar

Bright and early this morning, the goats went out to check out the fallen limb.  I’m glad my dad came and we took care of it yesterday.

Granted, they would have just been in the ditch checking out the limb on the other side, but still.


I prefer they stay where they belong.


They also used the limb to do a good scratch between the horns.

Betty Lou

One thing about ice storms at the end of March.  It usually melts quickly.  They are all lined up in their trail enjoying the sunshine.

Cutie, Flower (Reva behind) Sidney (Dolly behind), and Litha

Sadly, that sunshine also means mud.  I know we need the moisture (we’re still catching up from last summer’s drought), but it is really had on everyone’s health.

It’s really muddy where they’ve stomped the snow into the ground around the round bale feeder.  They also think I’m starving them, but another bale has been delivered.

Buster, Odie, and Maybeline

I’m really ready for real spring with green.