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Random Shots

8 Nov

Noelle is adorable, but she still has no manners.  What is it with my animals and their lack of manners?


Dolly was in heat.  Despite my insistence that she is retired, she was making out with Xerxes. Now she’s all disgusting like a buck.


Fluffy tail was chewing me out.  I did let him/her know that I’m not the one to worry about.  That would be Sky.

My Casey Doodle.  He was such a sick baby, and look at him now–big fat boy wether.


A lady bug on the fence post

a ladybug

This dog is such a goofy boy.  Don’t feel sorry for my mom.  She encourages such behavior!

Sky on Mom’s lap

Happy, happy day!


Fall Scenes

20 Oct

Here’s some random shots from around the farm.



Buster and Aurora

Fionn and girls

My sister sent me pie pumpkins. I think I have an idea for something new and delicious!

It is looking like fall.  Then last Sunday, this happened.

Our first snow!

Cinnamon and Victoria

I am not ready for winter.  Please, let me enjoy fall for a while yet.

Noooo, Mooose!

12 Oct

Moose is a brat.  I cannot forget to use twine to tie my chicken pen gate shut.  If I do, Moose opens it.

Seriously.  He checks every time he goes past the gate.

He just flicks the latch up.

Then he grabs a wire and pulls it open.

If I do forget and he gets it open, then I have pretty much the whole herd in there.  They refuse to leave until I yell, and jump up and down, and occasionally, I have to start crying before they will actually leave.  Okay, that’s a tiny exaggeration (but not much).

It would be bad for him and the other wethers to eat the chicken feed (bladder stones).  I try really hard to remember and tie it shut, but man.  He’s a pain.