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Special Aurora

5 Jun

I am still letting Aurora into the north paddock for a couple of hours to eat hay.

She really chows down on that stuff.  It takes her two days to empty the blue tub (above).

Now I’ve added a bit of llama feed as well. She seemed to like that too.

For some reason Sunday evening, someone decided to be a little pain in the Astra and eat with Aurora.

Luckily, Aurora doesn’t seem to mind sharing.

Silly girls.


Eating Hay

20 Apr

The kids are starting to eat hay with their maas.  That means their rumens are going to start working,


and they’re going to start getting nutrients from the  hay that they eat.  That is good because it will help take some of the pressure of their moms.

Still Struggling with the Weather

18 Apr

We’re still cold.  It’s miserable.  I swore I’d never have kids in February again because it just doesn’t work well.  It’s hard for moms to meet their own needs and feed kids when they aren’t out on pasture.  It’s hard for me to make sure they get enough hay.  Even though we are half way through April, this is what we’re struggling with.

Ava and Giselle

I have a whole lot of kids who are getting bottles.  I’m going through a little more than a gallon a day.

It takes about an hour to make bottles, feed kids, and clean up.  I don’t know how I’d do it if my mom weren’t coming out to do the morning feedings.


It also makes it challenging to do anything.  Every time I step into the barnyard, they seem to think I should give them a bottle.

Zeus, Hera, and Juno

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a cute picture or two of Punkin without camera shake.

Or without her running towards me.

On top of that, my moms can’t even go to pasture to eat, and it’s getting hard to get hay.  Luckily my nephew made tons of hay last summer.  He even bought a few more big bales.

He brought me two big square bales today.  It’s a challenge to carry those flakes in and try to get them where everyone can eat, but I’m just glad I still have hay to feed them.

I don’t think I ever remember a more challenging year to be able to take care of everyone.