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Oh, No You Didn’t

20 Sep

I spend my time trying to make sure Aurora gets to have extra food to help her gain weight.


I’ve tried to keep the mosquitoes off of her.

What does she do to repay me?  Look at those ears…

I asked for a kiss, and she leaned in like she usually does, and then she spit.  Yep.  First time I’ve had one of my llamas spit at me.  Seriously??????

It was even a spit and run.  Brat.


Horn Apparatus: Take Two

13 Sep

Zeus and Hera are at it again.  They’ve both had their heads stuck in the fence, so they both got the apparatus put back on their horns.



These two are lucky they are so stinking cute.

The Llamas

5 Sep

The llamas are getting wooly.  That makes it hard for me to tell how Aurora’s weight is progressing.


I’ve thought about calling the vets from Iowa State to come check her just to make sure I’m still doing things right.  She’s not eating as much of the llama feed, and I can’t decide if her weight is okay or not.

It would also give me a chance to have them look at Maybeline and Odie and do ultrasounds on them.


If mood is any indication, Maybeline has been rather cranky lately.


I know Tony is a proven stud.  He wants to do his job.


But these two are just not cooperative.  I would like to know if I can move him with the bucks and let Aurora back with the other girls and fun things like that.

Then I just have to worry about whether or not Buster will be nice to Tony.

Buster Brown

How can these animal personalities be as hard to deal with as human personalities?