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A Basking Day

26 Dec

After waking up to -20*F on Christmas Eve morning, we’ve seen a huge rebound in temperatures.

winter pasture

The sun was out in full force today.

winter pasture


The goats were basking.



The geese were taking snow baths.

African goose

African goose

African goose taking snow bath

By afternoon, the snow was melting off the barn’s tin roof.

water dripping off roof

snow melting off tin roof

On both sides.

water dripping from roof

water dripping through eaves

Maxine and Norma Jean were hanging out at the corner of the barn.

Norma Jean and Maxine



black Angus cross heifer

Norma Jean

Red Gelbvieh cow


Can you see who Maxine was watching?

cow's eye

MJ even came out to soak up some rays, and Maxine is missing her big hunk of beef.

Steer enjoying sunshine


Steer lying in barn door

It’s been the nicest day we’ve seen in a long time!

winter pasture




Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too, but we’re back to frigid temperatures by Sunday.

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