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The Healthy Ones

2 Oct

It seems like I’m always talking about who’s not doing well. It’s because I tend to obsess over them and how to get them back to healthy.  That means I tend to neglect all the healthy goats.  Here’s a few of them.


Betty Lou



Maisie and Moose



A Horrible Season

13 Sep

I keep telling you that I hate “the end of summer.” It’s the worst season because of the goats’ health. I swear it’s the time that everyone gets sick.  You might remember that it was a year ago tomorrow that Pluto had to go to ISU for a blood transfusion because of the anemia caused by worms and copper deficiency and stomach issues from the coccidia.  I can’t believe he actually came through it and is my sweet little wether now.  I am glad.


This year, Penny’s knees are bothering.


Gidget, Bonnie and her girl, Socks, all had bottle jaw.  They were treated for worms, and Socks also got copper.


Now I can’t sell Socks, so I was waiting to take the rest of the March kids together, but then Tink had diarrhea.  I treated her for worms and gave her some copper.


Clover didn’t get bottle jaw or diarrhea, but she is completely anemic and tired, so I moved her up north.

Clover and Moira

I’m debating on whether or not it’s time for more copper for everyone with all these problems.  I need to give copper to any of the kids who haven’t had it yet because I don’t know when I’ll get around to selling them now.

Vinnie and Venus

Cupid has gotten a tiny bit of color back in her spots, but she’s not anywhere near as orange as she was.

I might be ready for winter.

No Wether Left Behind

12 Sep

The other night I had to go out to pasture to bring the milking girls up (they were horrible last week).

Betty, Casey, Maisie (lying down), Bambi (I can’t tell who is by Bambi from this angle)

Cookie, Litha, Coral (behind) Betty Lou, Maggie

I kept thinking I heard someone calling just over the hill.  I kept trying to see everyone, but finally, I just decided to walk over the hill to make sure I was mistaken.  Well…


Pluto had his head stuck.  It didn’t take much to get him out.  He really shouldn’t have been stuck.  Silly boy.  He quickly headed back to find everyone else.

Finally, he caught up with his sister, Pistol, and her girl Antigone.

Antigone, Pistol, and Pluto

He did give me a proper thank you later.

Now he better keep his head out of the fence!