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I Need Advice

26 May

With the changes in the world, I really want to get back to promoting and selling my products through my website.

infinity scarf

I keep expanding what I make, but that means I have to deal with shipping.  I can’t find a way to figure shipping that gives me control.

candles and wax melts

Paypal lets me create shipping based on dollar amount or weight.  But it doesn’t let me fluctuate between methods the way I need.

hats and ear band

Right now, my shipping is set for soap sales.

goats milk soap

I can upgrade my account at Weebly to use their shipping calculator, but I’m afraid I’m going to run into the same problem.

fine art print

My understanding is that Etsy no longer lets you charge shipping.  I thought about using Facebook, but I’m not sure how that works.

note cards

I can add shipping to the cost of the product, but I still can get weird combinations that means people could pay a lot more than they need to for me to ship their items if I have to jack up the price of everything.

feed sack totes

I really don’t want to do that.  I just got a lot of my inventory back from the consignment shop where I had to jack up the prices by twenty percent so they could have their cut.

goat’s milk lotion

It could also leave me stuck paying a large amount of postage and losing money on an order if I don’t add enough to items.

I try to keep my prices reasonable.  I haven’t raised the prices of my soaps since I started making them, and trust me the cost of supplies has gone up.

dish cloths, dryer balls, and coasters

I do allow for people to message me what they want, and then I can figure the price of shipping and send an invoice, which works well, but would most people be okay with that in our world of instant gratification?

hand knit llama wool rugs

What do you think?  Any ideas?

Toddler Photo Shoot on the Farm

30 Apr

The Little Farm Hand turned one year old on Friday.

Since I’m watching him, we decided to do a photo shoot.  I’ve learned some things.

1.  Obviously, I already knew that cloudy days are better for preventing horrible shadows.  I’m also going to say that the gate rails are always at the wrong height.

2.  The German shepherd is not a good photography assistant.

3.  Windows in the house are nice for bright sunny rooms, but they do not work well for a photo shoot.

4. I also need a backdrop for the house.

5.  Don’t forget to change the batteries in the speedlight because your book will be a blur.

6.  Shoes are a necessity.

7. It took me five minutes to close the gate holding the toddler and just a couple seconds when he could stand there.

8. There’s too much to look at outside.

9.  Photobombing llamas.  Nothing else to say about that one.

10. Stinky llama breath.

11.  Fine baby hair requires hairspray like it’s the 1980’s even when there is barely a breeze.

12. He might have inherited my hair.

13.  It’s hard to make a baby smile when all they can see is your camera.

We’ll have to try it again when I have an assistant.

The Little Farm Hand

25 Apr

With all the disruptions due to the Covid19 pandemic, I have been babysitting my great-nephew part of the time.

Grady–the little farm hand

It’s been a big learning curve for all of us here.  Rocky is the king of social distancing.

Bob was more mellow about his arrival, and he seems to like the snacking opportunities.

I have to say, Sky has been amazing!

These two might just end up being best friends.

I have to admit, I really enjoying having him here.