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A Llama Recheck

7 Oct

I’ve had a really hard time deciding if the llamas are a good weight or not because, well, Maybeline and Odie are just obese.  All they get fed is pasture, but they feel like flubber, and it makes it hard to judge others.

Odie and Maybeline

Buster is pretty close to the same.  He wondered why he didn’t get to go anywhere (read be bribed with food).

Buster Brown

I had the ISU vets come back to check Aurora again.  Poor unsuspecting girl was checking to see if I had any feed for her (I did).


I also wanted them to check Tony because he has dropped weight, but I think he had plenty of extra pounds when he got here, but he has also had diarrhea (remember, I said it’s a bad worm year).


I don’t know how I was ever lucky enough to get all these snooty llamas where I needed them, but I guess one thing going right was about all I could hope for.  We started with Aurora.  They gave her body condition score, and it really is the bottom side of okay.  I just can’t get those last few pounds back on her.

They took some blood and a fecal sample, and we wormed her.  We’re going to see if this shows anything to indicate why I’m having such a hard time putting weight back on her.  They did try to do an ultrasound (I think they thought she was one for preg check, but I’m not letting her anywhere near a stud), but her guts looked fine.  She did scream an awful lot.  Luckily, one of the students seemed to have a good rapport with her.

Then we checked Tony.  His body condition was fine for summer, but he needs to pick up a bit of weight for winter.  I just wormed him, so they took fecal and blood from him to test also.

Then we got to see if the fat girls are pregnant.  We tried to start with Maybeline.  To say she was difficult was an understatement. She kind of beat the snot out of me.  I hope the vets aren’t as bruised as me.

Odie and Maybeline

While I waited outside with Maybeling, they managed to do the ultrasound of Odie.  No cria.

We finally gave up on Maybeline.  He did say that it’s more successful usually when the girls go to the stud so they are out of their home.  They are more likely to get angry and defend their territory if the boy comes to them. That might be Maybeline’s problem because she has certainly become not very nice.

Seriously.  Maybeline spit nasty green cud all over my face.  That wasn’t even enough for her.  Just after we gave up and I was opening the gate to let everyone out, she spit on the three students too.  I am so embarrassed by her behavior.


Weekend Work

9 Sep

When I got home for the weekend on Friday, the goats were on the hill just outside the barnyard.

Myson was checking something out rather closely.  What was it?


There were trucks and woven wire in the Back Forty.  They came to work on the fence!

Friday night they managed to complete the short leg of the fence other than putting the clips on to fasten the netting to the metal posts.

Saturday they came back and continued to work on the long stretch.

The goats were not a fan of the big equipment back there.

I think it’s only the second time we’ve used my post driver on my farm; although, it’s had a lot more use elsewhere.

Nothing bothers llamas.

Tony in front; Maybeline and Odie under the tree

I was working on getting the clips on.

Maybeline and Odie were checking things out.

Odie in front; Maybeline behind

They even managed to walk through the gate.  I’m not sure they look too happy about all of this.

Then I had to make a run to town because we didn’t have enough netting.

We’re making progress!

Weaning Isn’t Easy

20 Aug

Everyone on the farm has to be weaned eventually.  It’s never easy.  Sometimes, it’s more difficult.  I decided I had to get Zeus weaned before I went back to work, so I could be home all day just to make sure everything was okay.  Saturday morning after milking, I just quickly threw him in with the bucks, Aurora, and Buster.  Easy peasy.


Well, after my quick trip to get the rest of Annie’s antibiotics (she’s doing well), I got home and immediately checked on Zeus.  I found him happily curled up with his maa, Gidget, and sister, Hera.  That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Zeus with Hera and Gidget

I tried again and did a quick check of where I thought he might get out.  He also was checking the fence.

This time, I was happy with the results, and he cried all evening.

He followed along the fence to try and stay close to the herd.

It doesn’t matter that I keep telling him he’s a big boy.  He still think he needs his maa.  Although, he does look pretty little next to Fionn.

Luckily, Fionn and Xerxes are pretty nice guys (because he is still really a baby at heart).

Buster, Zeus, Aurora (Fionn behind her), and Xerxes

And everyone welcomed him into the buck room to sleep.  I think we’re past the worst of weaning.