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Pop Up Showers

29 Jun

I’m so happy to say that I woke up this morning to thunder and a quick shower moving through.  It only left us about a tenth of an inch of rain, but I’m so grateful.  It is so important to continue getting rain for the crops.

I’m lucky that my corn is still doing well, and when I went out to take pictures of how much the rain helped it, I saw more dark clouds.

More showers were moving in, and that’s exactly what my pasture needs to grow also.

I watched the clouds roll in and the thunder began to sound again. Now, we’re getting more rain!

After a mad scramble to the barn, the goats are just standing around watching the rain fall.

They are nice and dry in there.  My pasture and field are getting much needed rain.

I could stand here and watch it bounce off the patio bistro table all evening!

I am so grateful for each drop of rain we get.  I hope all those suffering from drought conditions get some relief.

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