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Shipping Fever

26 Jul

I mentioned that Saturday was not really a good day to buy an animal from the sale barn because of the heat and humidity.  I was serious.  By the time we got home, it was obvious that Benji had shipping fever.  Honestly, it’s pneumonia caused by stress, and going through the sale barn in horrid heat is quite stressful.


I treated him with antibiotics, banamine, and probiotics. I did do a fecal, which came back clean.

He really wants out to join the herd.

This is why it’s always best to isolate a new animal to the farm.  Unfortunately, especially with this heat, I’m not well-equipped to completely isolate him.

Cupid coming to say “hi.”

I did call the vet and he came to check him.  He agreed that Benji is a nice-looking buck, but he’s still really congested.  He added another long-lasting antibiotic and said to do the banamine for another day.

Won’t Benji and 2TC make beautiful babies!

So far, getting him to eat has been the hardest thing.  I think it’s the being penned alone, not feeling well, and the stress of moving to a new place.  The vet did give him some vitamin B to try to stimulate his appetite.  We also talked about the need to continue isolation, but a companion would likely help reduce his stress and encourage him to eat.  After weighing the risks and benefits, I decided to put Gilbert in there with Benji.

Gilbert (not so happy with the move) and Benji

He already seems calmer.  He wants to get to know Gilbert.  And after Gilbert was eating, Benji decided to check it out as well.

Here’s to a soon-to-be healthy Benji.  I am optimistic he’ll fully recover and give me lots of beautiful babies.

Not Quite How I Planned

9 Jul

My plan to put the moms on the front pasture so their kids could get used to following them is not working out well.

Cupid with Pongo nursing

Mostly because the pasture is so thick the kids can’t even walk out there.

Sidney feeding her boys

Really.  When I was out checking on them, Frodo saw me and was going to bounce away.  He fell and pretty much did a face plant.  It’s just brutal trying to walk out there.

Rosie and Frodo (mid face plant)

I saw Pretzel and one of the red ones (maybe Lemuel) trying to find their moms.  I could see them bouncing through the tall grass and hear them calling.  Pretty soon they were at the fence and still calling to try and find their moms.  They did eventually find the herd.


This weekend I might try to put everyone on the Back Forty again.  The kids will most likely stay up here in the barnyard, but they will be fine. They’ll get to pig out (like Perdita) when their moms come up from pasture.

Thunder (front) and Lightning nursing

If they do go out to pasture, it will be a lot easier for them to get around, and they are getting old enough that they shouldn’t just fall asleep out there, and since I have them on just the front half after their escapades the other day, it will be easier to keep track of them.

Moving Goats Again

29 Jun

I decided it was time to move goats again.  Sidney and Moira were in the Love Shack, and there really isn’t much shade.  There’s even less green stuff to eat.  They really needed out.

Moira and Sidney in the Love Shack

Hilda and Cupid were in the same situation in the greenhouse, but it is a bit bigger indoor space.  That makes it a little better.

Cupid in the Love Shack

Anyhow, I decided to do some moving and rearranging to give all my  moms plenty of pasture.  I also hoped to keep Tiger from getting stuck in the fence.  I waited until the herd went out to pasture.

in the Back Forty

I started by dividing my barnyard in half with a couple of panels.

The llamas on the north half of the barnyard

Of course, the llamas showed up just as I was getting ready to do my changes.  I put another panel in the barn to divide it.  Then I decided to bribe the llamas to go back to the other side.


It worked!

Maybeline and Aurora (Odie behind)

Next up was using some feed to bribe my moms in the north paddock to go into that pen I had just created in the barn.  That was also easy peasy.  I shut them in with one of my panels that I had previously had dividing the barnyard.

the moms from up north

Of course, the kids were still hanging out up by the gate, but I decided I’d deal with them later.  I had all the adults out of the way.

Ivy, Jack, Glover, Lemuel, and Sunshine

Then I went to the buck room.

Freddie and Tiger

They were going to move north.  Xerxes and Freddie were easy.  They just followed me right up.

Xerxes and Freddie (Sunshine and Ivy under the tarp)

I had to go back and bring Tiger with me.  Once I got them up there, I shut the gate.

Tiger (Xerxes and Freddie checking out the tarp hut)

About the time I was getting ready to catch the kids and put them in the barnyard where there moms were going to be, some little Perdita girl slid off the top of the quonset hut under the tarp.  I had completely forgotten about her.  I caught her and put her in the barnyard and then went back to catching the five kids.

Perdita and Ivy

Then I let the moms out of the barn to get their kids.  I’m really sure I had already caught Lem.  Oh well. I caught him again and put him back on the sided I wanted him on.

Lemuel looks tiny beside Freddie.

Then the moms decided they were going to go hang out in the barn again.  I guess that was good because I realized I had forgotten to block the openings by the cattle tank.  They could have just walked right out to the Back Forty.  I am not trying to keep track of these eleven kids on forty acres.

To block the cattle tank holes, I had to remove the door from the greenhouse, so that let Hilda and Cupid out.

Zinnia, Glover, Haley, Joani, Cupid, and Tansy

Then I just had to open the Love Shack.  Um.  My panel was kind of sunk into the ground with the grass holding it down. It took a fair amount of work to get it pulled loose.

Then Sidney and Moira were out.

Sidney and Moira

I could not get everyone to come down to the side I wanted them on.  They were all hanging out in the barn, so I finally gave up for a while.

Eventually, when I let Haley into the milk room to change her bandage, everyone else thought they should come beg for food.

Haley’s foot doesn’t slow her down much; Perdita on the bench

I used that opportunity to finish dividing the barnyard in half again.  Pretty soon, everyone else came back up from pasture and tried to figure out what was going on.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish the saga.