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Fun in the Addition

26 Jul

The new area that the goats acquired when we re-did the fence has the remains of a fallen tree.  It was completely hidden in the five foot tall grass that was knocked down into a nice soft straw-like mat.

Front: Flora; Center: Gill and Tilly; Top: Trace, Cinnamon, Tansy, and Flower; Back: Tiger and Cinquain



Gill, Cinnamon, Pluto, and Moira

Hilda with kids Stitch and Purl


Cinnamon bullying Tansy; Tiger below


This means that the goats are enjoying playing and lounging in this new area.

Summer Showers

26 Jun

We’ve had quite a few rainy days lately.  It does make it hard to get lots of outside work done.  Luckily, my mom and I spent quite a bit of time yesterday weeding the garden because it finally dried out enough from the last rounds of rain.

I was hoping we would be on the miss side of the hit-and-miss rain overnight.  That way I could cultivate today.

But now it’s way too muddy to get in the garden, and we have more rain chances for this evening.

At least the rain is making everything grow well.

I don’t really mind the break from outside work.  It gives me a chance to slow down and just enjoy things.

grape vine growing by my house–I have plans for this vine


raspberries are turning

grape leaf


morning glory

I think I’m getting too old for a lot of the hard work on the farm.  The goats are not fans of rain and mud either.  Purl seemed a bit surprised by the mud when she came out of the barn.

Hilda with Stitch and Purl checking out the puddles and mud in the barnyard

Don’t worry.  Her mom took her back in and found a nice safe place for both Stitch and Purl to sleep where nobody was going to accidentally step on them.

Purl and Stitch tucked behind a gate to sleep.

Some goats were lounging on the picnic table to stay dry.

Astra (front) and Joy


Others were just napping and lounging in the buildings.

Free at Last

25 Jun

Hilda was pretty sure I was never going to let her out of the Love Shack, but it’s been so rainy.  I didn’t want her kids to get left in pasture during a thunderstorm.  They just needed to get a little more size to them because pasture is quite the jungle right now.

Those are big goats walking towards me.  You can’t even see the kids.

Avril and Pluto (can’t tell you who it is behind them)

Luckily Hilda was easy to find.  I immediately saw she had stitch with her.

There’s Purl.

She let them nurse, and then they went to catch up to the rest of the herd.

So far they are doing a really good job of sticking with their maa.

I just hope they keep it up.  Purl is still sweet,

but I’m not sure she’d answer me if I called to her.