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Holy Hail

8 May

I must say, as nice as the showers were Friday evening, the quick moving storm that hit Sunday afternoon was not.  The rain had just started when the power went out.

When I was on the phone reporting the outage, it started hailing.

I mean it really hailed for quite some time.  The biggest ones were about 2 1/2 or 3 inches.

I lost two windows.  Thankfully, it’s just the storm windows.

My super industrial can’t be damaged 1970s steel siding has a lot of dents in it.  We’ll have to get the insurance people out here to see about roof damage.

Along with the windows on the north being broken and the dents in the siding, there’s all kinds of grass plastered on the north also.

Thankfully, I had my car in the garage, but the poor truck has some dents.  That just makes it a real farm truck.

There’s tree debris all over every side of the house and my deck.

from the pine trees on the north edge–they are blown all the way south into my driveway

the crab apple blossoms were blown north onto the deck and side of the house

The goats were, thankfully, in the barnyard when it hit.  They all were inside right away.

LilyAnn peeking out the door right after the storm passed.

a pile of kids (with Pretzel, Heidi, and Ostara in the bunk)

another pile of kids

After the storm, it took me a while to find Ms. Goose.  I was worried as big as that hail was, but she was on her nest in the greenhouse.

She’s under the bench in the back

Three generations hanging together–Astra, Perdita, and Moxie

Mostly I’m just grateful.  Everyone is fine.

Everyone was out playing after the storm passed. Even Bun Bun was safe!

I was a bit worried about going into the night without a light for my birds, but I dug out the camp lantern.

Luckily, I was just getting that set up when the power came back on.  But I’m really ready to be done with hail.

Back Together Again

29 Apr

Thursday afternoon, I decided to put the two halves of the herd back together.

Penelope and Nessa on the back side of the barnyard

I need to get the Easter moms on a better pasture.  Let’s face it, my little front pasture needs a break.  I’ve been giving them grain, but they want the better green stuff, and the kids are getting old enough to keep up.

2TC says it’s hard to eat enough to feed herself and twins

So I decided to remove the panel and let them through.

Flora checking out what I’m doing

Hera and Cupid figured out they could get through the barn

Once they noticed, they came on the run!

All the moms were excited; the kids are always excited

Then it was a brawl.  Kids were everywhere.  There was fighting (because they are goats).  But they should be settled down and good to go soon.

The two groups coming towards each other

Everyone meeting in the lane

LilyAnn and Tansy with a bunch of kids

Kids everywhere as they go back out to pasture

Astra and Joy

Then I decided to put the two boys back on the front pasture.  Even though it needs a break, the little paddock up north is even more in need of a rest.

Xerxes and Frodo have kept it eaten down

I decided to just bribe them with a bit of feed.

my pitcher of sweet feed waiting for the boys

Here they come!

It works like magic.

Shut back on the front pasture

Now everyone is back to where they belong.

Enjoying the Pasture

19 Apr

Those critters who got to go onto the Back Forty are really happy.

BJ, Perdita (behind), Cutie, Casey, Maisie, and Zinnia



Estella and Cruella


Purl (in front) and Aphrodite

Perdita and Moxie



LilyAnn feeding Roger (in front) and Anita

That makes me happy.