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And We’re Off

30 Jun

If all went as planned, Mom and I left for Indianapolis to spend the night with my nephew.  This is the first of my pre-scheduled posts.

Trace is not looking like she’ll give me a July baby.

I decided I would split the top two responses to my survey.  Including my FB responses, it was pretty evenly split between posting farm content (with vacation stuff added in if I got time) and nothing because I’m on vacation.



I have several posts prescheduled with farm content.  I’ll try to at least give you an update on where I’m at on those days I don’t have something scheduled.  But, I might not get it done.



Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the farm posts, and I know I can’t get enough of talking about genealogy and history and cemeteries.  Hopefully, you won’t find any of those posts too bad.


If I know myself, I’ll already be missing my critters and worried about them.  But I have left everyone in capable hands.

Extending the Season

5 Mar

It’s been the weirdest year for trying to breed goats.  Very few settled for spring break.

Cupid is due for spring break; Tansy (behind) is due in May

I have three oopsie babies due after spring break and before the end of the school year.

Aphrodite is due in April.

Not that I know which time Caroline got bred because she acted like she was in heat two weeks in a row.


Then I only had a short time to breed for June babies because of the genealogy trip my mom and I are planning.

I think Cutie has settled for June babies.

Two of my girls turning two and supposed to kid for the first time did not get bred.  I’m not sure how old is too old to breed for the first time.


And it makes me start to wonder if they are even able to get bred.  So when Trace came into heat last weekend, I gave one-shot Benji another one-shot opportunity.

Benji is always ready to do his job (Lemuel behind)

Then when I got home on Tuesday, Casey was in love with Zinnia.  I threw her in with Benji.  She’s my milking girl.  She has to have kids to have milk.  What a crazy year.

Zinnia and Benji

I had already figured out 2TC hadn’t settled, and she was supposed to come into heat later in the week. Of course I had conferences this week, so keeping an eye out for her to come into heat was nearly impossible.


Then I started thinking about Perdita.  I mean, the year is already messed up, so if I’m going to kid in July and August, why not go all out.  I just need to make sure there’s time to get them up and going well before I go back to work.


But she’s not due to come back into heat for a couple of weeks, so that would be too late.  But we’ll hopefully have a mini-July/August kidding season with the other three girls.

Finally Friday

4 Mar

With the long conference week at work, I’m even more happy than usual for Friday.


Pretty Purl

Astra and Perdita enjoying the sunshine



Bob Cat

Pretzel munching hay for breakfast

I just love Daisy’s beard



Sky from last weekend when there was still snow


Here’s to the weekend!