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A Winter Wonderland

15 Apr

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland.  There was snow on the ground, and hoarfrost on everything else.

plum tree

magnolia bud

Cupid, Tiger, and Tansy


robin hiding in the crab apple tree

poor magnolia blossom

oak tree

Cinnamon, Daisy, Cinquain, Cupid, Tiger, Tansy, Bambi, and Astra

At least it was beautiful.  I would still prefer more seasonal temperatures and green grass.

Just Some Pictures

18 Mar

My Christmas cactus is blooming!  It’s been a couple of years since it’s had blooms, so I am happy to see them.

My bratty Bambi.

I hope you aren’t tired of 2TC yet.


We went back to winter on Saturday.


I got to see the red-bellied woodpecker.  I really miss my bird feeders.

Just some more of the kids.

Athena’s doe

Cookie’s and Reva’s kids, Cookie’s and Ava’s kids

Victoria’s girls

Gidget’s boys

There are kids everywhere now!

A Tricky Walk

28 Feb

Most times, the goats can travel in pasture with no problems.  But with the bit of snow that was left in pasture, it made it tricky walking in some places.


Luckily, Penelope didn’t fall into the ditch.