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Helping Each Other

29 Sep

Onyx enjoys it when I help her out by giving her butt scrubbies.  It’s hard to reach back there with your little horns; although, they are growing.


I’m happy to help her out.

In exchange, she pointed out to me that we left a little bit of wire out there when we took the old fence out.

Okay, she might have been scratching her nose with it,

but I did get it picked up.  I’ll credit her with the assist.  A couple of days later though, I really had to help her. She didn’t come up from pasture.  I went around the fence.

I didn’t find her.  I checked the herd to make sure I hadn’t missed her.  I checked the buildings.  Then I headed back to pasture.  There was one section I didn’t walk closely because I could see it from a distance.

I figured I must have missed her there.  When I got to the corner on the pasture, I called to her.

I heard a faint answer.  I headed towards where it came from, but when I got there, I couldn’t see her in the fence.

I called again.  I looked, and then I noticed her.

She was in the middle of the old roll of wire with her head stuck through a square inside it. I had to squeeze in beside her in order to get her head out.

Are you kidding me????????  We came back up to the barnyard, and when it was getting dark, she was still at the edge of the barnyard.  I went out, and she was stuck in the fence again!

Ruby, Onyx, and Victoria

Seriously?????????????  Now she has a horn apparatus.

And she owes me big time.

Et Tu, Onyx

16 Sep

I’ve gone through several kids getting their heads stuck this time around.  More than I want.  Last Saturday, I thought I heard a goat, but I wasn’t sure.  I went to check.  Soon enough, I found Onyx.

It’s was nice getting a girl loose who is tame.  There was no fighting me.  When I got her out, she did the look around to see if she could find the rest of the herd.

I thought for a minute she was going to join the llamas.

Odie, Maybeline, and Aurora

But then she took off.  It didn’t take her long to find them.

Athena and Onyx

I was relieved to see she made it back up to the barn later.

Guess I’ll continue taking inventory every day.

The Plan

10 Sep

I swear my plans always seem to go awry.  I planned to have all the March/April kids sold by now, but there were storms and power outages, and injuries and holidays.  I need to sell the rest of the kids.


Partly because of the copper issues.  I hate selling kids with icky looking tails because people assume they are wormy.  They aren’t.  They just need a better diet because they are too wild for me to easily catch and give a copper capsule.


They are at risk of becoming seriously ill. I hate getting into the cycle of low copper and worms and having it spiral out of control.  It breaks my heart, but I couldn’t save Avril.  I lost her on Tuesday.

Avril right before she crashed with polio because I over-estimated her weight

It just becomes a nightmare trying to coordinate dates and help for loading out and such, but I’m planning on selling the next round this weekend.  I really have to get rid of the boys because of the risk of oopsie babies.  I don’t want another free-for-all kidding season.


It won’t be long until I have to do something with those last little boys too–Seven, Octavius, and Archie.

Octavius in front of maa, Margarita

And nothing better interfere with my plans this time!