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The Girls are Producing

10 Oct

My new hens are laying eggs!

They are actually quite productive.

That’s a good thing because Snickers’s diet is pretty much back to egg poached in a huge amount of margarine with a healthy dollop of goat milk.

He’s looking pretty rough these days; that mouth is in bad shape.  My poor boy.


I just need to keep the goats milking for a while yet so I can freeze enough to last us through the winter.

I can use store bought eggs for him, but it has to be whole goat milk!

He might be a bit spoiled (or just deserving of it).


The Next Fence Project

27 Sep

One day last week (my days seriously run together), I was in a hurry to get everything done before I went to work.  I let the birds out into their outdoor pen.  Then I checked Antigone and went in to milk goats.  When I finished milking, I came out with sweet feed for Antigone.  that’s when I noticed a hen running around outside.

the naughty hen

I chased her for a while and then got her put back safely into the pen.  She was out again when I got home.

That time, it took a while to catch her.  I need to put a layer of chicken wire along the bottom of their pen.

I would love to have free range chickens, but the dog and raccoons would also like it if I had chickens running around all over.

Naughty Nugget

10 Sep

I was really happy to get the ten new hens for the farm.

Unfortunately, Nugget seemed to have  a problem with a couple of them.  I had to return two white chickens.


Then he went after the buff one.  It was shut in the pen for its own safety until I could get it back to my nephew.

I don’t know why Nugget hated these three.  He loves the rest of them.

My only thought is that they might have been roosters.  It would be odd that I managed to get the roosters when they caught them, but while the buff one was shut in, I got eggs from all the girls.

Well, except my two old ladies.  They just don’t bother laying eggs anymore.

And there was not an egg with the buff one shut in the pen.  I guess time will tell if Nugget knew something we didn’t, or if he was just being a jerk to those girls.  Luckily, he seems to like everyone else.