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Goat Pics

28 Jun

Here’s just a few pictures from the last week or so.  I started this post a while back, but we keep having more things happen and I push it back.

2TC is queen of the picnic table

Beautiful Bambi


Tansy and Sunshine


I think Purl is ignoring the fact that she’s no longer her maa’s baby.

Sidney’s boy, Thunder



Wanda scratching her neck

Haley is still doing well (and the white bandage just looks like another sock)

Joani’s boy, Glover

These goats might drive me crazy, but I do adore them.

The Kids in Pasture

23 Apr

Now that I have everyone back on the Back Forty, it’s been interesting to see the little ones out there.

Gemma in her mother’s shadow

I did wait until they had enough age to them that they should be able to keep up with their moms.

I had to shoo them back to the herd on the first morning.

At first, a lot of them would stay in the barnyard.

?, Abu, Olaf and Swen in the greenhouse door

Their moms would come up to feed them.

Maisie feeding Tawny and Tippy; Tara watching in the back

More and more of them are going out to pasture now.

Abu bouncing on Reva


Sylvia and Abu butting heads

It’s getting to be a lot of fun to watch them out there.

Together Again

17 Apr

I shared there were just a few goats on the back pasture.

Haley to the left, Moose, Myson, and Tansy in front

I’ve had a lot of goats on my front pasture.  There were more big goats on that small five acre pasture than there was on the Back Forty (the front half of it).

That means I needed to get them off of it so it can really start growing.  I opened the door on the south side of the barn to let them through.

Chiffon in the doorway, Flora thinking of going back in

It took LilyAnn just a minute before she went out. Because the salt block is always saltier on the other side of the fence, I guess.

LilyAnn and Jasmine

Soon there were lots of kids out playing on trees and concrete.

Perdita and Sylvia

The moms were excited to have grass that was a little bit taller.

Then they took off to join the rest of the herd.

Joy with Swen and Olaf

They were quite happy to be back out there again.

Penelope, Bambi, Casey, Ava, and Aphrodite

And since they were at pasture, I really didn’t see any fighting!