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9 Nov

I hate mice.  I really hate mice.  When I saw one scurry across the milk room and sneak under the wall, I was really not happy.  But I figured if it was going to run around the cupboard and closer to me to get away, that was probably the only place it could get out (or in).  I wasted no time springing into action.  I meant business.

Don’t laugh!  I managed to catch ten mice in just over twenty-four hours.  By the next day, I had my plan.

It is not an easy place to reach.  My bottle of foamy insulation couldn’t fit back there.  I had to be creative.  I started with the scotch pad.  I’ve heard mice can’t chew through them.  It sounds good to me.

I decided I was never going to get the whole thing shoved in there, so I cut it in half and started over.  It wasn’t easy, but I finally did it.  After getting that shoved in, I had to figure out how to get the foamy insulation back there before it hardened.

And it’s a sticky gooey mess, so whatever I used had to be disposable.  I went with a plastic putty knife.

It looks good.  I don’t care if there’s foamy insulation stuff on the side of the cupboard.  I’m not quite as okay with the insulation that ended up in my hair (I really need a hair cut).  I guess I really only care about not having mice in my milk room.  I did put a trap back just to be on the safe side.


Outside My Window

25 Oct

It’s getting to be that time of year when I enjoy watching the wildlife outside my window.

blue jay in the crabapple tree

I dearly wish Sky wouldn’t try to kill everything I’d like to feed there.


I don’t think that is something he’ll ever outgrow though.

red-bellied woodpecker

I need to find someplace outside my fence that I can feed them.

Squirrel eating acorns

Even if they’ll be too far away to photograph because, as you can see, the pictures are none too good through my dirty window anyhow.

A Glitch or Two

17 Oct

Part IV of the spring break baby posts:  Even though my plan for spring break babies went well, there were a couple of minor glitches.  The first glitch is Bambi.  While I was taking Daisy over to put in with Xerxes, Bambi escaped.  She’s still where she is supposed to be with Fionn.  She just didn’t get a shot.  If she comes into heat and gets bred, that’s great.  If not.  She’ll either go in with a buck in June, or she might just retire.  We’ll see.


Then there’s Hera.  I told you that she won’t let me touch her since I put the horn apparatus back on.  She was on the wrong side of the barnyard.


I couldn’t catch her to put her on the other side where there is no buck. She better hope she doesn’t come into heat.  Don’t you look at that little girl, Fionn!  I might also try to set a trap to catch her and throw her in with Harley.

Gidget, Hera, Fionn

My next glitch was coming home from work on Monday, when everyone was heat because of the shot I gave them, to find that Fionn and two of his girls busted into the small area where Xerxes was locked, and three of Xerxes’s girls had fled the pen.

Fionn has the horn injuries and a raw spot on his neck from Xerxes’s horn.

That meant buck fights in the pen and a whole lot of girls without a buck.  What is it about all the hormones that turn my sweet lover boys into fighters?

Xerxes has a raw spot on the back of his neck an the bruised and bloody eye and ear.

Hopefully, it wasn’t for too long and everyone still managed to get the job done.  They should heal from their minor fighting injuries without too much problem.


And when I got home Tuesday, Xerxes and Daisy were the only two left in the buck pen, so I finally gave up keeping them in the groups I wanted them in.  These goats.  I tell ya!