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Their Forever Farm

8 Oct

You know, it seems like every time I talk about something with the goats, it’s how the copper deficiency has impacted it.  Today is no different.  Milk–the copper deficiency impacts their production.  I’ve also noticed in the last few years that I just can’t keep them in milk.  They dry up well before I’m ready for them to.


I used to milk until it got too cold in the open chicken building or the first of February when I had to let them dry up to make colostrum for the next year’s kids.

Millie’s udder

This year I’ve already had two completely dry up on me and Zinnia is drying up quickly.  I’m sure getting the copper back in their systems will fix it, but I don’t know how many years it will take.


That means, I had to let the woman who had planned on taking Aphrodite and Hera know that she wouldn’t be able to milk them the way she wanted.



That also means that they are now just staying here.

As long as Hera will decide to let me touch her again.

She hasn’t let me touch her since I had to put the horn apparatus back on her.


Acorn Season

2 Oct

Usually, the first place the goats go when they head out to pasture is this tree.  It’s a pin oak.

They are looking for acorns beneath it.


They all seem to think they are yummy.  There’s also a natural wormer (so I’ve heard), so I guess it’s okay.

As long as they don’t eat too many, it should be fine.

Haley (behind) and Zinnia

Too many can be toxic though.

Milk Room Invasion

19 Sep

My milk room has been invaded, and we are at war.  All of the rain we’ve had has caused bazillions and bazillions of mosquitoes to hatch.  Where Haley and Zinnia are standing is bare dirt.  Then the dew comes off the roof of the garage and keeps it muddy.

Zinnia and Haley

They stand outside waiting for their turn, and the mosquitoes just swarm the poor girls.  (Warning:  If you do not like bugs and blood, you  might want not want to continue.)

That means every time I open the door for a goat, half a bazillion mosquitoes come in with them.

I think I’m going to have to repaint my walls after it freezes because they are looking a bit spotted with black bodies and blood splotches.

It’s hard to milk when you are flipping your hair and constantly waving mosquitoes off the goats.

I really hate when I end up with one getting shot down into my milk.  I am ready for these little buggers to be gone.

I’m thinking about asking the spider to move into the milk room instead of being outside the door on the other side of the fence.