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Wings and Chicks

7 Oct

The gander who hurt his wing is improving.  You can still see it hangs part of the time.

his right wing still isn’t perfect

But he is much better at holding it normally and just acting better.

He has his head in the bucket

He’s even running through the barnyard with the others now.

He is the far left goose

The chickens are wondering why I’m not bringing them fresh veggies like I had been.

Sorry girls.  The garden is done.

At least the new girls are blending in now.

Nugget and one of the young hens

Nugget has quit being naughty to them (mostly; luckily it was just naughty and not really mean).

Work To Do

19 Sep

After the derecho, there is still much work to do around here.

With over four inches of rain, it’s obvious that the barn roof needs work.

Athena by the barn

This hole allows a lot of water to come in and make it muddy.

I did have someone come out and I have them booked to make the repairs to the garage, north shed, and barn roofs.  In addition to repairing the storm damage, they are going to work on sealing the barn roof so it doesn’t leak into the chicken’s section.

I need to protect it so that my barn can keep standing for another hundred years.

I want my birds to have a nice dry place to live.

naked peacock and Nugget

still finding a few pretty feathers

It’s the least I can do since they give me yummy eggs.

eggs in the nest box

And all I can say about that one egg in the middle is “ouch.”

Seriously.  In other news, the geese have adjusted to being outside quite well.

the three youngsters

They do go in the barn, but they spend most of the time outside, even during horrible storms.

older lady goose

Hopefully, we can avoid those for a while now because the roofer is booked through the rest of the year already.  I’m not sure when he’ll get here to fix my roofs.

Hay Day

3 Sep

We finally got around to unloading the three racks of hay into my barn on Monday, the last day before I went back to work.

It is really full.  We added about 375 bales to the 300 or so I already had left from last year.

I did make this gruesome discovery in the loft.  It’s pretty mummified.  I think it’s one Sky played with last summer because I remember smelling it not long after he kept me up all night playing with one.

By the way, working in there also made me realize the storm blew out that window at the top of the barn, so add that to my list of repairs I need done.

Anyhow, we had to throw out a couple of old icky bales, which the llady llamas promptly decided they should snack on them.

Odie and Aurora

Seriously?  Why?


Odie then did switch to the new stuff that fell off the racks and elevator.

Talk about lazy.  Just lying there eating and rolling in her food.

I also took some to Avril, which she seemed to like.  I do anything to encourage her to eat right now.


I also gave some to the birds.  They think it’s a nice treat, almost as good as veggies from the garden.

Nugget and the hens

Anyhow, I feel better now that the barn is full.