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Winding Down

18 Oct

Milking is really winding down.  I’m just milking Cutie and Zinnia now.

Zinnie wondering what’s taking so long to let her in

I’m getting a little over a quart a day.  It’s not enough to make any big batches of cheese or anything, so I’m freezing pint bags for Snickers and me.

morning milking

I have also been making lotion.  I am fully stocked with eleven fragrances.

Crisp Apple Rose and Southern Peach are new scents.

So far, I’ve also made fifteen batches of soap this fall.  Crisp Apple Rose is a new soap scent too.  I really like it.

I don’t think I’ve shared the link to my website in ages, so if you are interested in trying our soaps or lotions, you can click HERE.

A Wet Fall Festival

28 Sep

I rushed home for work yesterday and jumped into the car I had packed the night before and took off for Watson’s Fall Festival in State Center to try and sell my soaps and other items.  I’d been watching the weather all day, and it looked like it was going to be close.

By the time I started up my gravel road, I wasn’t sure whether or not we’d end up having the market.

By the time I got to State Center and put gas in the car, the leading edge of the storms had arrived.

I sat in my car for a little while, and let the worst of the rain pass.  I felt bad for the couple setting their tent up while it was pouring.

Can you tell rain is pouring down the windshield?

When the rain had finished, we set up.

There was even a bit of sunshine for a little bit, but that time many of the vendors and the bounce tent and horse-drawn hay rack rides had cancelled.

That means that there weren’t many people.

Still, it was nice to see people I hadn’t seen in a while, and I did have a few customers.


18 Sep

One of the reasons I had to take a break from canning tomatoes was because of soaping.  I shared that I had sent a bunch of soap and lotion to a store in Des Moines, and that left a lot of empty space on my shelves.

I’m working on filling up those blank spaces.

Last weekend, I made eight batches of soap on Saturday.

I’m also working on keeping up with the milk from the goats.  I am getting just about a gallon a day from the five girls I’m milking.

I have to make lotion.

lotion making and soap making

I got a start over the weekend, but I still have more to make.  I will also get it back on my online market to ship to people.

The small town where I used to go to the farmer’s market is having their fall festival.  I’ll be taking my soaps and lotions there.

It will also be my first opportunity to take other items.  I’ve already sold a few sets of llama balls (for the dryer), so I need to make more and take them.

I’ll also take my knitted dish cloths and coasters.

I’ll also take my rugs.

It will be nice to get to set up and see everyone whom I used to see weekly throughout the summer.