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It’s That Time

28 May

June babies are almost here.  Annie is due May 31st, and then there are six more due.


I don’t know when Clover and Vinnie are due.  I’ve started checking them and soon it will be about every three hours until, finally, all I do is stare at the back side of goats waiting for kids.

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Who’s Due

20 Apr

It’s just over a month until our last round of kidding for the year.  I’m trying to decide who’s bred and who isn’t.  I can tell for sure some of them are pregnant, but I won’t guarantee they all are yet.  Who’s due?








At least, this is who I’m going to say is bred until I get evidence to the contrary.

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I Was Wrong

14 Mar

Well, Blaze still didn’t have her kids over spring break, so I decided I was three weeks off on her due date.  I know she was in heat, but she must not have settled.  Typically that would mean they would get put back with the buck for June babies, but I figured she settled.  I didn’t see her come back into heat.  Heck.  She was with Fionn for ten minutes last year and got bred.  Since I figured she was pregnant, I just left her with Sam for company.


Not settling the first time would make her due about March 27th.  In the meantime, she has plenty of kids to keep her company.

However, I was wrong again.  When I went out to check everyone this morning, I opened the door and saw a wet kid.  I wondered who fell in the water bucket, and then I realized I didn’t recognize the kid.  I looked at Blaze.  She had another wet kid nursing her.

Two big bucks were a nice morning surprise, and made me feel good that I had actually made sure she was still locked in a nice warm spot…just in case.

I will say, I’m a bit curious as to what was wrapped around the not spotted kid.  You can see where it was around him, and his back end is a bit weak.  I’m guessing it was an umbilical cord, and we’re lucky that he’s okay.

UPDATED:  I was wrong again!  I took a closer look at the picture, and I see now that it is part of his bag.  Somehow, it all got cleaned off except one tiny band. All I had to do was snip it with the scissors, and its all gone.  Although, he’s still a tiny wobbly in the back end.

I do hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.