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More Pasture Scenes

20 Feb

I hope you’re not tired of pictures from pasture last weekend because we’ve got more!

Three generations front to back: Dolly, Antigone, and Pistol





Coral, Astra, Penny, and Maisie


And there will be still more coming.

Winter Blogging

16 Feb

Sometimes blogging about the farm in winter is hard.  We don’t do a lot.  The goats mostly spend their time in the barnyard eating.

Chiffon with Astra behind

They do like to bask in the sun.

Penelope in her food pan with maa, Annie, behind

Three generations: Haley, Zinnia, and Joy

Sometimes they just find a place to stay out of the wind.

Bubbles and Mary in the barn


There’s the occasional fight through the fence, but overall it’s pretty boring.

Harley and Cupid

There’s not a lot going on for me to take pictures of, and I sometimes struggle to be able to do a blog post every day.  We hit the good weather jackpot this weekend though! I think I took enough pictures for the next two weeks (seriously).

Fionn and Xerxes enjoying the weather

Maisie and Uno got to come out of the buck room.  I left them in the buck room pasture though in case it gets cold again.

Maisie and Uno

I even took off Uno’s coat.


It was even nice enough that everyone went out to pasture!

Maybeline, Odie, and Aurora

Moira; Pluto and Venus; Penny

I even let a couple of the goats out of the greenhouse to join the rest of the herd.

Pistol and Antigone

Still, they are mostly just eating, but you’ll at least have different backgrounds with them eating.

Mary, LilyAnn, Coral, Sidney, Bubbles, Penny, and I can’t tell




Aurora and Maybeline

And you’re really in luck if you like pictures of the tops of their heads.




And if you like posts with lots of pictures, you’re also in luck.

This and That

30 Oct

Friday evening, I came out of the milk room and wondered why it sounded like I had cows in my yard.  Well, they were close.  Sky was crazy excited. Some days I think he needs medicated for his ADHD.

Sky and the neighbors

Can you tell which goat is older?  It’s not the taller one.  Pluto is sixteen months old.  Dahlia is almost five months old.  Pluto is such a short guy!

Pluto and Dahlia

Maggie was tugging on my coat to see if I brought her any peanuts.  She does like her peanuts!

It’s not often I get a four generation picture.  This is Stormy, Haley, Zinnia, and Joy.  This is why I want to keep Joy.  She’s a beautiful girl, and she would be my fourth generation of milking girls.

Sky was lounging in the house.  He just had his toenails trimmed that morning, and I swear this boy and his bad manners embarrasses me.  He is just so stinking ADHD.

Dolly and Pluto snuggled in the barn early one morning.

Dolly and Pluto

I love the look of the pasture in fall.  Aurora and Odie only add to its beauty.

Aurora and Odie (almost behind the tree)

Finally, we have Leo.  I wish he didn’t have such allergy eyes.  I need to see if I can get him in for an allergy shot.


He’s such a lover boy.