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Next Step for the Perfect Kid

3 May

This year was a good year for my plan of trying to create the perfect kid–one descended from my 15 original lines.  Most of the girls had twins that were one buck and one doe.  That gave me a lot of choice.  I need four goats to pair up to give me two kids next year.  Those two kids will then make the perfect kid.

Daisy feeding Chrys and Poppy

As I look to this year’s kids, I am making my choices.  First up is Onyx.  From the moment I saw her, I wanted to keep her.  I’m hoping her feet are good, and then she will be here forever.


I plan on breeding her to Tiger.  He has blood from outside the farm, which is good to help with genetic diversity.  He is a combination of Boer and Nubian, which will add some good blood to the original fifteen lines.


Next up is Ava’s boy Freddie.  He is a really nice big buck.  He’s not very friendly, but after I breed with him, he’ll get sold, so I’m not too worried about how friendly he is.  And he isn’t horrible.  I can pet him when he feels like it.

Fannie and Freddie

Freddie is going to get bred to Hilda.  She hasn’t had her baby yet this year, and I wouldn’t be able to use her baby for breeding next year, so I will just breed Hilda to him.


As crazy, bratty, wild as she is, I wouldn’t have kept Hilda, but she was nicer than her twin sister, and I didn’t have any other choices for keeping a descendant from Minnie Pearl, who was my herd queen and one of my first milking does.

Minnie and her granddoe Helen, Hilda’s maa

Hilda better have a tame kid with Freddie because she is way too wild, and I’m tired of wild, bratty goats.

Routine Work

28 Apr

Now that the herd is all together again, it makes it a lot easier to do that routine work that needs to be done. We’ve also had good weather which helps too.

In pasture with the herd

I had goats out in the field again, so I spent more time hobbling the fence.  I really need this thing to be replaced this summer.

bird on a fence

I have finished the latest round of copper.

Most of the goats are good about taking it hidden in a peanut shell, but some goats…

Tried catching for three days to shove it down her throat and then she decided to demurely take it in a peanut. smh

Those goats who refuse to eat a yummy peanut treat get caught and have the capsule put down their throats.  I much prefer the easy peanut method.

Young ones don’t always know what a yummy treat peanuts are.

I’m also working of hooves.  That is a constant.  This spring has been another really bad one for feet.  Our winter was thaw/freeze/thaw/freeze which was really hard on the hooves.

Cupid with Tiger (front) and Tansy

Most of them have cleaned up pretty well, but Astra’s feet are the worst.  I am trying really hard to get them back in shape.  Three feet are almost there, but that fourth might require some professional assistance.


Pistol and Blaze were both limping one day, so I checked feet.  Pistol’s was an easy fix. I just had to take the mud that had stuck between her toes and dried in there out–instant fix.  Blaze had to have hers trimmed, but she is still limping.  I’m sure she needs a couple days for the bruise to heal.


You might remember Mary’s foot was a mess earlier.  It’s doing well now.

Bubbles, Mary, and Quatro

Of course, I’m still giving Popcorn his bottles.  I’m also trying to get him to go out to pasture with the herd, so he can eat grass and develop a good rumen.  Then I can quit feeding him bottles.


When I took him out, Astra’s boys ended up following us out there too.  Poor Astra.  She generally tries not to have her kids in pasture so she can have a little peace.  I do let her into the milk room for some sweet feed without kids trying to nurse.  It takes a lot to feed triplets.

Astra with Jester and Joker

Next I need to figure out how to get the dog’s toenails trimmed.  I’m not sure how to get him to the vet’s office (usually a two person job) and then I’m not sure they can get him to leave me and go in the clinic.


I’m going to have to think on this one.

Some Leftovers

17 Apr

Just some leftovers from the last week or so because I am still crazy busy working from home.

Joker in front; Jester behind

Cupid, Tansy, and Tiger


Cutie and Milo



the herd heading to the barnyard

Mary with Trace and Quatro napping

Here’s to a good weekend!