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Just Some Pictures

20 Jul

Here are a few leftovers of random things that were just for fun.

You can hear buzzing everywhere in the clover patch.

I was waiting for the monarch to open its wings.

When it did, it was to fly away.

one of the peacocks

a toad showed up after one of our rains


red-headed woodpecker outside my window

A couple of sulfur butterflies



More Wild Things

20 Jun

There seems to be a whole family of killdeer living along my road.

I usually don’t get close enough to them to get even a crappy photo.

I was happy to get these images.

I had a red-headed woodpecker hanging out in the yard.

red-headed woodpecker

I don’t see many rabbits on the farm (Bob likes rabbit for breakfast), so I was happy to see this one.


A pair of barn swallows built a nest in the buck room.  They certainly didn’t leave much room between the nest and the ceiling.  That is going to get crowded with babies in there.

I hope you’re not tired of the bobolinks because I just can’t get enough of them.  Their song is wonderful, and the male is quite striking with his breeding colors.


Although, I do think his yellow cap is starting to fade.

Wild rose is Iowa’s state flower.

I have quite a few growing in the ditch this year.

They are pretty.  My favorite butterfly is the tiger swallowtail.

I’ve seen quite a few this year.

This one was the first who was cooperative about getting his/her photo taken.

Some Critters

22 Apr

Just a few of the critters on the farm–

the herd at dusk





Bob Cat