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Dwindling Bird Population

9 Feb

I have very few birds left on my farm.  I have the two peacocks.  Both of my hens were really old and have succumbed to the crazy weather.


I’ve lost more geese to the coyotes.  I finally got the remaining six into the chicken coop.   It’s too small of a space, but it’s the only way I can protect them right now.


Sadly, there’s plenty of room for birds in the coop because I’ve lost more hens.


I think I finally have taken care of the predators, but I only have nine hens (and the three nasty roosters) left.


It’s been a bit disheartening not to be able to keep my birds safe.

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They’ve Got to Go

27 Aug

I have to get rid of my roosters.  Well, two of them have to go.  Rodney (behind the peacock) and one other have the bad habit of attacking me.  I’m to the point I go in the chicken coop as seldom as possible.

Peacock Rooster 4849ews

It needs cleaned out.  I need to get ready for winter.

Chickens 4837ews

I can’t do any of those things because the stupid roosters attack.  I will see if the one below will settle down when the other two go.  He likes to act tough, but he’s never actually attacked me.  I will give him a chance.

Rooster 4865ews

It’s not fair to everyone else though.  You can see the chicken wire that has come off the outside pen.  I can’t put it back up because it’s a several hour job, and they will attack me.  I’m pretty sure that’s why the neighbor’s cat managed to kill two of my hens.  Fay (the chicken in the background above) was caught in the wire. She wasn’t nearly as caught as she thought she was because she freed herself as soon as I got close to help her.  The roosters have to go.

Here’s to a New Week

24 Jul

I am so ready for a new better week.  This one just has to end. With the heat and the worry over my moms in the yard, I decided not to set up for the Rhodes Pride Days’ farmer’s market.  I just did the parade.  Then I hurried home to check everyone.  One of my biggest to check was little Cutie Pie.  When I went out to do bottle kids, she was only walking on three legs.  She tried running to get her bottle and fell head over nose when she tried to run on the leg.

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

I gave her meds for pain and the swelling in her ankle.  When I got back from the parade, she was still hurting, and I couldn’t get a good check on it without causing lots of pain, so I called the vet and said, “I think I have a kid with a broken leg.”

Doeling goat_2839ews

He came out and felt it and said that it was definitely broken.  It was, however, a simple break, in place, no broken skin and she’s young enough that she should heal completely with the splint.  I guess if you have to have a broken leg, that was the best possible way to do it.  Poor girl.  It was good she had the pain killers on board while he was working on her, and the splint holding it stable really helped her feel better too.

Doe kid in splint_2808ews

She’s already feeling better (still on pain meds) and learning how to get around with it on.  She’s even figured out how to reach those hard-to-itch places.  By the end of the four weeks, she’ll probably be bouncing all over with it.

kid in splint_2837ews

Kid in splint_2881ews

My moms in the yard are doing better.  I’m trying to figure out how to do things so that I don’t have them all in the yard now.  Wanda and her kids can go back into the herd.  Maggie is the one I really think I need to keep in the yard.  She still has three babies that want to nurse and she does not do heat at all.  I don’t know what to do with Sallie either.  Vixen is another one I worry about, but I think I’ll put her back with Wilson.  Cutie will have to stay in the yard too.

Doe and kid_2848ews

Add to the goat stress that something has attacked and killed two chickens through their enclosed pen, and I have had it.  I’m setting a trap tonight to try and catch whatever is killing them.  I have to find my trap first.


The heat is better.  We should be back to normal temperatures by tomorrow.  I am ready for a much better week.  I vote we all make it a great week!

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