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In Two Weeks

26 Mar

I have been so obsessed with all the spring break moms and kids and trying to plan for the new greenhouse and work and Tux that I somehow just realized that in two weeks, I’ll be up to my elbows in Easter kidding.

Perdita and her little Lady. (We just finished with spring break babies!)

So who’s due in those four days?  Sidney is first.  She is due on Good Friday, April 7th.


On April 8th, we have Joy and Antigone.



The 9th is a busy day with six girls due:


Rosie (she’s definitely and “I think…”)




Cupid and Tansy

On Monday, the 10th the last four are due.  One is Cupid (pictured above).




I think.  As we know, I never assume I will be perfect in figuring these things out.  It’s going to be a long, sleepless weekend.  I am grateful my sister is going to be here to help part of the time.

Feeding Tux and Victoria

16 Feb

Tux is still in the garage. He doesn’t seem to mind.

He always stands up to get petted

I have everything out there for him that he needs.  But he has an annoying habit with his food.

He reminds me of my Snickers–he’d catch a squirrel and eat some and bury the rest under hay in the old garage lean-to.  Luckily, Tux doesn’t have squirrels in there, but he does bury his bowl in the hay.

You couldn’t even see the bowl of food in the hay to his right

Every single time. I have to dig it out and pick some of the hay out of it.

Victoria doesn’t really have an annoying habit, but she does eat a lot.  That’s good.  While it’s warmer, this is the time she can really put some weight on.

Victoria in the milk room

watching me get her corn

she gets a quart each day

eating some calf starter

It tastes better straight out of the bag

a bit of sweet feed for dessert

She is such a sweet old girl.

Luckily, everyone else is pretty easy. As long as you don’t count goats nearly trampling me over the grain.

Ostara and Cupid at the salt/mineral block

Well, the hay is easy.

A Basking Weekend

13 Feb

Saturday was bright and sunny.  It was rather breezy, but if you found a patch of sun out of the wind, it was perfect for basking.





On the east side ofthe barn: Hilda, Rosie, Purl, Caroline, Venus, and Cutie; Heidi eating



South of the barn: Onyx, Victoria, Wanda, and Hera and Ostara


And the goats were certainly taking advantage of the basking weather to lounge around a be lazy.