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Another Messy Weekend

2 Dec

We had rain all day Saturday.  It changed to snow overnight, and it was kind of pretty when I first got up, but then it melted.

Xerxes and Zeus

And it kept snowing most of the day.

It kept melting.  That means it’s just a muddy mess.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get any pictures to blog this week.  Guess we’ll see.


Weather Changes

10 Nov

I have to tell you, the weather and time change has made it hard to do anything, including getting blog pictures.  We had rain all last weekend through Monday.  There were a couple of decent days, and then it turned cold.

flurries on the way to work Friday

We even had snow Thursday and Friday.

We are not at all ready for these changes.

Clover, Wanda, and Astra

I did have my bulk bin filled this week, so they are starting to get a bit of grain to help them weather the cold better.

Athena, Bonnie, Zinnia and a bunch of others

I’ve had to hurridly get my heated buckets out and work on getting winter ready.

No matter how pretty the frost is, I’m not ready for it.  But with the dry weather, I’ve taken lots of pictures to get me through this week’s blog posts!

Hopefully the Last Snow

19 Apr

Yesterday was another day of rain, freezing rain and snow.  It was an all day event.

By evening, the storm was passing by.  Most of the snow was even melting.

Of course that has left us horribly muddy again.


Look at that poor baby’s legs.


Hopefully, the forecast is correct because it looks like this might be our last snow.

That would be good because we are horribly far behind in getting started with the spring planting season.