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Notes from the Barnyard

23 May

Tansy’s girl, Alice, was not nursing both sides.  Her udder looked painful and about to explode on one side.  I finally caught her and got that side milked out.  Now Alice is nursing both sides, and Tansy looks much more comfortable.


I have Margarita up north in case she does have her babies before I’m done working.


I am also keeping an eye on Penelope.  I asked her when she was due, and she just gave me a coy Mona Lisa smile.  So I have no idea when she’s going to kid.


It cracks me up at how Freddie and Frodo have bonded.  They are always together.  You can definitely see the father-son resemblance.

Freddie and Frodo

Chiffon looks like she could kid any second.  I will say, she had her triplets a week early last year, and it’s looking like there might be a repeat.


Astra and Perdita were snuggled together the other evening when it was cold on Saturday.  So far, Perdita hasn’t gotten stuck in the fence again.  I hope that holds.

Perdita and Astra

Rosie was trying to figure out how to reach all those maple leaves that are finally on the trees.


Bratty Flora kept her horn apparatus on for less than two days.  I hope she has learned her lesson.


I’m not holding my breath though.

Oopsie! I Was Wrong

21 May

When I did my Thursday evening check of the goats, I counted all ten kids.


I found Flora with her fresh horn apparatus on.  Because Wednesday evening, she was stuck in the fence again.


Perdita was there with her horn apparatus hanging from a single strand of duct tape.  But she was not in a fence!


Then I couldn’t find Purl.  Seriously.  I looked everywhere. Then I saw her clear down by the ditch.  I yelled down to remind her that the last goat is the one who gets eaten by the coyote.

Purl (she just hopped down when I took the picture)

Then I heard her talk.  That’s when everything flashed through my mind and I ran down to the ditch to see her oopsie baby.

Purl and her little Benji buck

She is one of the three girls I didn’t see come into heat when I put them in with the bucks to make June babies.

Venus was another.

Venus and Cody

That leaves Margarita.  So we might be having another oopsie baby in the near future.  Who knows?  Apparently, not me.


Anyhow, Purl did awesome.

Although, I do think she should have had him farther from the edge of the ditch.

I hauled him up to the Love Shack and she did a great job of following him.

They will stay in there for a day or two before moving up north.  Anyhow, I was wrong. We don’t have fourteen girls to have kids in June.  I don’t have a clue what’s going on.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Who’s Due in June

19 May

I can’t believe I’m already thinking about June babies and how to accommodate everyone.  But as far as I can tell, there’s going to be a lot of moms having kids between June 3rd and 21st.  First up is Cutie.  I put her in with Benji when she was in heat and took her out the next day.  And she settled!


I never saw Purl in heat, but she’s making a nice udder, so I think she is due on June 7th.


Astra is due June 9th.


Daisy, Flora, and Chiffon are all three due on June 12th.




Ava, LilyAnn, and Onyx are all due on the 14th.




Sidney is due the 15th.


I never saw Margarita in heat, but I am guessing she is due June 16th. That’s the same day Joy is due.



And then there’s Zinnia.  I thought I saw her in heat, but now she is making an udder and is huge, so I’m going to guess she’s due on June 21st when I originally thought.

Zinnia (with Bull beside her)

And then there’s Penelope.  I thought she was going to have a spring break baby, but she didn’t.  I had her in with Freddie just because she preferred to be in there with him and his girls.  Now she’s making an udder, but I’m not sure when she’s due.


It’s going to be busy!