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While It Was Cold

21 Nov

I am so glad we are back to more seasonal weather now.  None of us were happy when it felt like January.

Pretzel in the barn to stay out of the wind



I wasn’t thrilled with already giving hay to everyone, but they appreciated it.





Even if it was just for napping on.

Astra and Perdita napping on the hay

But, that is done now that it’s warmer again and the snow has melted in pasture.

The 2023 Calendar

16 Nov

Last week, I finally finished putting together my calendar for the coming year.  The cover and then January through December.


Hilda and Shellie


Aurora (I think the goat is Athena with her daughter)


Maisie and Casey



If you want one, HERE is the link to Shutterfly.  (Full disclosure, I don’t get a penny from it; it’s cheaper than me ordering a bunch and losing money though.)

Looks Like Fall

19 Oct

We are truly looking like fall now.  And we are feeling like fall.  Our temperatures have really dropped for this week.  Although, it’s supposed to warm back up by the end of the week.

Pretzel, Penelope and Frodo in the Love Shack

You don’t think about making hay in the fall, but last week my nephew did one last cutting of hay from the waterways and buffer strip.

mowing hay

It won’t be long before my corn gets harvested.

I don’t have a lot of flashy trees, but I still think it’s pretty out there.

Odie on the back hill

I do love this time of year! I don’t think Bob shares my excitement for fall.  He’s not as big a fan of cold.

Bob Cat

He’s back into his winter mode where he spends more time in the house.