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Snowy Sunday

8 Dec

We’ve had snow all day long.  It was a light powdery snow that looked pretty.

snowy pasture

The birds were not as pleased with it.  I filled the bird feeders this morning, so they would have plenty to eat.

bird collage

sparrows on deck railing

birds on fence

They were being horribly uncooperative.

flying blue jay

junco in tree

I give them food in exchange for taking their picture, but I guess they didn’t want me to take pictures when they had food in their mouths.

birds in tree


downey woodpecker

They’re getting better.  In another couple of months, they won’t even flinch when I walk up to the window.

blue jay collage w

After eating all that dog food, bird seed and suet, they get thirsty.  Lucky for them, they have my bright blue cattle tank to drink from.

birds drinking in cattle tank

At least we’re a bit warmer, and there was no wind.  I think that might be changing overnight though.

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