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A Tough Year for Crops

24 Oct

This has been a rough year for farmers.  The weather has been horrible.  We’ve had prices drop to the point of losing money.  Now we’re back to bad weather causing the soybeans and corn to sprout before they can be harvested because of all the rain.

Pistol and Antigone

My nephew told me a local farmer had his beans rejected because they were too poor quality to be sold.

combining soybeans in 2013

beans across the road waiting to be harvested this past weekend

I’m glad that I have corn planted this year.  I’m also grateful that my corn was about the last planted in the county.

I checked it over the weekend, and it still looks pretty good.

I am optimistic that I’ll still do okay (other than the low prices) with my harvest.

Some goats might have gotten in and sampled my corn.

Hopefully, next year will be better for all farmers.



17 Oct

I came home from work today to see that my beans were being harvested!

It’s always a good feeling when the crops are harvested.

This year has been quite a challenge with a cool rainy May, and then drought, and then a wet October.

I’m certainly glad to have this year’s harvest in the books.

Checking Soybeans

28 Aug

I decided to check on my soybeans since we’ve had nice rains the last couple of weeks.  I was quite happy to be able to feel those little seeds developing in the pods.  Now they just need to have enough time to finish maturing before the plants die down.

I also got to enjoy a bevy of bees and butterflies along the ditch while I was walking to and from the field.

I love seeing all those happy little critters.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items listed at the top of my side bar.