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Closing the Gates

17 Oct

For the last week I’ve been debating whether or not it was time to close the gates onto the back half of the Back Forty.  I finally did it last night.  I’m glad I did because the goats headed out to pasture before it was even light this morning.

That’s when it’s dangerous because coyotes do their hunting in the morning.  I feel better now, but the goats were not happy.

Moira, Caroline, Daisy, Astra, Moose, Cutie and the whole gang

They might have even been silently demanding I open the gates.  I’m pretty sure they were judging me.

Daisy, Maisie, Reva, Victoria

The whole herd was waiting for me to let them out there.

Caroline was especially sure the gates were going to open.  That is not going to happen until the days get longer next spring.

It didn’t take long for them to decide it wasn’t going to happen and go back to eating.

The only ones who weren’t mad were the llamas.

Aurora, Maybeline, and Odie

Well, they were probably irritated, too, but at least they were just ignoring me instead of being demanding.


8 Oct

The goats and llamas start the day by having breakfast out in pasture.


Edith, Kate, and Antigone


Twins: Marin and Popcorn


Onyx (doing quite well with the horn apparatus) and Victorica


The bit of rain we’ve had lately has really helped to improve make it nice and green again.

Frosty Morning

4 Oct

Yesterday’s drizzle continued off and on through the day and evening and overnight.  It really didn’t amount to much rain at all.  But it left my gates wet.

The temperatures also dropped enough that there was frost on the bottom.

Even the llamas were covered in dew and frost.

damp Maybeline

It was a beautiful morning for a walk.

Aurora, Maybeline, and Odie coming up from pasture with me

It turned into a perfect fall day.