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That Girl!

5 Jun

I have to say, since I posted about Penelope and her fence issues, she has continued to improve.  I think she’s only been stuck once in the last week.  I do hope she continues to remember she can’t get back out anymore.  I am encouraged.

Edit: Of course, writing about how well she’s doing jinxed it.  She got stuck again yesterday right after I scheduled this post.  Poor baby was all hot and I thought I was going to have heat stroke after traversing the entire perimeter of the pasture.  Sigh…


Just for the fun of it, Pluto decided he needed a reminder in that lesson.  He got stuck one evening and then the next morning.  Luckily, he inherited his maa’s big mouth.  I could hear him stuck in the south fence when I was on the north edge of the property.


I chided him.  But seriously, how could I ever be mad at this sweet face?

I suggested to his mother, Dolly, that she have a conversation with him as well.  So far, it seems to be helping.


Then there’s that girl, Addie!  Oh boy.  She is one that has been on the wrong side of the fence several times.  It was so bad that I had to haul panels and fix the places where the coyotes have dug under the fence.  I know they’ll do it again, but I really needed to put a stop to the silliness for now.

Then when I was checking everyone, I noticed I’m going to have to do some major repair work where the ditch exits the Back Forty.  Luckily, Daisy was just nibbling the grass at the top, and she left when I called her name.

Daisy (Ruby and Onyx on the near side and Caroline going the proper direction)

But a couple of kids found a spot where they could sneak through. This spot was created when Zinnia got her horns tangled in there last week.  It really has been a bit naughty around here.

Luckily, it is still my property, but there isn’t a fence there.  As long as they come back and stay off the road they are fine, but I’ll fix this little section too.

Jester enjoying multiflora rose leaves

Of course, Addie is one of the two who was out.


Then she’s also had her head stuck in the fence several times in the last couple of weeks.  But she does it horribly.  I checked everyone and they were all in the barnyard or the lane, so I went in.  When I let the dog out before bed, I heard a goat.  In my jammies, I went out with a flashlight and found Addie.  She had her back feet on the ground.  Her front feet were stretched up a little ledge, and then her head was reached up even more before she got it stuck through where there wasn’t even any food!  It was a challenge, but I got her out.

Stop it!

She got stuck the next night.  Then the other morning I heard a goat again.  In the heat, I hiked clear to the back fence and got her head out.  Before I could direct her to the rest of the herd, she took off.  She would not listen to me.  Finally, she ended up back up in the barnyard by herself.

Addie with brother Milo

That girl is driving me nuts.

Relaxing in Pasture

24 May

After our rains over the weekend, the goats decided the barnyard was too muddy to lounge around and relax, so they stayed out in pasture.

Annie and daughter Flora

Caroline on the tile


Pluto and Casey (with Scooter coming over)


Margarita (just before I moved her)


Milo (top) and Addie



Tiger and Tansy

They do look pretty chill!

I’m Wondering About Another Oopsie Baby

21 Apr

At one time with all the oopsie babies being created, I was worried that Cookie and Dolly might have been bred, but I think they both lucked out and are not.  Thank goatness!


Next up for oopsie babies is Margarita.  She busted through the fence to get to Xerxes, and she is due on May 22nd.  Hopefully, they will be little kids.  I really wasn’t sure I was going to breed her again because it was way too stressful for me with how small she is.  She has grown quite a bit though, so I’m sure it will be fine.


Now, I’ve been wondering about Joy.  I tried checking her udder, but apparently the effects of my letting her in the milk room has worn off over the winter because I couldn’t get a real good feel.


Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.