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The Detour

14 Sep

I said I’d share the detour I am taking to the sale barn back when things were rather boring.  It’s been crazy busy, but it’s such a pretty drive, I still want to share it with you.  My normal route actually is a longer trip, but it’s all paved.

The detour is pretty direct, but it’s all gravel.

Pretty much every gravel road in the area has a warning about high water.  Of course, right now I don’t have to worry about it with the drought.

My farm is the start of hills.  North of it is pretty flat, but to the south, there are hills that make it hard to have large flat fields, so there’s small fields, pasture, and lots of trees.

I’ll get back to the church in this image.

My son makes fun of me for driving like an old lady on gravel, but there’s a good reason I drive that slowly.  You never know what’s going to jump out in front of you.

Deer on the road

There’s a lot of old farms and old barns and buildings along this route.

I also get to go past this old church, in the middle of nowhere.  It’s the Union Chapel church which was founded in 1877.

It has a cemetery behind it.  Do you see those stones in the front–they are all cousins of mine.

In the old part of the cemetery, I have more relatives.

I have three sets of grandparents buried here.

Shelby Baker is my 4th great grandfather.

A bit closer to home, there’s the Clear Creek Wildlife Area.

Clear Creek Township is where my great-grandparents lived.  In fact, their old barn is still standing, but I missed taking a picture of it.  No wonder I love my hills.  I have deep roots in this area.

Just Some Pics from the Farm

10 Apr


Canada geese

Canada geese flying over my gravel road

Bob Cat

Venus’s boys and Queenie before they were going out to pasture


LilyAnn and Jasmine

Reva’s buck, Micah

Ava’s boy, Gilbert

The three geese who are not sitting on a nest–I lost.

A Walk Down the Hill

25 Sep

It seems like a beautiful fall day would be the perfect time to take a walk down the hill.  It is beautiful!

It’s just that everything I see makes me think allergen.  Then I sneeze.

Then I get a sinus headache.

Seriously, how can all this beauty be so bad for me?

I’m going to blame it on the summer’s drought.  After all that has been my scapegoat for everything since about Feb. 27th.

Really, the seed dealer sent out an e-mail telling about a black mildew growing on the corn that all the combining is stirring up and sending into the air.

I did enjoy the beauty of the woodlot south of my property.  (This is where the goats like to try and escape to.)

Just as I arrived, I heard a car behind me.

Every time a car goes past it stirs up dust that just hangs in the air.

As if the allergens weren’t enough, I also picked up some of these little things on my sock.

I tried pulling them off with my bare fingers, but that just resulted in some unladylike comments and loss of blood.  Yep, the pliers were a necessity.

With all the horrible things attacking me, this is my new companion whenever I’m outside for more than a minute.

Is it winter yet?

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