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Hot, Hazy Days

3 Jul

We have certainly reached the hot, humid days of summer where my camera fogs up the second I step out the door.

Fogged over Hera with Reva and Butterscotch in the back

It’s the kind of weather where you can almost hear the corn growing.

Front to back: Sonny, Cher, and Addie

Our temperatures are near 90°F (32.22°C), and the dew point is tropical.

Sisters from another mother: Moira and Venus


Cinquain (trying to lick Xerxes’s salt block), Seven and Joy


It’s the kind of weather that makes me want to stay inside, and even the goats and llamas are feeling it.



Chiffon is really getting a lot nicer now that her sister is gone.

It looks like this trend is going to continue for the next couple of weeks.

Once Again…

3 Jan

I looked out the window one day last week just as the goats were headed out to pasture. I went out (I think it was to let the geese out), and they all came running back to the barnyard on the off chance I might give them food.

That’s when I noticed two goats fighting in the lane.  A closer look showed it was Myson and Zeus.  What the heck?  He was in Alcatraz.

Myson and Zeus

At least they were coming back from pasture.

Haley leading the way (Caroline beind; Myson in the door; Venus peeking through the fence)

I just had to wait until he came through the barn door and grab a horn.  He was pretty easy to lead back to where he belonged.

Then they showed me how my twine around the “gate” was busted.

Casey, Moose (behind), Myson, and Zeus

Fat wethers were trying to play with him.  They popped it open.  Brats.

fat boy wethers

Of course, Clover had to be in heat.

Clover with Xerxes

That means another shot to prevent oopsie babies.  I am really getting tired of this.

Who’s Got to Go

3 Oct

With the delays in selling the rest of my March kids, I’m afraid I’m going to have to give every one of my girls a shot to prevent oopsie babies because those boys…  I’m afraid it’s going to mess me up for spring break babies too, but I can’t have them trying to kid in February when I’m at work.  I wish I could have sold them (copper, worms) or shut them away from everyone, but I am out of safe places for them.  Fionn or the other big bucks would hurt them.

Xerxes, Mary and Tootles

Mary was in heat and had every little buck around her.

back to front: Zeus, Xerxes, Mary, Tootles, Ringo, and Peanut

Except for Pepe.  He’s my sweet little boy.  How I wish I could find a forever farm for him as a wether.  He’d be a perfect pet.


Peanut was after Gidget.

Peanut and Gidget

It’s a wild hormone-filled place right now.  Those little boys have got to go this weekend!

Cutie in love with Xerxes (Button in front)

While I’m at it, I’m going to take the June boys.  I’ll sell all the rest of the girls the next time.