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Surviving the Heat

13 Jun

I am trying to pamper everyone to make sure they survive this early horrible heat.

That means I’m giving the chickens some treats of frozen tomatoes from last summer’s garden.

Mr. Peacock is still dancing for the ladies after the barn creates shade for them in the evening.

Notice the hens ignoring him.

Again, I think he’s handsome even if the hens don’t care.

I had to fish Jack and Ivy out of their little tarp hammock because they were overheating in there.

Kind of a shame because they looked awfully cozy snuggled in together.

Jack and Ivy

Joani keeps hiding Glover under (or in) a tree.


I had a little plastic food pan filled with water for the goslings, but they have pretty much outgrown it.

I put out another big kiddie pool, and they are enjoying it.

I swear, I put fresh water in the pools every day.  The goats and llamas spend a lot of time in the shade.

Aurora thinks she’d like to come into the air conditioning

Zinnia likes the new tarp hut.

Zinnia with Ivy and Jack

I also make sure there’s plenty of fresh water everywhere because that is very important.

Signs of Spring

16 Mar

Spring might officially be a couple of days away yet, but it’s really beginning to look like spring on the farm.

Aurora, Odie (still not looking happy even though the snow is gone), and Maybeline in pasture Friday morning.

Everyone is going out to pasture.  It’s actually starting to turn green!

Odie and Maybeline after the frost melted away later in the morning

The goats enjoying themselves

They still think I should be feeding them full winter rations of hay and grain, but there’s plenty to eat out here.


Blaze with Athena by the fence


Myson in the lead

Everyone foraging for hay

Mr. Peacock is dancing for the girls.

Granted, the chickens are truly unimpressed,

Seriously, give me a rooster, not this fancy feather duster. -the red hen

but I think he’s handsome.

The girls have taken advantage of their new straw in the nest boxes.  I’m getting six or seven eggs per day now.

I am trying to do some cleanup out there now.  Some naughty Moose has let goats in the bird pen and then they destroy my food tubs.

the lid wasn’t working very well

I’ve been replacing them.

This tub didn’t hold up under the weight of a goat.

The ladies are enjoying their outside time again.  It’s way better than just hunkering down in the cold.

I have a lot of junk to clean up.

The girls appreciate a nice treat of mealworms.

Can you tell the one is so impatient she’s jumping up and trying to eat through the bag?

When I went out Friday morning, I only saw three geese.

This time of year, that can only mean one thing.  Someone is on a nest laying an egg.

I found her, and after she rejoined the rest of the flock,

Look how green it’s getting in the barnyard!

I stole her egg.  It was the first one of the season!

Maybe I’ll let her sit later, but it’s too early in the year for that.

Of course, this late winter/early spring time of year means we can still get snow.

Luckily, the storm that pretty much buried Colorado gave us a little bit of snow, but it was mostly rain here. For that, I am grateful.

Getting Caught Up

3 Mar

The month of February has been exhausting with the cold.  It just took so much more to do anything, and there was so much more to do.  This past weekend we had really good weather, and I was able to get a lot done.  I managed to get more corn, so I emptied my car trunk and hauled it all over to the birds’ room (where I feed from).

It was nice that Moose didn’t even try to “help” me.  Everything is easier when Moose doesn’t help me.

Moose opening the door for me later in the day

I was struggling with the bird door freezing shut with the overnight cold temperatures,

ice on top of the water puddle

but last weekend, it thawed enough for me to get a channel dug for the water to drain a little bit.

Free range hen trying to keep her feet dry

I have to wait for it to thaw more before I can finish getting it drained.

Easter egg hen before it thawed into mud for the day

I did do a bit of cleaning in the garage, so I don’t have hay and poop stuck to my shoes.  It was too messy out to actually get it out of the garage, but it’s away from the car.

But I did leave hay and bedding on the other side.  There’s a good chance Astra will have her oopsie babies in there.

Astra (guessing it won’t be triplets this year)

I had a big pile of cornstalk bale that the goats put right inside the door because they were eating and playing in it.  I got that hauled out to the chicken building.

Scratching through the new bedding I brought in

I also cleaned out the nest boxes after the eggs had frozen in them.  Now they are filled with fresh straw.

Mr. Peacock just paced the roost and yelled every time I made a new noise.

Tail is growing back!

I finally got the big water tub scrubbed.

Ava drinking after I cleaned the tub

The goats were not the only ones who wanted water.

They were trying to take a bath in a mud puddle.

I got the hose uncovered and it thawed so I could fill the pool for them.

I’ve been cleaning in the milk room and soap room.  That’s an ongoing process, but it is much better.

You can see the floor!

I feel so much better with getting all of this work done.  Next weekend, I’m hoping to hit the hooves hard.