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The Last Weekend

15 Dec

Coming up will be the last weekend I’m open in the soap room before Christmas.  We’ve been working hard to keep it stocked.

New tote bags plus restocking the goat feed totes.

Mom brought out some painted goose eggs that she hadn’t brought before, and she made more snowman goose egg ornaments.

painted goose eggs

I got around to making goat milk lotion.  I guess that’s another good way to use up my goat milk.

By the end of the weekend, I had made six different scents.

Goat’s milk lotion

Honestly, we are so full in the soap room that I can’t find a place to set my cup of coffee out there.

Heading out to the soap room with my cup of coffee to get to work.

And I’m already thinking about later this spring and even next Christmas season.

Saturday in the Soap Room

5 Dec

It was nice to be in the soap room Saturday.

I’ve missed being open and seeing people.

Of course, where I’m at in the middle of nowhere, any day you have one person stop in is a good day.

I have “Dolly” playing cards!

Goose egg Santas

Saturday was a good day!

I think I’m going to keep opening up on Saturdays through Christmas.

After that, I’ll probably try to be open one weekend per month.

I will admit that it did make it a bit challenging to try to make yogurt Saturday evening.

Dishes too.

I’m also going to whine about breaking my crock pot.

It was a stupid thing (not letting it cool enough before setting it in the water) and I’m annoyed with myself.


27 Oct

I did two photo shoots last weekend.  The first was on Friday afternoon, and I was afraid it wasn’t going to happen.  The weather was supposed to be clear, and we had planned a lovely outdoor fall shoot.  Well, it rained.  I am impressed that I could actually get a makeshift studio set up in my soap room in about thirty minutes.

I’m more impressed at how the pictures turned out.  It was part family pictures

and part maternity shoot.

When we finished, the rain had quit, so we did go do a few more at my mom’s house.

The next morning, we did the six-month shoot for my great-nephew.


His older brother, the Little Farm Hand, joined him for some of the pictures.

Henry and Grady

I am liking the soap room studio!