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The Breeding Groups

6 Jan

Okay, so Xerxes is in the buck room with his girls. (Pictures are from last weekend because the days are still short.)


He has Astra, Ava, Joy, Zinnia, LilyAnn, Margarita, and Daisy.


Freddie and his girls in the greenhouse and pen.


It’s not a big outdoor pen, but with the cold weather, they don’t care that much.  As long as I give them hay.


He has Flora, Purl, and Onyx.  Penelope decided she wanted to be in there too, so she also joined them even though I think she’s bred.


I also put Popcorn in there because he’s a wimp and needs at least one friend with him.


Benji is up north with his girls.


He has Trace, Venus, 2TC, and Chiffon.  I also threw Cutie in there because she was in heat, but I’ll let her out tomorrow.  If she settles, that’s fine; if not, she’ll get the year off.


I have the old ladies and the ones I’m pretty sure are bred and the young ones in the main barnyard.

Reva is not getting close to a buck!

They and the llamas have access to the Back Forty.


I doubt they want to go out much because we’re back in cold weather again.


Having it set up this way lets me still try to give Aurora and Dolly some extra food.


We’ll see how this works.

Time to Breed

4 Jan

Well, it’s time to make June babies, and, boy, do we need to make a lot of June babies.  I think only seven girls settled for spring break.

Pretty sure Antigone is due for spring break babies

This is the second year in a row I’ve had very few settle for spring break.

Astra didn’t settle; Perdita curled up behind her

Even Trace came back into heat, and that never happens when it’s going to be an oopsie baby.

Trace and Pluto

Anyhow, I have to figure out where to put my three bucks and which girls they are going to get with them.


I can say, I think I’m going to put the two little bucks in the Love Shack with Flower.

Lemuel before the move

It’s kind of nice that she’s a freemartin because I don’t have to worry about her being around bucks.

Holy Hormones

8 Dec

Well, I had hoped Aphrodite and Trace would be the only two who tried for oopsie babies.


Caroline had to try it too.  She was only with Xerxes a few minutes, but I’ll know in about three weeks whether or not that was long enough (I know it was).


That is one of the nicest things about when the girls get bred in October–not as many hormones floating around.

Athena hasn’t come back into heat.

But this year, I swear someone is constantly coming into heat.

Margarita by Xerxes

I think Joani came into heat last week.

Then the wethers fall in love too.

Pluto romancing Margarita

We’re just a huge hormonal mess around here.