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Moose Osboer

4 Feb

If you’ve been following here for very long, you’ll know I have had a long-running battle keeping Moose from opening the gate to the chicken pen.

I have to put the chain on every time because he is relentless. (old picture)

Every time he let the birds out and the goats in, I threatened him with getting sold and told him he was going to kill himself with bladder stones.  Chicken feed is about the worst thing you could ever give a male goat because it causes bladder stones.

(Old picture)

It didsn’t stop him.  When I came home on Monday, he was lying down pushing like he was trying to give birth.  I immediately called the vet to tell him Moose had bladder stones and get advice on treating him.  I got the banamine on board to help with pain.  That would help him to relax his muscles and hopefully make it easier to pass the stones.

Bless the vet tech.  She brought me the other meds I needed.  He got four of these every day to help make his urine more acidic in order to dissolve the stones.  I kept giving him the pain killer also.

I have been a wreck.  Every time I would go out there, I expected to find him dead.  I’ve found him out acting pretty good.

Moose by the picnic table with his mom, Maisie, to the left

I’ve found him lying down, grinding his teeth and drooling with pain.

I’ve found him just standing.

I’ve found him lying comfortably with his mom.

(old picture because I didn’t have my camera/phone when I checked him that time)

Wednesday evening, after passing a stone, he even came out to pretend he felt like eating some hay.

But Friday morning, I found him looking like he was finally peacefully sleeping.  He was gone.

Finally, he was not in pain.

Leftover Friday!

3 Feb

Our weather has been up and down all week, and it looks like we’re supposed to have a nice weekend.  I hope so.



So hard to get a good picture of Salem


Hilda in the middle of her girls Purl (behind) and Rosie (front)


sunflare sunset

Antigone and Xerxes up north

Salem and Sky–they make me laugh


bright late afternoon sunshine


Hopefully, we can. make it back to reasonable.  I think I’m about ready for spring to make an appearance.

More Tree-ts

17 Jan

My son and his girlfriend came to visit over the weekend.

They delivered more tree-ts!

Look at those excited Popcorn eyes

Two of them.

The goats were very excited.

Moose and Casey

I would love to know what Ostara was thinking as she stared at the ice star.


Some goats were also disappointed that they didn’t get any.

Frodo, Penelope, Trace, and Zinnia

Maybe next year.