Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are: me, my grocery list, baking, kindness, and change of seasons.

We certainly are in the midst of a change of seasons.  We have had rain, mud, snow, sun, and freezing rain in the last few days, and it’s all in the forecast for the next couple of days too.


I brought my last pumpkin in before it froze, and it’s what I’m baking today.  It will be used for Christmas pies and whatever other goodies I can come up with.


Out of kindness, I took the pumpkin insides out to the chickens.

pumpkin insides_7900ew

They love it!  I like giving them treats to make them happy, and it’s good for them too.  Raw pumpkin seeds are a natural wormer.


I had several requests for my grocery list.

food bowl_7979ew

Despite setting a pretty fancy table, some critters think I need to get some suet too.



From the looks of the goldfinch image, it looks like I need to add window cleaner to my grocery list too.


Getting ready for the Christmas markets is keeping me busy.  I’m going from an entire building at the pumpkin patch to a small table or two at the craft sales.


wax melts_7978ew

This might take some work to get half of the stuff there that I want.  I’ve also updated my on-line market to include my new soaps and the wax melts.

I am also sharing this with Bird d’Pot.

Eggciting News!

My little hens are laying!

pullet and regular eggs

big, pullet, big, pullet, pullet, and big eggs

They’re laying little eggs, but they will be larger by next spring.  Then I’ll have so many eggs I won’t know what to do with them all.

Phoenix or Not

When I ordered the new chicks that arrived in May, I just let the hatchery pick the kinds I got, as long as they were pullets (hens).  I did, however, choose some phoenix hens.  I think they are very pretty and lively little birds.

Phoenix hen

I also have always loved my phoenix roosters, and since I had no roosters, I ordered two phoenix roosters.

Phoenix hen and rooster

Phoenix hen and what is that rooster?

Both boys look like this.  That does not look like a phoenix to me.


I guess as long as they are healthy and stay friendly, I’ll make do.


I’m really enjoying the teenage boys learning that they can crow.

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