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Hot, Hazy Days

3 Jul

We have certainly reached the hot, humid days of summer where my camera fogs up the second I step out the door.

Fogged over Hera with Reva and Butterscotch in the back

It’s the kind of weather where you can almost hear the corn growing.

Front to back: Sonny, Cher, and Addie

Our temperatures are near 90°F (32.22°C), and the dew point is tropical.

Sisters from another mother: Moira and Venus


Cinquain (trying to lick Xerxes’s salt block), Seven and Joy


It’s the kind of weather that makes me want to stay inside, and even the goats and llamas are feeling it.



Chiffon is really getting a lot nicer now that her sister is gone.

It looks like this trend is going to continue for the next couple of weeks.


29 Jun

This time of year is hard to find the critters doing anything but hanging out in pasture munching on grass.

Odie, Maybeline, and Aurora

Flora has managed to get stuck a time or two trying to eat through the fence.

The whole herd


Penelope with Bambi behind





Except Myson.  He’s usually standing in a tree or on a rock.

Myson (Cinnamon in front, Reva. Cutie. Addie, Sonny on the back rock, and Moose behind)

We’ve had great weather for the grass to grow into this amazing jungle.

National Llama Appreciation Day

21 Jun

Apparently, today is National Llama Appreciation Day, at least according to the Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association.  There is a National Llama Day on December 9th also, which seems to have been around a lot longer.  But today, it’s all about appreciating my llovely lladies.


I really do appreciate them, even though they refuse to give me a cria.


I would appreciate them more if they weren’t black widows, but today is about appreciating them.


I’ve had several people tell me they’ve seen the girls chasing coyotes off the farm.  That’s why I brought them here–protecting the herd.

I also enjoy using their fiber.

They are truly strange and amazing creatures!