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The Struggle

5 Jul

I really work hard to make sure Aurora gets her llama feed once or twice a day, but some days it’s not easy.

Aurora and kids

Everyone is pretty sure they are worse off than Aurora and they need that extra feed too.

Dollly with kids Pluto and Anubis

Buster would be among the worst offenders that way, so when he snuck out of the barn before I got my gate up, I decided to be creative.  Trust me, Buster is like wrestling a hydra with an ever increasing numbe of heads on that long neck.

Buster Brown

I let Aurora into the chicken/bird pen.  Since she saw me hang her food pan on the old training stanchion, she went right in and started eating.


It worked well.  Anything she dropped, the birds ate.  It was all good (except for a disappointed Buster).

Then the goats came up from pasture.

Betty Lou in front of my gate; Aurora in front of the camera.

Um.  How am I supposed to get Aurora out for the first time when I’m trying to keep everyone else from rushing in?  First, I put the birds in the building.

Is this the way out?

By the way, Ms. African Goose has gotten serious about hatching whatever she’s sitting on.

Then I opened the gate and tried to block everyone from coming in.  I think I did quite well because Sidney, Pandora, and Gilgamesh are the only ones that snuck in.  That was way better than the forty goats I figured would swarm the open gate.


Whew!  Now we get to try it again tonight.

And every morning/evening/whenever we can until Aurora’s back to full weight.  And we’re getting there!


Birds: Domestic and Wild

21 Jun

I know I shared that my little phoenix hen had a bad leg.  She has still been shut in the little pen.  When I’ve taken treats out, I made sure she got some too.

phoenix hen enjoying cucumber

Then a few days ago, my young peacock couldn’t walk either.  I made sure he had a low water pan to drink from and added another food dish near it.  He also got treats.

peacock with his cucumber

Thursday night I noticed he was acting much better.  By Friday, he was up and walking around again.

My little hen was also showing enough improvement that I could let her out.  The first thing she did was take a dirt bath.

She is still doing well out of the pen.

I am sorry to report though that my white Chinese goose died.  She was the oldest animal on the farm.  She was fine; I put her in for the night; the next morning she had died.

Chinese goose June 2000 – June 2018

Now my last goosey girl is sitting on a nest half-heartedly.  It might be good if she did hatch herself a companion because my gander is quite old and showing his age too.

Our torrential rains the other day were not good for the wild birds.  I found a nest on the ground in the north paddock with Harley and Sidney.  Then I found a baby bird with its butt stuck up in the air.  I didn’t think it would be alive when I picked it up, but it was.  Then I found a second one that was upside down.  That one squawked several times when I picked it up.  It had a drop of blood on its forehead, and they were both cold and weak.  I did the only thing I could and put them in the nest and put it as far up in the oak tree as I could.

It wasn’t far, but I hoped it was enough and that mom was watching.  I had to go out by the tree the next day, and they were both still alive and snuggled down in the nest and looking stronger!

I hope they can hang in that precarious place I set them.

Update since I first prepared this post (Yes, I’m so far behind in telling you about things that I have to update my already prepared posts.):  The babies are gone.  I hope they were just old enough to leave the nest.  The nest is still sitting there, and I did not see any sign that a predator got them, so I hope they are doing well.  This picture is from the day before they left.

Finally, here’s a few other bird pictures that I just haven’t had time to share.

eastern meadowlark

barn swallow

barn swallow nest (not beloning to the bird above)








All Grown Up

29 Apr

Nugget is all grown up.


He is quite the handsome rooster.  I love the way his tail has barred rock markings only on the ends.

Even better than handsome–he does not attack me at all.  For that I am grateful.