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Everyone Else

10 Mar

As I move into spring break kidding, everyone else is probably going to be neglected. Not really, but they won’t get the attention of my girls who are kidding, old, and ill.  So here’s a bunch of pictures of everyone else.

My littles: Ostara, Zora, Pretzel, and Heidi.

Chiffon, Bubbles, and Heidi–I think I’ve decided Bubbles is open.


Maybeline and Odie in front of the herd


Zora and Daisy

Wanda and Pretzel (LilyAnn behind)




The herd

And a peak from what’s happening with knitting.

I finished my second raglan pullover sweater.

Now I’m working on a cardigan.

Come on babies because I’m now on spring break!

Friday’s Photo Dump

24 Feb

Well, here we are at another weekend.  I can’t believe how quickly time flies.  Next week is already our spring conference week, which makes the farm work a lot more challenging, but we’ll survive.  I’ll spend this weekend trying to get everything ready to make the work easier.


Tux was not sure about the milk room and Victoria

Ms. Goose


LilyAnn (and Daisy behind)


Herbie, my little love bug

Maybeline and Odie







Hope you have a great weekend!

The Latest Round

23 Feb

Tuesday evening saw some dramatic clouds as a hint of the storms to the north of us.

They were pretty amazing.

panorama of the barnyard

Here, the latest round of winter weather arrived on Wednesday.

It took just a couple of minutes to completely coat the window in ice.

It came in the form of an ice storm warning.

Salem watching the rain fall and freeze on the deck.

I don’t do ice. I absolutely panic at the thought of driving on ice.

The gravel road is usually better than main roads in a storm, but not with ice.

When I was doing chores for Frodo and Penelope, I slipped and twisted my knee going over the gate.

I can’t even enjoy the beauty at this point.

The dog still just wants to play with sticks.

I’m ready for spring.