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Cell Phone Pics

10 May

I’ve been playing with the camera on the new phone.  I’m not very good with it yet.

Rocky napping

Sky cracks me up the way he sits on the couch.

Sky and Mom

He just flops his butt down next to you.  He never gets “on” the couch like a dog.  He just sits like a person.

I think it’s funny that the vegetarian in the family is the one who gets to make the pulled pork.  I guess I’ll take it as a compliment to my cooking.

Maisie’s triplets were all hanging out by the salt/mineral block and they just snuggled together when they got done licking it.

Tara and Tippy lying with Tawny standing

Cutie’s girls are really big.  She makes so much milk that her kids always look good.


I don’t know how Bob could sleep with his face planted in the chair like that.

Bubbles is a really good mom.  And she’s so beautiful.

Missy and Bubbles

Sonny and Nestle are doing well. They have truly embraced coming into the milk room for sweet feed with their mom.

I really need to figure out how to do a good moon shot.  This was last month’s “super moon” when I was leaving my mother’s house.

I finally finished the baby blanket I’ve been working on for quite a long time.

Our dry weather was upgraded to a moderate drought last week.  We had a few sprinkles the day I took this picture, and there was more over the weekend, but we are still too dry.

Hopefully, the weather pattern will change.  My pastures need some rain.

Random Stuff

12 Feb

It’s still brutal cold.  I am beyond ready for spring.  Real spring with a hint of grass and garden.  I guess in the meantime, I’ll stick with my potato.  I started another pot, too, and it’s coming through the soil now.

It’s blossoming.  I might actually get a harvest from it.

I didn’t start knitting Hedwig.  I decided that was too difficult of a project for this time of year, so I’m doing another easy, relaxing project.  It’s a baby blanket. I don’t know who it’s for yet, but when I need one, I’ll have it.

I am still working on Tansy.  The fact that she loves food is a good thing. I’ve tricked her to coming into the milk room several times, and now she runs to come in with her mom.

Tansy wondering how she got herself into this

I get to pet her while she’s eating.

Tansy and Purl sharing a snack

Hopefully that will translate to just accepting that I’m not horrible and she should be tame. Hopefully…

Around the House

21 Jan

Winter gives me a lot more time in the house.  Usually, my time is divided between reading, knitting, and playing with food. Currently, I’m reading about the 1918 influenza pandemic.  Why wouldn’t I be reading about a pandemic as we’re trying to survive another one?

I last shared my knitting work in progress that I was trying to salvage.  It isn’t quite how it’s supposed to be in the neck, but I’m going to call it a success.

As a bonus, it actually fit the Little Farm Hand!

the Little Farm Hand and his dad

trying out the front pocket (he was tired from sledding)

I still have plenty of help whenever I try to knit.

Bob Cat

I have also managed to finish another infinity scarf.

I also finished a headband for a local lady.  I am in a rare moment of not actually having a knitting project going, but I am thinking of doing Hedwig (from Harry Potter) next.  I’ve ordered the yarn for the wings and the eyes, so I’m preparing for it.  I do have a sweater I started months ago that I could try finishing, but that seems rather tedious now.  We’ll see…

I did get my potato planted.  It was just kind of hanging in there, but I couldn’t figure out why.  Well, I caught Rocky trying to pee in the pot.  Brat.

Rocky–don’t let the innocent look fool you.

I covered the plant with clear plastic, and now it’s doing amazing!

Not only is the cat not in there, but it holds the humidity in too.  I think it likes that.  Hopefully, it continues to do well once it gets too tall for me to have it covered.

I just added another layer of dirt to cover those roots and “hill” it up.

My celery I tried rooting collapsed into a puddle of mush.  I’m trying again.


The stalks look good, but the base is getting mushy, and I don’t see roots forming.  I might just put them in dirt and see what happens. I keep trying new recipes to avoid all the sodium-filled highly processed foods.

homemade seitan pepperoni and a cauliflower crust

I swear I feel like I’ve never cooked in my life.  Hopefully, all my playing pays off and I can eat delicious and healthy vegetarian foods eventually.

I have to say, the burgers turned out amazingly!  I might finally be getting there.