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18 Dec

Aurora is doing really well.


She’s doing so well and is just happy out in pasture so much of the time that I don’t think I’ve mentioned her recently.

She would still like to get her extra food, but that’s not about to happen with the four greedy guys she’s with.

I’m hoping to be able to change that when I move goats around to make June babies because it wouldn’t hurt her to gain a little more weight, but I’m not really worried about her anymore.


Llama Probllamas

11 Nov

I seem to be short space for getting all the llamas adjusted and how I want them.

Maybeline and Odie

I am happy to say Aurora seems to be handling the cold quite well.  I think she’s even picked up weight since the ISU vets were here to check her out.


Although when our high temperature was only about 25*F ( -3.89*C) on Saturday, she did decide that would be a good day to get some llama feed. And she didn’t even spit on me!

Buster is doing well.


They are still with the bucks, and I have to say, Zeus has really bonded with them.  I’ve even seen Buster and Zeus playing together.  Since the llamas are doing well, and are Zeus’s only friends, I hate to switch that up.

Edited to add this picture because I was trying to get a better one, and forgot I hadn’t put this one in.

I still had Tony, Maybeline and Odie together with the main goat herd.  I get nervous with Odie and the goats when we get to the point that I’m feeding grain because she does not have patience with the goats and would really like to stomp them into the ground so she can eat grain undisturbed.

Odie and Maybeline

I just don’t have a way to put them all someplace without goats.  Besides, they are supposed to be my coyote deterrents, so I like have llamas in all the pastures with goats.


Then there’s Tony.  He hasn’t lost weight, but I’m not sure he’s gained much either.


I finally decided to move him up with Harley and the boys.

Harley, Pluto and Anubis behind

There’s not much pasture left to eat, but they have hay, and it gets him away from the girls.  They are not nice to him, and some studs do lose weight when they are with girls.  He isn’t with them, but he was still staring at them.

Hopefully, this will help him put on a little winter fat.

They’re Still Mad

19 Oct

I am so far behind in sharing what’s going on around here.  The llamas are pretty much avoiding me since the ISU vets were here.  Well, except Buster, but he didn’t get checked out.  And, honestly, he was just looking for food.


I did hear back with results of the fecals they did on Tony and Aurora, and they were both fine.  That’s good news.

Buster and Aurora

I hope that means that Tony will just continue to get his weight back and be fine.


I hadn’t heard about the blood test they did, so I checked with them, and those results were okay too.  We are talking about doing further nutritional testing with my hay.

Maybeline and Odie won’t even put their ears up around me.


I swear these two are determined to be old maids.


Cranky broads.  And just when I’ve decided they are going to spurn the stud forever, I come home to this.

Tony and Odie

Not in front of the kid, you two!

Antigone watching Tony and Odie

Hopefully she has settled.  It makes me wonder if Maybeline might bred as cranky as she is.

Maybeline and Odie hating on Tony

I think they plan on glaring at Tony with their ears back for the next 11 1/2 months.  I guess we’ll see.