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Other Critters

22 May

It’s not just my animals here on the farm.  I get to see lots of birds.

Baltimore oriole

There’s quite a few squirrels out in pasture.

Occasionally we have some other critters show up.  Or Bob might bring them up.

Bob Cat

Yep.  He caught a baby bunny.  Luckily, he’s not a starving cat because he didn’t notice when I took his bunny from him.  He was just waiting and resting until it tried to escape and he could play with it some more.

I really don’t see very many bunnies here with the cats and dog ready to chase them.

I took it to the Back Forty and let it go.

Should have changed camera setting first, but I was more worried about Bob than pictures.

This morning, I think I rescued the same baby bunny from Bob again.  I did warn it that it might not be lucky enough for me to be around to save it a third time.

Hopefully, it has learned its lesson.  Then this happened.

When the vet was here helping me push pills down the goats, kittens wandered out from under the workbench.  Seriously?  I only have fixed cats.  In the twenty springs I’ve spent on the farm, this is the first time I’ve had kittens born here.

Margarita tried butting one into the ground.  Seriously?

They were thin and horribly dehydrated.

They are back to healthy and have already left the farm.


To the Sale Barn

19 May

After I turned the llamas out, I managed to sneak up and catch Vinnie’s girls and shut them in the buck pen and its small outdoor paddock.  Then I hauled Harley’s girls over too.

Vanna and Viera

I tell you, these four girls are just the most wild things you’ve ever seen.  This morning, I managed to bribe them into the buck room with some sweet feed. Then I went out and around the building and shut the door from the outside.  They were trapped!

Toffee, Twyla, Vanna, and Viera

Then my nephew came and helped me load them onto his truck, so I could take them to the sale barn.  They were literally bouncing off the walls and trying to jump out the window when we went to catch them.  Really wild things!   I must say, it was the second longest line I’ve ever seen for unloading once I got to the sale barn.  I’m glad it wasn’t August hot since we had to wait so long.

It literally took me an hour from getting in line to unloading the girls.  Finally, I left them safely at the sale barn.

Now the only thing I have left to figure out with the whole copper deficiency is how to get the goats their minerals in a way they won’t just dump them on the ground (I’m talking to you Fionn and Xerxes) and encouraging the March/April babies to eat those minerals.

A Test Run

12 May

I’ve ordered copper capsules for the goats, and they are scheduled to arrive on Monday.  This weekend, I’m trying to figure out my delivery method.  Today the test medium was marshmallows. Clover was happy to try it.


Then she got this “OMG! What are you feeding me” look, and it ended up on the ground.

Fionn checked it out.


I’m not sure that is a compliment.

His ended up on the ground too, but Xerxes loved it!


Bambi thought they were delicious.  She kept following me to see if she could eat anyone else’s if they didn’t want it.


Maggie was about the same.


Dolly would take them, and then throw them on the ground.  It was starting to look like the Easter bunny hopped through leaving marshmallow pellets as he went.  Later, I caught Maggie going around and picking them up.  No five-second rule in our barnyard!

Dolly with Diana looking at her

At lot of goats wouldn’t even try it.  You can see on Lily some of the signs of the copper deficiency–the light coloring around her eyes and lack of hair on her nose.


Tomorrow, I will try dates.  I think I might end up with about ten goats that I could feed them anything, and everyone else is going to be difficult.