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More Miscellany

24 Jul

I am still busy trying to clean the barn out. It’s been put on hold a little bit with the excessive heat, family visits, and other projects.

Penelope is way cuter than just the manure spreader.

At least Aurora has quit freaking out over the changes in there.  She will walk through all on her own now.


Margarita–just because she’s cute.

Margarita doing the cat walk down the picnic table.

My orange tree appreciated being re-potted.  It’s rewarding me with blossoms and little oranges.

My current knitting project–another scarf.

Here’s a hint at my next knitting project.  I’m not sure how it’s going to work, but I’m going to try. We’ll see…

Finally, I’m still waiting for Maybeline to reveal her secret.


I do think she’s close, but with an 11 1/2 month gestation period, who knows how long close is.


Wet Finish

3 Jul

I finished my second rug from the cored yarn that made out of Maybeline’s fleece.

Before the tails were finished

That means it was ready for a wet finish.  The first one too.  I was absolutely clueless how to do a wet finish, but I did know it was necessary.  All the fibers in the rugs were loose.  They basically needed to be felted to make sure everything stayed in place.  I did some research and decided to try it.

I had a skirting table given to me, so I got it out and cleaned it off and set it on a couple of patio chairs.  This would be my drying rack.

Then, I got a new kiddie pool out and filled it with hot water.

It was straight out of the tap, but it was still hot enough that I really didn’t need Sky’s supervision.  When I was finished with everything, Sky had to sample the water.  Seriously?


I threw the first rug in and got it thoroughly wet and agitated it by swishing it around. Then I let it soak for a couple of minutes.  Agitated again and let it sit, and then I got it out and rolled it up to let a bit of the water out. (I forgot to take pictures of this part with the first rug, so you get the second one.)

Snickers thought I was a little crazy.


Then I took it to the washing machine.  I actually had to see if I had a setting on my washer that would let me just spin the water out.  I found drain/spin.  That works.

When it was done, I was a little afraid that I was going to open the washer to find a giant clump of nasty wet llama wool instead of my rug.  But it was perfect!  I took it out to put on the drying rack and did the second rug.

If I did it correctly, they are now truly finished!

I took the latest shearing to be processed, and this time, it’s all going to be done in this cored yarn.  I might be addicted.  Seriously addicted.  I  might need more llamas.

We’ve Been Rainy

25 Jun

The last several days have been rainy.  Luckily I’m not flooding and the weather hasn’t been severe, but it’s been hard to get out and do things.

Running back to the barn because of another pop-up shower. (Notice Casey trying to snag a walnut leaf on his way by and Moose piggy backing off him. That’s what brothers-from-another-mother are for!)

That means I’ve been doing in-the-house things, like knitting.  I’m doing one more practice rug with the giant needles before I start the round Maybeline rug.

I’ve been doing more coasters too.

If Antigone were in this picture, it would be the trifecta of brattiness.

Cupid and Hera

The little kids up north have been having fun on the tree between showers.

The spiderworts are blooming.  I actually have one bunch left in front of the dog house.

This poor admiral butterfly was having a hard time flying with the bent wing.

Snickers lounging on the deck.

I’ve also been repotting some of my house plants as I keep preparing for the new windows to be put in later this summer.

Hopefully, today is the start of a less rainy period.  I’ve got outside stuff to do!