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4 May

Well, the drought monitor report I’ve been waiting for finally came out.  We are no longer in drought or even abnormally dry!

Now, if we could just get the wind to die down and have more seasonal temperatures.

We’ve been really cool for this time of year, and it’s starting to be a big issue.

The planting season should be well under way, but we are way behind. You can’t really start planting until the soil temperature reaches 50°F, and we just haven’t been able to get there.

It’s made it impossible to work on a lot of those projects that I really need to be working on. My birds are settling in the new quarters, but I haven’t even started the work on their pen.

the goose

wild leghorn likes digging through all the bedding/hay left from the goats

Mr. Peacock is still staying mostly inside, but he’s doing well.

I still haven’t mowed my yard.

I guess the lack of leaves at least makes it easier to photograph the cardinal

At least it’s warmed up enough that the grass is growing to keep the goats and llamas happy, even if my yard is looking way too shaggy.






And I don’t have to have kids in the garage now.

Caroline is due within the next week.

Tansy is due Saturday.

I trust it will all work out somehow.

Fall Field Work

21 Nov

Usually, after we harvest the crops, we’re done in the fields.  They just lay fallow for the winter.

Next spring we’ll plant corn in my field.  You have to apply anhydrous to help provide nitrogen for the corn.  The prices of everything in farming is expensive, but the prices of anhydrous predicted for next spring is absolutely exorbitant.

That means, my nephew has been applying it this fall before the prices go up.

It’s probably not as effective; some will be lost over the winter, but there’s no way to even break even with the predicted prices.

In good news, we’ve had a fairly wet November, and we are officially back at just being abnormally dry.

Hopefully we’ll get another good rain or two before the ground freezes.

More Rain

30 Oct

After a rainy last Sunday, we had more rain Wednesday and Thursday.  The amount of the state in a drought is decreasing.  Of course, I’m still in the area of severe drought, but I’m hoping the additional rain (not on this map) will at least put us back down to just a moderate drought.

It is the first time in ages we’ve actually had mud.




It was wonderful!

looking like fall

And it made for an extra enjoyable sunset Friday.

coming up from pasture at sunset

Our temperatures are also cooling down to more normal.

And in totally unrelated news, I made my last payment today on my acreage.  That means the house and garage

and barn and front pasture are all mine.

I’m dancing a happy dance today!