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Browsing the Pasture

31 May

Deer are not the only ones out in pasture.  The goats spend a lot of time out there browsing all they can eat.

Victoria and Onyx



Heidi and Flora leading a bunch of kids

Cupid and Tansy with Pepper in front; Wanda in back

my old man Casey




Antigone chewing cud

Trace (who is getting round!)

Then they come up and chew their cuds like crazy.

Wrong Again and a Smoky Sunset

20 May

Well, it looks like I was wrong again.  With goats, I’m used to it.

Trace and Zinnia (who is due June 18th)

See what I noticed on Trace!

That means she is not a freemartin, and she actually settled to have a baby!

She should be due either June 13th or July 5th (depending how many times I’ve been wrong with her).  And we had a gorgeous sunset Wednesday evening.

The herd (Chiffon and Wanda are in there)

Cupid by the fence

Rosie and Cy

There was sunshine and smoke, and that creates a beautiful sunset.

It’s Much Easier

3 May

Other than keeping track of kids, it’s much easier now that everyone is back together and on the pasture I want them on.

Xerxes & Frodo on the front pasture; Hera and all the moms/kids are on the Back Forty.

Dolly is going to start getting her extra feed again.

Dolly begging before I had them back together again.

I’m going to try to get Hilda to come in too. She’s better but still thin.  Both boys are chewing their cuds, so I will try to wean them soon.  Mom can’t take feeding them much longer.

Jasper and Horace with Hilda

It also means I finally caught those last few goats I couldn’t catch (I had to use food to bribe them) to get them their copper.  That was a huge relief to get them done.  Zora wasn’t even too bad once I drug her over to the milk room.  She stood for me really well while I did her hooves.  She even seemed calm while I was petting her.


Trace was Trace.  I caught her and put it down her throat and held her for a while rubbing under her chin.  Then, after I thought she had swallowed, I let her go.  At that point, she promptly ran away and spit the capsule out.  She is such a brat.  But everyone else wasn’t too bad.


Then it’s just a matter of hanging out and making sure nobody got left in pasture.

Onyx and Melba

BJ has his hackles up with all the new kids/moms joining his herd.

Hera and Spot heading down the lane to pasture

I have to remember to check on the west side of the barn when I’m counting kids in the evening.

It also makes it easier to enjoy my sweet ones.