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Spa Day

7 May

Last weekend our weather was cold, windy, rainy and miserable.  Every day throughout the week, it got a bit nicer and warmer.  That means by Friday, when it was sunny and 76*F (*C) with little wind, the pregnant goats and llamas were hot.  Odie was miserable.


Luckily, the two llama lladies did not have long to wait for getting sheared.  Saturday morning, when the goats were in pasture and they were in the barnyard, I bribed them into the greenhouse with some corn.  Judging by the ears, they were not amused.  I tried to tell them it wasn’t really Alcatraz.  It was just a girls day to be pampered before their spa treatments.

They did finally settle down.

Maybeline in front

Sunday the shearers arrived.  It’s the same super nice family that did Llenny’s shearing last year–Aspen Rayne Ranch.  We started with Maybeline.

Odie was second.  Here’s she’s getting a good blowing off before they start shearing.

It’s crazy how much wool those girls had.  They were really warm.

While they switched tools, I wormed them.

Then they got their hooves trimmed.

They look much cooler!  That’s good because we are supposed to be even warmer this coming week.  I present to you…



Now I have to decide what to do with two bags of wool.

I’m thinking rugs.

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Spring is Back!

2 May

After several days of rain and wind and cold and miserable, we are back to gorgeous spring weather!  Blue skies and lots of sun made it perfect weather for basking and enjoying pasture and playing.




Dolly and triplets leading the herd

T-bone and Spot

We’re looking forward to a lot more of those fun days this week.

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Rain, Rain…

30 Apr

We’ve had rain all weekend.  The goats did get to go out and eat a bit yesterday, but they got rained on, and back they came to take shelter in the barn.

Betty Lou (top) and Sallie (front)

I decided to take pity on them and give them some hay.  They ate for about two seconds, and then they decided they’d rather go back out to pasture.


Even though it wasn’t raining then, the grass was wet.  It was cold and windy.  They still preferred to eat that green grass.


The kids didn’t seem too upset with their wet feet and legs.

Dove and Jinx

The llady llamas were happy to eat that hay.


Although, I’m not sure they each needed a whole bale.


Today, I’m not being quite so nice since they wasted half of what I fed them yesterday, but they did have a nice soft bed for the night.

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