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Technical Difficulties

16 Aug

Monday morning, since it was raining, I decided to do some work for my teaching position on the computer.  My Internet died, so I went and checked all the connections.  Living with a maniac and a monster, it’s not unusual to have to make sure things are all plugged in, but it didn’t work this time.  I checked the phone, and it was dead too. I might have an idea of what the problem is.

I’m pretty sure I know the cause of the problem too.  SKY!!!!!!!


Luckily my post for Monday was pre-scheduled.  The phone company was supposed to be here earlier today to fix it, but I pre-scheduled yesterday’s and today’s posts using my dad’s internet.  (Thanks, Dad.)  Hopefully, I’m fully functional and back to visiting everyone who joined Friday’s Hunt.

I do hope you’ll come back to join me this week.  I have the items listed at the top of my side bar.


Bovine: Plan B

30 Jul

I knew the goats and cows would be fine together.  Most of my goats have been around cows.

The cows are an older, mellow herd.  No big deal.

The llamas were the wild card.  I had three llamas that I was a bit worried about–Buster, Farina and Odie.  They seem to have the most protective instincts.  That’s what the llamas are here for, protecting the herd.


Well, Odie went to pasture first, which is the way it usually works, so I followed her.  She was not happy.


I barely managed to cut her off when she was on her way to attack a calf.  It was not easy to get her back up to the barnyard.  She was not happy.

Finally, I had all the llamas in the barnyard, and my nephew and his dad came to help me with Plan B.  The llamas are now on the front pasture.

There’s plenty of pasture for three bucks and six llamas.

Maybeline, Xerxes, Fionn, Aurora, and Estarr

Ollie got moved up with the old lady goats, and he immediately got to meet Sky through the fence.

Ollie and Sky

I am not about to take chances on someone getting hurt (especially when two are nine months pregnant with a Llenny babies).


27 Jul

I swear this dog should have come with a warning label on his snout.


Herbicide:  Lethal in small doses to all plants.

He’s still after my zucchinis and peppers, and now you can add tomatoes to the list.

Not even my house plants are safe.  I tell you, this boy needs 100% supervision.  He managed to let himself in the house (I guess he had help from Snickers) and had way too much fun.  The gold hoop and feathers were once part of a dream catcher I made that he ripped off the wall.

He clearly still needs help with his only two remaining puppy rules:  Don’t kill anything; don’t destroy anything.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s list at the top of my side bar.