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Disappearing Snow

2 Mar

We had a lot of snow on the ground, but a week of warm weather means that snow pack is shrinking down.

Saturday morning: Odie not looking happy about the snow still covering the ground; Maybeline

The ISU cows are coming back over to eat instead of hunkering down and waiting for hay deliveries.

I don’t think she likes me.

My girls up north have started exploring the old garden area.

Trace on the tree; Victoria, 2TC, and Blaze behind; Ruby to the left

Onyx and Ruby

Victoria running with her girls

I added Trace to the mix, and she seems to have adopted Blaze and 2TC.  I think that’s a good thing.

Trace with 2TC and Blaze in back

With daytime highs in the forties and fifties, the snow is rapidly disappearing.

Sunday mid-afternoon: two days before this, it was pretty much solid snow pack.

That makes us all happy.

Weather Changes

25 Feb

After our snow on Sunday, we had a pleasant change in the weather.  It was back to normal and above normal.

2TC eating some hay

The sun is shining and the snow is melting!

Goats and geese

That means mud and slush!

geese in front of mud

It’s getting a bit difficult to find dry places to put the hay out for everyone to eat.


I also took advantage of the warm weather to kick out everyone who had been shut in the greenhouse and garage.  I’m also not letting anyone into the milk room for extra food because I was starting to have major difficulties with ten or so goats thinking they should get to come in.

Popcorn, Tansy, Cinnamon and Cupid (just a fraction of the ones who show up part of the time)

It was chaos.  Anyhow, I removed Blaze and 2TC from the garage and moved them up north.

Blaze and 2TC

I still have Victoria and her girls up there too.


Because the melting happened so fast, I’m still having door issues.  You might remember I had snow and ice and I could hardly get my doors to the hay and birds open.  There’s still enough of an ice pack that I still can barely get the doors open.

After melting, but still I can only get it open that little bit because of the ice.

I do try to make sure to open the birds’ door every day even if they aren’t going out very much.  Otherwise, it’s pretty dark in there.

I might have even had a bit of an accident trying to open the birds’ door Monday morning after Sunday’s snow. It might have ended up with me having a black eye.

Eye bruise (and I cut the thumb the night before trying to wash the food processor)

Seriously, I think I’ve shared more selfies of me hurting myself than about any other type of selfie.  That’s probably not a good thing. LOL

After a couple of days it was really purple

The snow has begun melting, and I managed to get my door closed again, but I’m a bit concerned about overnight refreezes that will prevent me from opening it in the mornings before I go to work.  I certainly want to avoid more black eyes.

It looks like the melting is going to continue though, so we might even end up with a lake in the birds’ pen.  I guess we’ll just deal with the mud and enjoy the warmth!

Sunday Snows

23 Feb

After our lovely weather on Saturday, we woke to white and snow on Sunday.  It was still fairly warm, but it was white.

By mid-morning, the snow was falling.

Odie, Maybeline and the geese

There was nothing to do but hang out in the doorway and watch the snow fall.


This is the reason I left a bunch of the goats shut in.  After being away from the main herd, it’s sometimes a struggle to get them all to get along again and not just chase them out of the building.

Aphrodite and Haley

Pluto and Dolly

Even though it was still warm (Aurora looked pretty comfortable even though the snow had started), I wanted to make sure they could get in where it was dry.  In fact, when the snow picked up, I had to go make Litha move from the doorway so Aurora could walk into the greenhouse.


I did have to let Dolly and Penelope in the greenhouse, too.


Standing around in the barn was about the only thing to do, and since they hadn’t been with the herd for a while, the entertainment was picking on them. Bratty goats.

Standing around out of the snow

Sky had to come out with me, but he doesn’t even care about the snow.


I’m more in line with the goats–let’s just stay in where it’s dry for today.

Cutie–this girl always has a hat of hay

Like Cutie, I’d hate to get my hat all wet. 😉