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Not Starving

18 Oct

Even though the goats aren’t happy I shut them off the back part of the Back Forty, they are not starving.

2TC pigging out on leaves; Joani behind


Cupid, Blaze, and Gidget

Dolly, Maisie, Casey, Joy, and others

The herd

Moose and Hilda


They will be just fine out there.

Just Pictures

14 Oct

I can’t get enough of the beautiful fall colors; sadly, they are about done.

2TC and Penelope

Aurora in front of the neighbor’s derecho battered corn

Hilda (in heat) and Xerxes

Poor free-range hen hasn’t gotten to free-range since the derecho.




“Did you bring me a peanut? I don’t care if it’s unsalted.” -Chiffon




Myson front and center

Trying to decide if he wants to come out and face the day. I know that feeling.

Four Farewells

3 Oct

Today we said farewell to four more kids.  I had to get the last of the bucks off the farm because I don’t want any more oopsie kids.

Seven, Stitch, Octavius, and Archie

Of course, Popcorn had to follow us out and eat scrub mulberry supervise while we tagged and loaded the boys.


It was a dreary and drizzly ride to the sale barn, but they stood right behind the cab and didn’t get very wet.  I felt bad, but I really need to not have any more bucks running around.

Friday evening I also caught Pistol’s girls and shut them in to sell.  But they cried for their mom. Their mom cried for them.

Edith (front) and Kate

I felt really guilty, so they are still here.  But they will be leaving at some point.

with their mom, Antigone

The other moms didn’t seem to mind their kids leaving at all.  I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to attempt milking Aphrodite or Joy.


My little Purl, however, was quite frustrated looking for her brother.  Poor girl.


She’s lucky that she’s staying on the farm.

Purl and Hilda

I’m sure she and Hilda will be fine together.