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Notes From Around the Farm

15 Nov

With putting the kids up north, I got to milk Zinnia for those few days.  I think she’s a little sad that she has her girls back.  Hopefully, it isn’t for too long.

Barbie, Jeanie, and Zinnia

Dolly and Heidi were glad to be released from the north paddock.  They both enjoy coming in for sweet feed. And I appreciate that I can have them both in there at the same time and leave them unattended.  It’s much easier.

Heidi and Dolly in the milk room

I think I have a ground hog problem.  Seriously. Why not?  The sad thing is that I might have one digging under my garage, but I’m afraid to go in there and check it out with Freddie still here.  I’m not sure what to do anyhow because I haven’t seen one, and I don’t shoot.  I wish they would just go find a pile of brush out in pasture to chuck wood and leave my buildings alone.

Poor Mr. Peacock seems to have caught a cold with the sudden change in temperatures.  He is getting a bit older, so that is a concern. I hope he can shake it off and recover.

Mr. Peacock–molting some of his topknot and growing his tail back in.

The little girls seem quite happy with room service in the Love Shack.

Terry and Crystal

I wonder if Ava and Heidi will develop a relationship now that Heidi is her only kid on the farm she gets to be with (and will be the only when Freddie is gone).

Was supposed to be a picture of Heidi and then I noticed Ava photobombing.

Poor Benji did not go to his appointment to get fixed. I’ve decided he must have spit out his last copper capsule (because it took three tries to get it to stay down his throat when I gave copper over the weekend).  He is in rough shape.  I gave him a larger dose and will keep feeding him hard and hope he can recover. Then I’ll reschedule his appointment.

Benji, with Simon and Frodo behind.

And it’s almost half way to the weekend.  Hopefully, this one will bring some better weather.

Bratty and Nice

3 Nov

I’ve never decided what makes a goat bratty or nice.  I’m kind of sure there’s some genetics to it because of the large number of babies from Xerxes who are absolutely terrified and certain I’m going to kill them. Luckily, not all of them are that way, but there are a lot of them.

Onyx is one of the nice ones.

But, some are not afraid of me, but they choose not to let me touch them.  Like Ostara.  If I catch her in the right mood, oh, she loves to have her but scratched.  But most times, she bounces away and won’t let me near her.

Ostara getting butt scrubbies (Myson licking the salt block)

Her big sister Tansy is even worse.  I can’t ever touch her, but she’s thrilled to come into the milk room and eat sweet feed.  When she’s in there, I can pet her, milk her, trim her hooves.  She doesn’t care.

Tansy at the cattle tank

And Trace.  She used to take bottles from me and like to be petted when she was a baby.  Now, I can’t hardly catch her to do basic care with her.  For some reason, the other day when I opened the milk room after milking, she was there and decided to come on in.  She let me pet her and trim her hooves.


Then there’s Daisy.  She is just like her maa, Bambi was.  Most days I can’t touch her.  Some days she’s fine with it.  And her girl, Zora won’t let me touch her, but she’s awfully bouncy and thinks it’s fun to stay away from me.

Daisy and Zora

I really need fewer bratty goats.




Give me the sweet ones.

sweet Maybeline and snooty Odie

I might have a similar situation with the llamas.

A Fight

25 Oct

I couldn’t get Freddie sold this past weekend, so I very carefully and sneakily worked to get him put back on the front pasture with Xerxes and Frodo.

Frodo is my good boy.

I am pretty sure Perdita and Purl were quite happy to be back with the main herd.

Perdita back in pasture

Freddie and Xerxes had to fight.

Freddie and Xerxes

I did keep an eye on them to make sure it wasn’t too serious.  After all, they do like each other, but they just have to fight when you put them back together, and with bucks in rut it isn’t always good natured.

Freddie is a mess between rut and cockle burrs

I can take care of the boys in there without me having to get too close to Freddie.  He’ll be okay in there.

Then I’m going to try to make an arrangement to use a trailer to haul the rest of the goats to be sold to the sale barn at one time.


I just have to wait for Mini to be past the withdrawal time for her wormer.

Benji and Myson

And poor Benji is just going to have to stay in the greenhouse jail until then.