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After Four Days

22 Aug

By Friday morning, I was getting pretty darn good at making a cup of coffee on the stove.

I was doing pretty good at getting my chores done.  The peacocks were pretty good with the routine of waiting for me to bring out a light to go up to roost.  The hardest is the water.  With no electricity to the well house, I have to use rural water.

Butterscotch drinking; Daisy behind

That means going through gates or leaving the milk room door open.  It’s awkward, but it works.

Maisie in front; Venus behind

I’m taking care of mom’s cats for her.  She actually got to come home from the hospital four days after the storm.  While I was visiting her at her house (before she went to stay with my sister where she could be free from the chaos of after-storm life), I got a call from my neighbor.  I went home, and this happened!  Bless them.  They fixed the transformer across the road, and then they set the new pole in my yard.

By some miracle, the underground line just happened to be connected to the meter box.

That means I had electricity to the garage (soap room), and it also goes to the Love Shack and the barn!

No more flashlight to keep them safe!

Bless the electrical workers!  Granted I still have no power to my house, well house, or greenhouse, but I did convert my soap room into a decent living space.

I moved the computer out and was working on editing images.

It has air conditioning and I can cook in there and have hot water for dishes.  It’s been cool enough to still sleep in the house, and at least I am better off than I was.

The coffee pot is the first thing I moved.

And the dog was really happy to get to lounge around in an air conditioned space.


And my little town still had no electricity, so it also meant I could string cords from the garage to the house and remove myself from needing a generator.

Winding Down

18 Oct

Milking is really winding down.  I’m just milking Cutie and Zinnia now.

Zinnie wondering what’s taking so long to let her in

I’m getting a little over a quart a day.  It’s not enough to make any big batches of cheese or anything, so I’m freezing pint bags for Snickers and me.

morning milking

I have also been making lotion.  I am fully stocked with eleven fragrances.

Crisp Apple Rose and Southern Peach are new scents.

So far, I’ve also made fifteen batches of soap this fall.  Crisp Apple Rose is a new soap scent too.  I really like it.

I don’t think I’ve shared the link to my website in ages, so if you are interested in trying our soaps or lotions, you can click HERE.

The To-Do List

22 Sep

Usually, I wake up with an idea of what I want to get done each day.  Most days, I don’t come close to finishing my list.  But there’s the rare day like yesterday when everything actually gets done.  Yesterday, I started the day with putting on a batch of tomatoes to roast.  While they were roasting, I made two batches of soap.

Black Amber & Lavender and Almond Biscotti

I like the way the design turned out in the soap.

And two batches of mozzarella.

In the afternoon, I put another batch of tomatoes on to roast.

Then I made five batches of goat milk lotion.

I managed to get the tomatoes processed.

Then I started a batch of relish.

I admit.  I had my mom help me with the relish, but we got it ready.  I hadn’t even planned on the roasted tomato sauce when I got up.  So I’m really happy with everything that got accomplished.