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A Perfect Day

7 Oct

Today was a perfect fall day–sunshine, mid-sixites, gentle breeze.  Makes me wish I could have been outside enjoying it.

Aurora and Maybeline

However, I’m pretty sure my stomach bug is a mild case of e-coli, which is not fun.  Hopefully, I’ll be better soon.


A Single Shot

20 Sep

I got nothing today, so I’m sharing a shot left over from September 3rd.

I was walking the girls back to get milked, and the whole herd was following.

Llamas in the Mist

28 Oct

Saturday morning started out quite dark and foggy.

I swear every starling in the county had gathered in my trees to squawk.  It was like a scene from a Hitchcock movie.

I much prefer the llamas in the mist.

Or just the pasture blanketed in fog.

goats on the bottom

It was beautiful!  And then the fog lifted.

It was a perfect fall day!