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I’ve Lost All Control

11 Jan

This weekend, my plan was to move goats around to make my June babies.  You know, the very few goats who haven’t already managed to get themselves bred with oopsie babies.  Unfortunately, I am running out of space.  And to make things more fun, we went from 50°F (10°C) on Wednesday to cold, wind and snow by Friday afternoon.  I had to deal with my old ladies that need extra care before I could even think of making June babies.  Today, when I planned on doing all of my moving around is blustery and 20°F (-11.11°C).  That’s way too fast of a change in temperature.

I wanted to move Maisie and Uno out of the garage and put the old ladies in there.

Maisie and Uno

Don’t get me wrong, they are happy in there and Uno is doing well bouncing around, but Maisie is a big, mean bully goat who would not share well with my old ladies.  I was going to put them in the Love Shack where I have a heat lamp, but I’m afraid it’s just too cold to make the move right now, even with a coat.

Uno bouncing on Tony with Maisie watching

One of my old ladies, Maggie, was already in the Love Shack with her daughter, Margarita, for company.  Also, Margarita is a wimp, and I don’t want her not to get enough to eat since she is carrying Xerxes’s oopsie babies.  I decided I could try putting my other old ladies in there with her because it is pretty warm with the wind blocked, the heat lamp and more body heat.

Maggie (back) and Margarita in the Love Shack

Maggie was a brat.  She kept chasing Pistol, Antigone and Cookie out of the Love Shack and into the wind and sleet last night.  It’s really not fair because the Love Shack is where Pistol and Antigone were taking shelter before I shut Maggie in there because she got sick.

“I have claimed the Love Shack for mine. Nobody else!”

Even Margarita was being mean to Antigone.


I kicked the three girls back out and tried to figure out a new plan.  In the morning, when I gave everyone some hay for breakfast, I bribed Pistol and Antigone into the milk room and then drug them into the garage.  For now, it’s okay. I gave them water and hay on the far side from mean Maisie’s pen, and they can run around the truck to get away from her.

Pistol and Antigone

It doesn’t help when Uno wants to introduce himself.

Antigone and Uno

I guess this will work for now.  I’m going to try to put Cookie back in with Maggie and see if they can work it out in the Love Shack.


They’re half sisters for crying out loud. They used to get along.

Once Again…

3 Jan

I looked out the window one day last week just as the goats were headed out to pasture. I went out (I think it was to let the geese out), and they all came running back to the barnyard on the off chance I might give them food.

That’s when I noticed two goats fighting in the lane.  A closer look showed it was Myson and Zeus.  What the heck?  He was in Alcatraz.

Myson and Zeus

At least they were coming back from pasture.

Haley leading the way (Caroline beind; Myson in the door; Venus peeking through the fence)

I just had to wait until he came through the barn door and grab a horn.  He was pretty easy to lead back to where he belonged.

Then they showed me how my twine around the “gate” was busted.

Casey, Moose (behind), Myson, and Zeus

Fat wethers were trying to play with him.  They popped it open.  Brats.

fat boy wethers

Of course, Clover had to be in heat.

Clover with Xerxes

That means another shot to prevent oopsie babies.  I am really getting tired of this.


17 Dec

I know it’s hard to believe, but I have several pests in the barnyard.  There are five major pests.

Aurora by the door; Venus, Marge, and Chiffon

You can’t see the fifth one above, but she was right behind me.  Cupid has gotten to be quite friendly since she likes food and I’m letting her skim some sweet feed from my pitcher.


I let the three little girls in to eat their sweet feed.  That makes three less for me to trip over.

Chiffon, Marge, and Venus

However, when I get my pitcher of feed to take up to the old ladies, I still have a couple of pests to try walking past.  I wonder why I have hoof prints on my door window.

And nose prints.  Yes, she’s steaming it up.

Sometimes there are more pests–Joy, Odie, Pluto, any of my retired milking girls, the other llama lladies…

Auror and Cupid; Odie and Maybeline behind; Pluto not visible below the window

It’s not easy to get my pitcher of feed across the barnyard to the ones I am feeding.  I have Cupid jumping on my back the moment I stop.  Aurora is walking with her neck on my back wrapping that long neck around me and putting her face in front of me to try and reach into my feed pitcher.  It makes me nervous sometimes.

I kid you not, we bumped heads one day, and I got a bruise by my eye.  I think it hurt her too because she actually left me alone after that.

Odie following too. (I think the blur in the bottom left is Cupid)

I’m not really complaining too much about my pests, though, because they are sweet.  And it’s a nice change from them running from me.  I just hope it lasts.