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I Missed My Deadline

7 Aug

I am still scooping the barn.  That means I missed my self-imposed deadline of the first of August.  I’m trying, but it’s been hard. When we had the excessive heat warning, I was checking animals, and didn’t really get anything done.  Then I spent time with the family while my nephew was back from Indiana.  I had to spend a day shopping for doors and getting feed. Then I was right back to scooping, and I got the manure spreader filled!

When my nephew took the spreader to empty it, he asked if it would be in our way for baling hay.  Should he bring it back?  Of course, my knees and elbows suggested he wait until after we got done making hay.

Maybeline checking out the hay

Then I went and sat with my great-nephew so my nephew could bring the spreader back (Grady was not happy his dad left).

I immediately began scooping again, but I just keep getting interrupted.  I have to keep an eye on Tony, so my bucks are safe.

Tony Llama

There’s all the care for my goats–Fionn and Peanut are getting lots of care.  I am cutting grass (with scissors) for Peanut.

Peanut eating freshly cut grass.

It’s helping.  Fionn is gaining his weight back, and he’s even starting to get a bit of pink to his eye membranes.


I had to give everyone another round of copper.  Most of them took it in a peanut, but I had seven that I had to catch and use the pill pusher.  But I’m done with that now!

Anubis was my last goat to get copper!

I’m working to keep Tinkerbell’s head out of the fences.

She made me go for a “Ranger ride.” It was terrifying!

That included an incident which involved my face hitting Tink’s horn.  I decided I shouldn’t throw manure when it was going to blow back onto my face while the cut was still oozing.

It’s better now, but sweat still hurts, and I tend to have sweat running down my face when I’m scooping the barn out.

Then there’s walking Pluto out to pasture because he can’t figure out that he should go out when everyone else does.

I also had to take a break from scooping because I was checking on Maybeline and noticed she had a wad of chicken wire stuck in her tail.


I got that removed.

It’s just been really, really busy.  I’ll have to tell you about more of my distractions tomorrow.  I’m still making progress though.

It will be done before I go back to school.


Hay is In

1 Aug

Yesterday, we finished the hay.  My nephew and his dad finished baling my small bales.  I am very glad his dad helped him because I don’t think I’m ready to try baling hills.

Then my nephew finished baling it with the round baler.  He did say it was a bit more of a challenge not to let the bales roll down the hill since we put a fence there last fall.  That would not have been good for the fence.

Maybeline, Aurora, and Odie

We stacked the rest of my bales in the barn.  It’s full!  That is a good feeling.

from the back side

The birds, Fionn, and the north girls enjoyed eating it.

peacock, Nugget and two hens


Other goats decided to celebrate by napping on the loose hay.

Tink, Wendy, Joani, and Peter Pan (Casey in back)

Silly goats.

Finally Making Hay

29 Jul

With the wet spring, everything has been pushed back.  It’s been a whirlwind of trying to get caught up since we dried out, and it was finally time for my pasture to be mowed.

The nephew came out and started mowing.  When I got a call from him, I figured something broke down and he needed a ride, but he just needed to tell me the goats were in the bean field.  He might have thought they wouldn’t check the gates and he could just sorta fasten it.  They check. Every single time they go past it.  Seriously.  Anyhow, I chased them with the Ranger back through the waterway, and they went back in without too much trouble.

Naughty goats.

The nephew is done mowing, and we’ll start baling soon (hopefully tomorrow afternoon and finish Wednesday).

It will be a good feeling when the barn is full of hay again.