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More Scooping

23 Jun

When there was a break in the rain, my nephew came and moved the manure spreader from the barnyard to my driveway.

It was time to finally clear out the garage.

I made a lot of progress.  Some will have to wait until I get the boards out by fixing the birds’ pen.

It took forever for the floor to dry because we are so humid.

I seriously have way too many things going on.  I am still trying to figure out what to put at the base of the pen, down into the ground.  You can see the gap where the chickens scratch in the dirt.

I tried working on the pen again, but every time I tried to do something, I had three young bucks running me over begging for food.

Frodo and Benji. I did not call to them; they heard me climb the fence.

Even Xerxes comes to see if there’s food.  He will usually go back to lounging around as soon as he sees I don’t have any tasty treats.

Frodo and Benji tails (nibbling on me), Freddie and Xerxes

They are so funny.

Summer Progress

16 Jun

Well, I am trying to make progress on that long list of things I need to get done.  I will say, the weather has not cooperated.

Maybeline standing in the mud.

We went from two years of not being able to get a drop of rain to a half an inch of rain every time they say there’s a slight chance for sprinkles.

But I’m still making progress.  I got the birds’ building all cleaned out and they were put back over there.

before new bedding has been put in there

Mr. Peacock quickly went back up to the rafters.

That gives my goat moms a lot more space.

Astra in front; Cutie in back

I hope to kick them out of the garage and get it cleaned out this week.

Flora in the garage with her new horn apparatus attached with Gorilla tape.

One thing I have not been able to do is get the deck sealed.  It just has to be dry when I do that.

Bob cat sitting in the corner of the deck to stay dry.

I have even had some people come in and do work on my house.  My leaks and drips have all been fixed.

new faucet

I also had to do more fence work.  Because every time Xerxes tries to reach over and eat the plum tree or lilacs, he busts my twine and falls into the yard.

Xerxes on the wrong side of the fence.

I actually used wire to fix it this time, so it should last longer.

Benji and Frodo are good boys.

It does also make it hard to find time to take pictures for the blog.  I’m trying though.

I might have disturbed Bob’s nap.

I’ll just keep on working on things the best I can between (or through) rain showers!

Disruption in the Routine

28 Feb

I try really hard to keep to my farm schedule.  Even though that means I rarely do anything but work and farm.  I enjoy it. It’s also best for the animals to have a consistent schedule.  And right now, it’s just a necessity.

Unfortunately, for some reason my off-farm job decided that I have to work until 8pm tonight.  I won’t get home to start doing my hour of chores until 8:30. I am very unhappy about this because it means that none of my animals are going to get their grain.


Not even Aurora who truly is getting extra because of her difficulty in maintaining her weight.


I had to leave my poor birds shut in all day when we’re finally having nice weather, but I don’t want to risk raccoons getting them.

Bless my nephew for coming to add some water to the tub so my heater doesn’t overheat today. I could honestly probably unplug the heater for the day, but my little girls have a hard time reaching water when it gets that low, and at that time of night, I’d forget to plug it back in.

Pretzel getting a drink

I also don’t know what it’s going to do to my two girls I’m milking.  There’s a very real possibility that it will completely cause Zinnia and Joy to dry up.


I am seriously not happy with this. Pardon my complaining, but I really do try to do everything to meet my off-farm commitments and still provide good care for my animals, and this is just frustrating.