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The Eviction Plan

21 Mar

Sunday was decent weather.  It was still pretty cold in the morning, and the winds were strong with a bite in the afternoon, but I had to start making adjustments to get the goats out of the garage.

Goats and pens everywhere

I started with letting the girls in the buck room out onto the little pen south of the garage.  That’s all any of the moms are getting for this week.  I took the panels down.

Hilda and Onyx were penned on half of the buck room each

Then I opened the door and let the next group out.

Aphrodite (checking out Hilda’s boys)

Then I started clearing more panels.

The rest of them didn’t think it was fair.

As the mom’s went outside, the kids got to meet each other, and they were really having fun!

I was going to leave Purl since her baby is so young and small, but Purl put her head through the panel and knocked my concrete filled buckets down trapping herself, so I had to let her out too.

Purl and her girl

Everyone was out!

Of course, Penelope escaped, so I had to find that hole and fix the fence, but I think we’re good now.

Penelope waiting to be let back in

Then I moved my three non-moms to the front pasture.

Victoria (Ostara and Pretzel in front)

Antigone (she was back to fighting with Perdita before I put her in the Love Shack)

Because with no pens, it’s a free-for-all when I shut them back in for the night.  But soon, I’ll have them completely out–hopefully this weekend.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

15 Mar

We struggled to reach the freezing point on Monday.

She isn’t happy with the frozen pool.

Penelope in front of the Love Shack

The sun came out late in the afternoon, but it didn’t bring any warmth with it.

The cold predicted for Monday night arrived.  By the time I went out just before sunup (Tues) to check goats, the thermometer was sitting at 7°F.

Perdita. Nobody outside went into labor, but I checked frequently.

By 8:30 when I finally got out of bed to stay, the fog had settled and created hoarfrost.

Inside, it was nice and warm.  Well, it was much warmer than outside. Why do they insist that fresh pile of hay makes a perfect bed?

Antigone on a pile of hay

Hilda in labor

It was also the best place for Hilda to be.  Because she had her babies Tuesday afternoon.

Hilda with her boys–one looks like her; one looks like Benji.

Two big Benji boys.

The Final Countdown

9 Mar

This is it.  We are almost ready to start spring break kidding.

Purl is due on Monday


Everyone has settled in to the new housing arrangement, and my mom is checking those first girls who are due.

Onyx (due first) with her mom, Victoria, in front

I even managed to take Antigone out of time out.

Moms to the left; the rest of the herd to the right.

The rest will get moved over this weekend if I can catch them.

Cutie shouldn’t be hard to catch and move.

Otherwise, I’ll just check them on that side and move them when I need to.



Hilda (with Rosie behind her)


I do wish we were going to have better weather, but we’ll get.  Let the kidding begin (after I get. home tomorrow)!