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Still Checking Goats

30 May

I’ve still been checking goats to make sure nobody is stuck or on the wrong side of the fence.  I’ve been checking quite frequently in the afternoons because of our stormy weather pattern.  I don’t want anyone stuck out in a storm.  Wednesday when I went out to check goats, Myson was standing by himself on the bottom.

Myson was watching the herd until he heard me.

I don’t know why, but when I went to join the rest of the herd, he came with me.

Sydney (closest)

I woke Joker up when I walked by, so he raced to catch up to the herd.


I looked everywhere for Penelope, but I didn’t see her, so I quickly walked the rest of the perimeter of the pasture.  I couldn’t find her!  I headed back to the herd, and guess what.  There she was!

Ruby, Penelope, Freddy, Moose, and Casey



Actually I was just happy she wasn’t stuck in the fence.  She’s been much better, so hopefully she’s figured out she just can’t put her head through the fence anymore.

Relaxing in Pasture

24 May

After our rains over the weekend, the goats decided the barnyard was too muddy to lounge around and relax, so they stayed out in pasture.

Annie and daughter Flora

Caroline on the tile


Pluto and Casey (with Scooter coming over)


Margarita (just before I moved her)


Milo (top) and Addie



Tiger and Tansy

They do look pretty chill!

This Is Getting Old

15 May

Guess what!  I went out to pasture on Thursday and the goats were out.  Seriously.  This time it was over half the herd.

Hera across the fence from Ares and Festus

Luckily, when we put the fence up back there we left a panel at the end in case of an emergency.  Well, this was an emergency.

I opened it and they came back in.  The kids who were not on the same side as their moms were quite happy.

Hera finally feeding her kids

Gidget too.

Gidget feeding Brutus and Bronc

I couldn’t even find where they got through. You’d think it would be fairly obvious when you have Moose and Casey getting through.

Moose and Casey (with Ruby in front)

Anyhow, that was a project for the next morning.  I think I’ve got it now.  At least for today.  I’m about ready to quit going out to pasture to check on them.