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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

15 Mar

We struggled to reach the freezing point on Monday.

She isn’t happy with the frozen pool.

Penelope in front of the Love Shack

The sun came out late in the afternoon, but it didn’t bring any warmth with it.

The cold predicted for Monday night arrived.  By the time I went out just before sunup (Tues) to check goats, the thermometer was sitting at 7°F.

Perdita. Nobody outside went into labor, but I checked frequently.

By 8:30 when I finally got out of bed to stay, the fog had settled and created hoarfrost.

Inside, it was nice and warm.  Well, it was much warmer than outside. Why do they insist that fresh pile of hay makes a perfect bed?

Antigone on a pile of hay

Hilda in labor

It was also the best place for Hilda to be.  Because she had her babies Tuesday afternoon.

Hilda with her boys–one looks like her; one looks like Benji.

Two big Benji boys.

A Little Extra

22 Feb

You already know about Victoria and Dolly coming in and getting extra feed.

Victoria eating her extra corn

I tried to keep it going with the little girls, but they are horrible. I can not go through the door without them rushing it and trying to break in. Pretzel is the worst.


So I finally came up with another plan to give them a little extra.

Pretzel and Ostara in the middle part of the barn where the hay is.

They get to go into the middle part of the barn where I have the hay.  They get to eat with nobody bothering them while I do the rest of chores.

Ostara and Pretzel with a jealous Casey in the doorway

It works. Pretzel did this all last year, so she’s a pro.  And they are working on a bale that is mostly alfalfa, so it has more protein to put some weight on them.


Ostara is still not quite sure about it.  And she really hasn’t figured out that when it’s time to go out she shouldn’t make me run in circles and lunge over the bale of hay to grab her back leg.


Hopefully, it gets better. Or spring gets here. One or the other.


10 Feb

We’ve had warm weather, and the days are getting longer, but I’m still feeding the goats and llamas full hay.


Ostara and Pretzel behind





Daisy and Zora

Odie (and Maybeline behind)

Frodo, Zinnia, and Penelope


Onyx (I know it’s a Christmas tree, but she’s still munching)

They do like their hay!