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18 Dec

Aurora is doing really well.


She’s doing so well and is just happy out in pasture so much of the time that I don’t think I’ve mentioned her recently.

She would still like to get her extra food, but that’s not about to happen with the four greedy guys she’s with.

I’m hoping to be able to change that when I move goats around to make June babies because it wouldn’t hurt her to gain a little more weight, but I’m not really worried about her anymore.



17 Dec

Since the weather was nice this past weekend, I spent some time giving the goats treats.


Antigone took hers, but Cupid would not take one from me;

although, she did pick up one that Antigone dropped.  I’ll keep working on her.


I’m always popular when I have peanuts!



I’m glad Margarita likes peanuts.  It’s much easier than having to push a copper capsule down her.


Hera is still not about to trust me enough to come take one from me, but I can pet her now–as long as she doesn’t notice me because she’s busy eating her corn.


Cookie got hers.


She liked it so much, she ate her brother, Casey’s, before he could take his from me.

Cookie stealing Casey’s peanut

Greedy goats!

Trying to Be Nice

16 Dec

When I put the corn stalk bedding in the birds’ pen, I thought I’d be nice.

My old red hen is really quite old (5 or 7 years), and she spent all last winter huddled in the brooder pen.  That’s where she spent most of November too, so I thought I’d put some bedding in there for her.

old red hen

She didn’t like it.  She went back to roosting on a board, but everyone seems to think it’s the perfect spot to lay their eggs now. Oh well.  At least I know where they are laying them.

The nice weather is also perfect for my old phoenix hen to come out and take a dust bath.  She’s starting to show her age too, but she still goes up in the rafters to roost with her big Nugget.

I am also trying to be nice and give the geese a clean pool of water, but the pool was still frozen to the ground.

Do not think those chickens have to drink from that gross pool.

Nugget and hen

They have clean water inside.  Finally, the ground thawed enough that I could dump the pool.  The geese were happy to get to take a bath.

Although the clean water didn’t stay clean for very long.  And while we’re in the bird pen,

I will share that the peacocks are busy growing their tales out again.  This is the same peacock.  I can’t tell you if it is dad or son.  Maybe when their tales are grown out I’ll be able to tell them apart for one last year.

It amazes me that they can lose their tale and grow completely new ones in time for spring.