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Food Fight Part II

29 Jul

You might recall that I’m feeding Aurora extra feed to try and put weight on her before winter gets here.  Odie has some issues with not being fed also, even though she’s already plenty heavy.

Odie is not a skinny llama.

Every time I let a goat in the milk room, Aurora’s right there begging for food.

Aurora steaming over my window.

Haley gets to come in and eat because I want to make sure she gets plenty with her bum foot; although, she is doing really well.

As soon as she comes in,  I put the pan out for Aurora.

Dolly also comes in because she’s old and has bad teeth.  These two old goat ladies race for the door and push each other to be first.  When Haley wins (and she pretty much always wins), I have Dolly standing outside waiting rather impatiently.

But it doesn’t take long until I let her in and kick Haley out.  If Aurora isn’t done, then I have to go out and referee.

Okay, I have to tell Haley to go away.  So far, Aurora has been pretty nice about not just stomping or spitting on Haley.

I can’t say the same in her treatment of Odie when she gets pushy.

Cranky llady does not share her food.

More of the Herd

11 Jul

What is that?


Rub-a-dub dub, it’s Dolly in a tub.

This just proves that goats and tubs are like cats and boxes.  Mr. Peacock isn’t technically part of the “herd,” but I just had to share him.

Glover and Jack took their turn in the tub with Haley beside them.  They all really like hopping in there and napping.  I came out one time and Onyx was in it with her boy.

Glover, Jack and Haley

The June kids on the picnic table.

Top: Jack Middle: Ivy, Sunshine, Lemuel: Bottom: Glover and Pretzel

I’m going to say that the llamas are a part of the herd.

Maybeline coming up from pasture in the evening

After all, they are here to protect the goats.


I can’t believe how big the spring break kids are getting.

Jasmine and Aladdin, Pluto, Chunky with Cinnamon, Caroline and Purl behind

Perdita is still not happy about being re-weaned, but at least she’s going out to pasture with everyone and not sitting around crying now.

Popcorn is still sweet and cute. He’s a good boy.


So is Myson.  I still think it’s funny how he likes to stand up on top of things and watch over the rest of the herd.


The two bucks seem to like my tarp tent.  With the hot weather we’ve had again, it has been nice for them to be able to be under it and catch a breeze.

Xerxes and Freddie

Sometimes, Lemuel and Jack like to hop up in the cattle tank (it’s empty).

Lemuel, Sunshine, and Pretzel

They really are silly.

A New Toy

7 Jul

I was just getting ready to take an intermediate weaving class when the world shut down with the pandemic.  I didn’t get to take the class, and after another year, I finally decided to just jump in and get a loom.

Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

Of course, Rocky was right there to help.

Rocky (sorry for the blurry cell phone picture)

Once it was opened, it kind of made my living room look small.

I’ve been really trying to remember how it works.  It’s been just under two years since I did anything on a loom.  Of course, I had to start by remembering how to use the warping board.  YouTube videos were quite helpful.

Then I had to remember how to get the warp strings onto the loom.

I warp front to back

I finally got it set up and ready to weave.

Just a very narrow trial run.

Sky wants to know why he lost his flopping on the floor space.


I couldn’t remember how the drill was set up to wind bobbins, so there were more YouTube videos.

I did have to make a minor adjustment (pencil), but it works!

I got a start.  I remembered to even out my warp, but I forgot the over/under with the floating selvedge.  

Eventually, I did remember it. I really do need a bit more refreshing and practicing.

Then I can start turning all that llama wool cored yarn into rugs!