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Winter Chores

10 Jan

Winter chores take me quite a while to do.  I have to make sure everyone gets their grain.

Purl and Freddie

While I’m going in and out of the birds’ room where the grain is kept, I also feed the birds and gather the eggs.  A lot of them froze last week, but the warmer weather has let me gather them before they freeze.

Then I start haying the main group.


That’s a distraction so I can feed Aurora her extra feed.


Trust me, I have to guard her the whole time she’s eating.

Maisie coming to see if she can get the llama feed.

I also let Dolly in to eat every day.  Tansy usually goes in also.  On this day, my old lady Bambi demonstrated her still quick moves and snuck past me to get an extra snack of sweet feed.

Bambi and Tansy

I’ve also started letting Pretzel go in and eat in the middle of the barn while I feed hay.


I have to make sure that Perdita can find a place to eat, and under the picnic table seems to work well.


Every everyone has had grain and hay I still have to do water for everyone.

I’m so grateful for the hydrant and heated buckets.


I think everyone is hanging in right now.

Really Winter

1 Jan

I don’t think we can deny winter any longer.  New Year’s Eve began with fog and hoarfrost on top of the snow and ice from earlier in the week.


Thursday was supposed to be pretty decent, but it was cloudy, gloomy and misting most of the day.  The goats and llamas decided they really shouldn’t have to go out to pasture in this kind of weather.

Wondering where breakfast is

So it looks like from here on out, I’ll be giving full hay rations.

Rosie stepping up to some leftover hay

Because they might be spoiled.

Antigone got to come in for sweet feed because she wouldn’t leave Aurora alone….

I will say, it’s going to make it harder to get Aurora her feed.

Aurora (Odie and Maybeline in back)

I do feel bad for all the animals out there because our temperatures are so up-and-down crazy.  It’s hard for them to adjust to these thirty degree temperature swings.

Maisie and Moose snuggled together

Everyone was shivering and standing hunched up.

Hilda (back) and Purl

I’d really appreciate a long string of average. Average would be so nice.

Ice, Snow, and Hay

30 Dec

With the layer of ice in pasture and another dusting of snow on Wednesday, I’ve begun feeding hay.

a dusting of snow on her back

It’s greatly appreciated.


I did also decide to shut Flower in the Love Shack.  She had lost quite a bit of fur with the copper deficiency, so she’s a bit cold with the turn in the weather.  Hopefully, it will get grown back in quickly with the copper I gave her.  In the meantime, she has room service.


Rosie (and Pretzel) are such assertive little girls, they have no problem getting in there with the big goats to eat.


Freddie is having a harder time.  I swear, since I lost Fionn, Xerxes has become a jerk.


I just make sure I put hay in lots of places so everyone can get some.


Wanda’s “leave me alone; I’m eating” look.

This is also the time of year that I am very grateful that I have electricity to all of my buildings.


I guess I’m as ready as I can be for the winter weather.  That’s good because this weekend is looking brutal cold.