Happy Goats

Once I got the cows on the Back Forty, I set about moving the goats around.  First, I let my moms out.  They were very happy to see they could get to pasture.

goats going to pasture

Some took off without thought of their kids.  Some kids followed and some stayed in the barnyard.

Blaze's doe Sugar's buck and doe

Blaze’s doe
Sugar’s buck and doe

Pistol was a bit more conservative and made sure she had all three of her kids.

doe goat and triplest

They had only been out there a couple of minutes, when my non-mom goats noticed their companions had been let out into the big pasture.  It didn’t matter that they’d had access to the front pasture for the last couple of weeks while the moms were locked in the barnyard.  Nope.  They were still jealous.

goats in pasture

They ran to join the moms.  I’m not going to lie.  I think a goose might have been run over.

running goat collage

Even my ten-year-olds joined in the race to the pasture (well, Millie walked regally out to pasture).  Minnie and Meg were acting like spring kids!

old goats collage

Of course, when the two groups met, it required the typical head-butting and horn locking behaviors that drive me crazy.

doe goat fight collage

It didn’t last long though because everyone wanted to eat.

goats in pasture

There were family reunions.  Star was quick to locate her mom, Vixen.

doe goats

Everyone was happy with the move.

wether goat in pasture

Litha’s quads found my thinking stone.  I’m impressed!

goat kid rock collage

Finally, the llama joined the party!


Everyone is on the Back Forty that’s supposed to be there!

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An Ornery Llama

I always say the llama is cranky.  He is.

cranky llama

Djali Llama

You can tell his mood by those ears.  When they go back, you can expect trouble.

llama ears

Not that I can see anything in that big brown eye that should make him cranky.

reflection in llama eye

Now, I have evidence of how ornery he is when he’s cranky.

llama picking on ox llama picking on ox llama picking on ox

He was pulling MJ’s fur!  Naughty, ornery llama!

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Cinderella and the Hay Mountain

Cinderella is Cookie’s little doe.  Cookie didn’t do a great job of caring for her kids, so Cinderella was a bit small and the heat was hard on her and I’ve been babying her.  She still gets to come into the chicken coop to eat her grain, and I let Moose and her into the middle of the barn while I’m feeding everyone their hay.  She seems to like it.



When we filled my barn last summer, I had hoped there would be nearly enough to get me through two years.  

goat kid on hay

With the steer down here and the way everyone loves hay, my mountain is getting smaller.



I’ve also had to feed extra because of all the cold weather.



Don’t worry though.  We have plenty to get us through the winter.

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