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Hopefully the Last Snow

19 Apr

Yesterday was another day of rain, freezing rain and snow.  It was an all day event.

By evening, the storm was passing by.  Most of the snow was even melting.

Of course that has left us horribly muddy again.


Look at that poor baby’s legs.


Hopefully, the forecast is correct because it looks like this might be our last snow.

That would be good because we are horribly far behind in getting started with the spring planting season.


More Weather Woes

14 Apr

We had two beautiful days this week that were normal April days.  Now we’re back to crappy early March weather.  Seriously.  We’ve had wind.

I woke to find the tree that I had finally accepted was going to have to come down this summer had already come down.  The one tree managed to take out two fences.

At least it didn’t touch the road.  At least it wasn’t a tornado like they had to the southwest of me.

We’ve had rain.  I don’t know why the llamas are staying outside.  They could actually walk into the barn if they wanted to.

We’ve had hail.  Luckily it was small and not very much (Actually, it’s hail you see on the llama’s back in the image above).

We’ve had snow.  At least it’s not the blizzard warning they have to the north of me.

More snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  For Reference 29*F = -1.67*C, and our normal for this time is 61*F = 16.1*C.

Next weekend is already looking horrible.  We really need some better weather.  Now.  Last week.  Please…

The only silver lining is that it’s starting to get a bit more green out in the Back Forty.

Joani at Last

19 Mar

Our nice weather lasted for two days.  It was wonderful, seasonal weather.  Then it turned windy and cold and rainy before it turned to snow.

Right at the beginning of this rain, Joani went into labor.  I still don’t know what happened or why it was too long or what, but I pulled her first little girl, and she was already dead.  I went right back in dreading the worst, but I found feet way back and got them pulled a little closer and realized there was no head to be felt–it was turned back.  I immediately called for the vet because I don’t have a snare and I couldn’t even find her head at all.  By the time the vet arrived, I figured it was too late to save the baby, but we had to get the kid out of Joani.  The vet couldn’t find her head either.  After what seemed like forever, she found an ear.  That is literally what she used to pull the kid.

Good thing she has long ears.

It’s just a miracle she lived.

I’m very grateful that Joani has one beautiful little girl to raise.