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Taunting Him

19 Feb

When I was coming in from finishing chores (shutting in the birds while taking my camera with me), Sky was all wired.  When I got to the gate, he wasn’t paying attention to me.  Instead he was staring.

Sky (Snickers on the rail and Noelle’s glowing eyes in the window)

I looked, but I didn’t see anything.

Then I looked closer.  The opossum was waiting to see if I was going to drop more corn below the bulk bin.

Do you know how hard it is to get a year old German shepherd to ignore the opossum under the bin.

Sky knew he was out there.


A New Project

18 Feb

Even though I always have lots to do outside on the farm, I’ve started a new project.  Part of the reason for the timing is that we’re back in mud season.  I don’t like to do anything out there when it’s this muddy.  Although, you’ll notice that I am no longer carrying buckets of water to everyone.


The other part of timing is I’m getting old.  I’m feeling it in my bones and joints and muscles this winter.  Before we get to spring break kidding, I want to move my bedroom downstairs.  That means I am working on clearing out my library/office/mail room/storage/junk room.  I did manage to get the computer moved to the living room.

I can at least see the bookshelves now!  Little does my father know that I’m recruiting him to help me get the shelves off the wall and cut in half so I can get them upstairs.  I have already informed the nephew he’s helping me move furniture.  Of course, he’s planning on my next move to be into the nursing home.  Smart alec.

I need boxes to pack the library though.  And I might need to find a more industrial strength allergy medicine.  Anyhow, while I’m doing this, my posts will probably be pretty short.  At least I think I have enough pictures from today to get me through a few days.

Naughty Noelle

17 Feb

She looks like a sweet little kitten.


Don’t be fooled by that innocent act.  She’s naughty!

She plays in my plants.  She digs them out and throws dirt all over the floor.

I finally bought a bunch of rocks to put in there.  Hopefully, that will work.

I tell Sky that she’s his kitten, and he needs to discipline her and make her mind.


He just wants to play with her.  Actually, it makes me laugh when they both go chasing after the ball.

If you don’t believe me she’s naughty, just ask Snickers.

Snickers and Noelle

He can’t get away from her.

Well, occasionally he finds a place to sleep in peace.