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An Unexpected Harvest

14 Oct

My garden did horrible this year, and the many pie pumpkins that grew were mostly rotten by the time I wanted to pick them in late September.  But I evidently had a volunteer pumpkin that grew on the burn pile.

Since we’re windy and in a drought, I haven’t burned it.

They are even pretty decent quality.  Now I need to bake.

A Perfect Evening

9 Oct

After a long stressful week exacerbated by parent-teacher conferences, I was exceedingly grateful for Friday evening.


It was absolutely perfect, although we are rather warm for this time of year.  There wasn’t a drop of wind, and it was perfect for spending time out in pasture with the goats.  I wasn’t even too bothered by the bugs.  Thankfully, because they have been horrible this week, too.

the herd

Anyhow, back to a beautiful, peaceful evening. Thankfully.

Trace (Dolly behind her)

Although, it’s easy to see the sun is moving farther south in the sky, and it’s setting so much earlier now.

sunset over the bean field and pasture

It won’t be long until we’re really seeing short days.

Starting to Look Like Fall

5 Oct

We’re starting to see a hint of fall in the trees.

It’s enough to have me hoping for real fall and allergies ending.


Of course, it’s still going to be a while, but I can hope.


About the only thing left in the buffer strip is a bit of alfalfa and wild asters.  The monarchs seem to have moved on, and all I saw out there were a couple of sulfur butterflies.

We’ve had just a bit of rain, so the pasture is looking a bit more green again.


That’s good.  Soon, the days will be short enough that I have to shut the goats off the back half of the pasture to keep them safe from coyotes.

heading back through the gate

You know, I’m almost looking forward to winter.