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Notes from the Barnyard

23 May

Tansy’s girl, Alice, was not nursing both sides.  Her udder looked painful and about to explode on one side.  I finally caught her and got that side milked out.  Now Alice is nursing both sides, and Tansy looks much more comfortable.


I have Margarita up north in case she does have her babies before I’m done working.


I am also keeping an eye on Penelope.  I asked her when she was due, and she just gave me a coy Mona Lisa smile.  So I have no idea when she’s going to kid.


It cracks me up at how Freddie and Frodo have bonded.  They are always together.  You can definitely see the father-son resemblance.

Freddie and Frodo

Chiffon looks like she could kid any second.  I will say, she had her triplets a week early last year, and it’s looking like there might be a repeat.


Astra and Perdita were snuggled together the other evening when it was cold on Saturday.  So far, Perdita hasn’t gotten stuck in the fence again.  I hope that holds.

Perdita and Astra

Rosie was trying to figure out how to reach all those maple leaves that are finally on the trees.


Bratty Flora kept her horn apparatus on for less than two days.  I hope she has learned her lesson.


I’m not holding my breath though.

Eating Green Stuff

21 Apr

Despite the cold weather (which is now warming up), the grass has turned green.

The herd enjoying the green stuff.

It is isn’t very tall yet, but the goats and llamas are happy to have green stuff.










Now that it’s warm, I might even go spend more time out there with them.

The Only Cure for Boredom

10 Feb

I’ve talked a lot lately about the goats being bored and the ways they annoy me entertain themselves.

Flora and Perdita fighting

Trace and Chiffon on the snow pile

The only cure for their boredom is spring.  When they get to go out to pasture and browse and play, they will finally go back to being my nice sweet herd.

Following me to demand food

The weather over the weekend actually turned nice enough that they did go out to pasture.

I’m not sure standing at the end of the lane for twenty minutes is going to be quite enough to cure their boredom.