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Friday Afternoon Leftovers

15 Oct

Just a bit of stuff from around the farm:

Antigone looks really good after a year off from having babies.

Mrs. Goose

She’s molting right now.

Hilda and Purl. I think Purl is happy her little brother and sister are shut away.

Maybeline and Aurora

Mr. Peacock

He’s starting to grow his feathers back in.


My sweet girls–Haley and Pretzel

We are trying to get back to normal after all the repair work from the derecho. (Sky)

Another Day in Pasture

12 Oct

I am trying to walk more.  It’s been a rough year to try and get out and just walk and enjoy pasture, so I’m trying to do more of that.

Silly wethers–Myson and Casey

It makes me happy to climb the hill and see the herd out there.

The herd

This is the back hill that was just made into hay.



With the tiny bit cooler weather and the little rain we’ve had, it’s still growing.  That’s good.


If we don’t get early snow and ice, the goats will still be able to feed themselves off pasture until the end of the year.

Penelope, Cupid, and Zinnia catching up to the rest of the herd

That also makes my life much easier.

Starting to Look Like Fall

5 Oct

We’re starting to see a hint of fall in the trees.

It’s enough to have me hoping for real fall and allergies ending.


Of course, it’s still going to be a while, but I can hope.


About the only thing left in the buffer strip is a bit of alfalfa and wild asters.  The monarchs seem to have moved on, and all I saw out there were a couple of sulfur butterflies.

We’ve had just a bit of rain, so the pasture is looking a bit more green again.


That’s good.  Soon, the days will be short enough that I have to shut the goats off the back half of the pasture to keep them safe from coyotes.

heading back through the gate

You know, I’m almost looking forward to winter.