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Unmixing Goats

20 Oct

Sunday evening, I started the processing of separating the bucks and does.  When I came out to milk, Xerxes was in the barnyard with about half of his girls.  I walked up and let him sniff my fingers, which was enough to send him in a panic out to pasture.  Then I called to the rest of his girls.  Everyone came in except Antigone, so I left her with him until I could get everyone else sorted out.

Xerxes checking out Caroline on the picnic table

The next afternoon, I decided to get everyone else sorted off.  I managed to get Antigone to come through the gate into the main barnyard, and I managed to get all of Freddie’s girls to come out while I was feeding everyone.  I don’t know why it worked, but it did.


I swear to you the hardest part was to get everyone to go back out to pasture.  They always do, but I had about seven girls moving every food pan searching for every piece of corn that was spilled.  Honestly.

Cupid and Tansy searching for corn (this was later as you can see by how dark it was)

I finally chased them out to pasture and put the panel back across the barn door.  Then I just opened Freddie’s gate and called to him to follow me.  And he did.

Freddie racing by Frodo and Rosie (his kids) and Lemuel.

Yay!  Freddie and Xerxes and all of their girls were where they belonged.  I decided I was just going to have the two bucks on the front pasture because they are still in rut and after having girls for a few days, I didn’t want them to get mean with Benji.  He’s really still just a kid.


That still left me Benji and his girls.

Trace, 2TC, and Venus in the buck room pen

I lured them into the buck room with some sweet feed and shut the door.

Benji Trace, Chiffon, 2TC, and Venus

It was actually surprisingly easy for me to catch Benji, and when I led him through the garage, the girls followed. It ended up being much easier to move him up north than I thought it was going to be.

Benji exploring his new area.

My final move was the three kids in the Love Shack.  I caught Lemuel and Frodo and put them up north with Benji.  That should be a safe combination.

Lemuel and Frodo

Then I let Rosie out with the rest of the herd.

Rosie (Her mom behind her won’t let her nurse; poor girl.)

All the herd is where they belong again!

Venus in pasture

Flora and Popcorn back together; challenging 2TC to fight

Cutie, Hilda, Bambi, and Myson


I am going to try to get Gidget in the Love Shack to give her some extra care, but I’m hoping to be done moving goats around until it’s time to make June babies.

We’ll Have Lots of Kids

18 Oct

I don’t think I mentioned, but I did decide not to put Onyx in with a buck.  We’ll see if she grows any more.

Pluto, Onyx, Coral (Gidget and Popcorn behind)

It has been quite the busy couple of days out here.

Xerxes and his girls

I think my shots I gave the girls brought almost all of them into heat.


It’s still weird looking out and seeing Xerxes in the barnyard.  I’m not used to that.

Xerxes enjoying the salt block

We’ll have lots of babies.  I think Margarita and Caroline are the only two with Xerxes who didn’t come into heat.


I think Purl is the only one with Freddie I didn’t definitely see in heat; although, as wet as her tail is, she might have been bred.  Yes, she’s still spending a lot of time on top of that feeder.


I’m not sure about Benji’s girls.  He’s not an older, experienced buck, so that makes it harder for me to tell, but I think all but 2TC came into heat.

Chiffon, Trace, 2TC, and Benji

I’ll keep an eye on everyone to see who setttles or might come into heat in three weeks, but there will be a lot of kids in March.  Now, I just need to get everyone separated again.

Breeding Groups

16 Oct

The last few years, it seems like the goats have been on their best behavior for me getting them put into breeding groups.  Not this year.

Xerxes and Joani

On Wednesday, I managed to get all but Antigone where they belonged after a ridiculous amount of work and chasing goats and bribing with food and having some fat wethers and Pretzel constantly in my way. I might have broken numerous fingernails, broke a blood vessel on the palm of my hand and smacked myself in the forehead with a cattle panel. But I got everyone where I wanted them!


Moose, Myson, Pretzel, and Casey

Well, I did also adjust where I put Hera because she jumped over the fence somewhere in the process, and I decided she’d be more likely to stay up north.

Hera running from Freddie

I will say Benji and his girls were the easiest.  Benji just followed Freddie into the buck room and stayed there while I led Freddie out and shut the gate.

Benji is so cute!

Then, I just had to drag the little girls across the barnyard, and they aren’t as hard to drag as a big girl.  And Chiffon came in the milk room without me even having to drag her!

Benji, Venus, 2TC, and Chiffon

Anyhow, Thursday I finished the process by getting Antigone where she belongs, so Xerxes has: Antigone, Zinnia, Joy, Hilda, Daisy, Athena, Penelope, Margarita, Ava, Astra, Cutie, and Joani.

Ava, Xerxes, Penelope, Margarita, and Hilda

I also put Caroline in with Xerxes, but she was on my “Do I? Don’t I?” list, so I didn’t give her a shot to bring  her into heat.  I guess I’ll just see if she comes into heat or not.


Freddie has: Flora, Aphrodite, Purl, Cupid, Hera, and Bubbles.  I was actually going to put Hilda in with him again, but I was too tired to drag her that much farther across the barnyard.

Freddie, Aphrodite, Purl, and Bubbles

Benji has: Venus, Chiffon, Trace, and 2TC

Benji checking out Trace

And I’m going to go out on a limb and call Bubbles the first one due for spring break kids!  Freddie’s going to have a hard time getting to Purl if she stays up there.

Purl, Aphrodite, Hera, and Bubbles

Hopefully, most of them will come into heat.