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A Weather Surprise

19 Oct

Saturday was really a beautiful (but really windy) fall day.  You’ll get to see more pictures throughout the week.

Sunday was supposed to bring another cold front with a slight chance of rain in the morning.  I figured I’d wake up to a chilly a dry morning because we’re still in drought and those slights chances of moisture have brought nothing most times.  Instead, I woke to a winter wonderland.

It was soon gone, but not as soon as we would have liked.


almost noon

This worries me a little bit about what kind of winter we might have.

Golden Hour

12 Oct

We’ve had some amazing sunsets lately.  It’s partly the time of year, but it’s also impacted by all the smoke in the atmosphere.

sunset over the corn field

The herd

It’s beautiful to see, but hard on the allergies.

Fall Days

10 Oct

Even though we’ve been unusually warm this week (back in the 80’s), it is looking like fall.


The herd.

The days are getting shorter.



The goats and llamas have less time out in pasture.


Bambi and the others coming into the barnyard.

I am not sure I’m ready for the short days and winter chores.

Thought I’d also share one of Maybeline that lets you see how stinkin’ cute she is.

But they will be here soon.