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The Eviction Plan

21 Mar

Sunday was decent weather.  It was still pretty cold in the morning, and the winds were strong with a bite in the afternoon, but I had to start making adjustments to get the goats out of the garage.

Goats and pens everywhere

I started with letting the girls in the buck room out onto the little pen south of the garage.  That’s all any of the moms are getting for this week.  I took the panels down.

Hilda and Onyx were penned on half of the buck room each

Then I opened the door and let the next group out.

Aphrodite (checking out Hilda’s boys)

Then I started clearing more panels.

The rest of them didn’t think it was fair.

As the mom’s went outside, the kids got to meet each other, and they were really having fun!

I was going to leave Purl since her baby is so young and small, but Purl put her head through the panel and knocked my concrete filled buckets down trapping herself, so I had to let her out too.

Purl and her girl

Everyone was out!

Of course, Penelope escaped, so I had to find that hole and fix the fence, but I think we’re good now.

Penelope waiting to be let back in

Then I moved my three non-moms to the front pasture.

Victoria (Ostara and Pretzel in front)

Antigone (she was back to fighting with Perdita before I put her in the Love Shack)

Because with no pens, it’s a free-for-all when I shut them back in for the night.  But soon, I’ll have them completely out–hopefully this weekend.

A Xerxes Baby

12 Feb

When I did my post on who was getting round, I did not include Caroline in there because I’ve figured out she is not bred.  Look at how thin she is.  In fact, I was almost a little worried about her.


So I decided it was a good thing that she was not pregnant.  But when I got home from work on Friday, it only took me a moment to notice that there were two goats in the south pasture.  There is only supposed to be one pretty little white goat on that side of the fence–Antigone.

Caroline and Antigone

So Caroline broke through the fence to put herself in with Xerxes.

Xerxes and Caroline

I swear these goats do not believe that I’m the one in charge.

I did bring her back out by walking through the garage.  I have no idea where she went through the fence to get in with him.

Tux on the Ranger; Caroline checking things out

I did let her stop for a snack on the way out.

But this means I might actually have a Xerxes baby this year.


She is due on July 10th if she settles.

Sassy Girls

11 Jan

Some little girls are feeling pretty sassy with being stuck in the barnyard.


Ostara and Pretzel

Pretzel and Zora

There’s lots of playful fighting among them.  But my three girls who were in the garage are rather demanding about going into the milk room to eat every time I go through the door.

Ostara and Pretzel wanting me to go let them in.

Ostara trying to figure out how to get in without me.

It’s actually rather annoying. I am still fine with them coming in.

Heidi and Ostara fighting over one bowl–two more places to eat from.

I just wish they’d wait to be invited.  I’m pretty sure Zora doesn’t want back in there.


She is such a bratopotamus!  and a sassy girl.