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Fencing Plans

13 Dec

I have some fencing plans in the works.  It seems like fences are always in need of repair and replacing on a farm.  We’ve already been planning on redoing the fence around my yard, so Sky doesn’t notice he can just hop over the fence by the road.  We’ve already gotten the gates to replace and add.

Sky behind my makeshift cattle panel gate

It will be really nice to have a real front gate again.  Yes, I’m using a farm gate for my yard.

Then I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep the goats safe from coyotes, and I think I’m going to try to keep them off the pasture near the back fence. The small front pasture has done amazingly well feeding everyone, even with a drought.

I’m sure it won’t be enough for the whole summer, but I think we’re going to try to run a fence along the bottom of Dead Tree Hill.  It will give me another nice pasture, and I hope it will keep them away from the coyotes living in the woods south of the farm.


A smaller pasture will also keep the llamas close to the goats.

Buster Mary in front and Haley to the right

I feel better at least having a plan.  Now we just need to get supplies and make it happen.  That’s the hard part.



12 Dec

Noelle seems to be adjusting to her life here.

Sky and Noelle

She seems to approve of belonging to Sky.  Or maybe he belongs to her?

Sky’s Birthday Presents

9 Dec

We couldn’t let Sky’s birthday pass without getting him a present.  He is after all an incredibly good boy; although, he really is a maniac.  My mom gave him a beef bone.


He was a bit excited.

I thought he could use something to keep him occupied in the house.  It seems to be working.  Check it out below:


Also, kittens spontaneously generate.  It’s true.  My mom had whole litters magically appear in her woodshed two years in a row.

Meet Noelle.  At least, I think that’s her name.