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Almost Back in Business

17 Jul

I have spent a lot of time this summer cleaning and painting in the soap room.  I’ve been making new inventory and getting ready to be open on the weekends again.

I’m almost there.  My hope is to be open every Saturday after the first of August.  If the garden cooperates, I’ll even be able to add fresh produce.



28 Jun

Last December, my big project for winter break was supposed to be painting the floor of the soap room.  Well, I ended up living in there over break because of the furnace issues.

Leo, Sky, and Snickers

Then I was going to do it over spring break, but it was a bit chaotic with kidding and everything.

Front: Haley and Cinnamon; Back: Bonnie, Wanda, and Blaze

Since then, I’ve barely had a chance to get into the soap room.

But I’m milking again and I need to make cheese and I really have to get back out there and work.


I have been cleaning the floor and moving things from one side, and I’ve started painting!

Woo hoo!  I am honestly excited at how much easier it will be to keep clean.

I have one more coat on the second side, then it’s just putting everything back where it belongs. Obviously, I will still need to do some touch up under the cabinets also (maybe).

When the soap room is done, the milk room is next! That should be fun.

Again, it will be much easier to keep clean.  Right now, I can’t sweep it clean (and most of the little chunks are pieces of hoof from my trying to keep up with their feet in our wet weather).  Then, I need a concrete stoop outside the door to help keep out the mud and mosquitoes.

My Mess

25 Jan

I had planned on packing my soap room up to thoroughly clean and paint the concrete floor over winter break.  That didn’t happen because I ended up living in there until after break was over.

leftover chair and mattress in the soap room

When I moved Tony into the garage, I had to get shelves and stuff out of the there to make room for his pen.

Tony and Aurora

That means, I threw everything back into the soap room. Now it’s just a mess.

shelves (good grief, I need to dust)

Hopefully, things will settle down and I can at least clean so I can find soaps when people ask for specific scents.

Where I was digging through soaps looking for specific scents.

I also need to make a couple batches of soap.  I got a start on putting things back together finally (thanks to snow days from work that will be made up in June).

(Edited to add the picture I forgot to upload and add before it posted as scheduled)

I have no idea when I’m going to find time to finish cleaning and putting stuff back together.