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Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse

17 May

I took a picture of the full moon when it first came up Sunday evening.

full moon on May 15th

Then I forgot about the eclipse.

When I went to let the dog out before bed, I noticed it was already getting well under way.

I really need to take the time to learn the settings on this camera.

I had to photograph it, but I didn’t have time to dig the tripod out, and I’ve been too busy to research settings for such a shoot.   That means I just shot.

Here’s what my cell phone did.

This is really what it looked like when I was standing on the deck and it was fully eclipsed.

The camera did an amazing job! It really made the red color of the blood moon stand out.

I am absolutely in love with the new camera. And it was amazing to watch the eclipse.

The Calendar

9 Nov

I have finished my calendar for next year, and I am especially happy with the variety to this one.

Odie, Aurora, and Maybeline


Chiffon’s boys: Nestle and Sonny


Hera and Gidget


In fact, it might be my favorite one so far.

Edited:  Due to interest in people wanting the calendar, I am adding a LINK that I think will let you purchase the calendar directly from Shutterfly.

Fall Newborn Shoot

6 Nov

I prepared for my newborn shoot by collecting a couple of pumpkins because it’s fall.  I bought the white one (and a big orange one), but the little orange ones came from my garden.

I used them for the great-nephew’s 1/2 birthday shoot.

The great-nephews

Then I used them with the beautiful little girl’s newborn shoot.  The candy corn hat my mom made was perfect!

Then I put the baby in the pumpkin.  Seriously.  I had to.

She was perfect!

Who wore the hat better–Cookie or the baby?

Cookie (in 2012)

After the shoot was over, the critters got to enjoy the big pumpkin.


the chickens

Everyone was happy.

Lemuel and Frodo

But I seriously need more newborn shoots.