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Just Some Pictures

19 Aug

It’s been so crazy that I haven’t even had time to take pictures or do anything since last weekend, so I’m just sharing some of the (thankfully) many pictures I took then.

Glory wanted her brother Geo’s leaves.

He was not about to share.

Glover was a kid on a mission–racing out to pasture.

The gosling is growing.

Ivy and Jack



Big wethers–Moose and Casey

Have a great evening.

A Couple of Other Things

3 Aug

Thing One

The kitten is growing and doing well.


Actually, I can’t believe how good he is for a kitten.  He’s pretty chill.

Although, now that he’s healthy, he does have much more energy and a bit more naughtiness.

The most amazing thing is that Bob has easily accepted him.  That is not what I expected, but I’m not going to complain.


Thing Two

One morning after milking, I came out of the milk room to see a bunch of goats run out of the barn.  They were followed by my dog.  Not even going to tell you what a panicked feeling that was because he’s a crazy thing.  To my great relief, he actually came and went into the yard when I called.  Then he herded the goats in the yard back to where they belonged.  I do love my goofy dog. I have no idea why he listened and was so goo, but I am so glad he did.


Moose, I’m not so thrilled with.


Because the only way the gate got opened was him opening it.

Seriously.  That boy is giving me gray hair.

Weaning Maisie

22 Jul

While the goats’ hooves are a bit softer from out recent rain, I’ve been trying to get everyone trimmed.


As an aside, I was trying to figure out who else might be a good candidate for milking, and both Hera and Venus were fine with me messing with their udders.  Hera is even a high percentage of dairy goat. Hmmmm…


I brought Maisie in to the milk room and got her hooves trimmed.  But she’s struggling with raising triplets during a drought when she’s nine-years-old.  Her coat is coarse, she’s thin, and her eyes are pure white.

Maisie getting her hooves trimmed.

I decided to immediately wean her kids.  As I was hauling Tawny up to the north paddock, I changed my mind.  Instead, I put Maisie up north.


She has the already weaned kids for company.

The weaned kids in the north paddock.


Chunky Boy

She’ll also have access to food–green stuff as well as sweet feed.  It will be a lot less exercise.  She can focus on just resting and recovering up there.

Her kids were not exactly happy with this arrangement, but they will be fine.

Tara wanting her maa


I told Moose to take care of his little brother and sisters.


Hopefully, she’ll make a full recovery and retire.